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Powering primordial life – endogenous-exogenous interactions in Earth's oldest habitats

Helge Mißbach
Hydrothermal activity, triggered by endogenic processes, distributes and redistributes organic matter through diffuse flow networks and may lead to a production of organic matter via abiotic synthesis. Today, hydrothermal seepage, especially at seafloor spreading zones, induces oases for diverse microbial communities in otherwise relatively hostile environments. Furthermore, hydrothermal fluids can deliver organic molecules as building blocks and/or substrates for primeval microorganisms and thus probably played a central role in the emergence of life on Earth....

Biogeographic patterns of benthic foraminifera in contourite drift systems of the Atlantic Ocean

Anna Saupe , Johanna Schmidt , Jassin Petersen , André Bahr & Patrick Grunert
Benthic foraminifera inhabit diverse marine environments, including areas of persistent bottom currents and contourite drift deposition. Certain highly adapted epibenthic foraminifera colonize contourite deposits as opportunistic suspension feeders. A correlation between these assemblages and high bottom current velocities has been highlighted in previous studies from the Iberian Margin (e.g. Schönfeld, 2002), suggesting their applicability as reliable proxy for reconstructing bottom currents. Our ongoing project aims to document biogeographic patterns of benthic foraminifera from extended contourite...

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  • 2022

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  • University of Cologne
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