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Imaging the warm lithospheric mantle in the Mediterranean-Alpine region: integrated thermochemical inversion of surface wave dispersion, heat flow and elevation data.

Carlos Clemente , Javier Fullea , Amr El-Sharkawy , Thomas Meier , Sergei Lebedev & Thor Hansteen
Here we investigate the thermal structure of the lithosphere in the Alpine-Mediterranean region. We focus on areas characterized by negative velocity anomalies according to a lithosphere-upper mantle surface-wave tomography study (El-Sharkawy et al., 2020) to analyze possible lithospheric thinning and melting. Surface-wave, phase-velocity curves were determined by interstation cross-correlation measurements and inverted for a set of phase-velocity maps, spanning a broad period range. We invert fundamental mode Rayleigh and Love dispersion curves together with surface...

Evidence for time-variable thickness of the Phanerozoic continental lithosphere in Central Europe

Amr El-Sharkawy , Thomas Meier , Sergei Lebedev , Carlos Clemente-Gomez , Javier Fullea & Thor Hansteen
The Phanerozoic lithosphere in Central Europe was formed due to the Caledonian and Variscan Orogenies. It then probably underwent modification and thinning associated with widespread and intense Permian volcanism. Since the Permian, the evolution of the Central Europe lithosphere is characterized by various phases of moderate extension and inversion tectonics caused by external forces. Sedimentation and intra-plate volcanism yield evidence for additional intra-plate processes related to variable lithsopheric thickness and deformation. Whereas its crustal structure...

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  • 2022

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  • National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics
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