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Wadi deposits of the Rotliegend revisited key to unravel reservoir geometries in the Base Rotliegend of the Dutch-German border area

Marita Felder , Camille Burgess & Bert Clever
An old play has recently been extended across the border from Germany into the Netherlands, an area previously thought to be barren of reservoir sandstones. The combination of core evaluation with observations from modern analogues help to refine the depositional geometries and architecture of the basal Upper Rotliegend play. The study area is located in the Southern Permian Basin, comprising wadi and dune sandstones and a central desert lake. The dimensions of the desert sand...

Virtual Fieldtrips in Learning & Development: Geology 4 Non-Geologists - North Sea petroleum systems and reservoir geology, Dorset coast, UK

Jürgen Grötsch, Young Kon Yong & Maren Kleemeyer

Training courses in industry are being moved from face-to-face events to virtual equivalents for cost reasons but also for convenience, ie availability of online training where and when needed. This effort also comprises geological fieldtrips which in addition pose significant safety risks. On the other hand, acquiring 3D panoramic images, as well as drone footage in geological outcrops is nowadays inexpensive and easy to process due to hard- and software developments during the last...

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