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Think or Sink: unravelling anthropogenic causes of subsidence with a hybrid AI approach

Thibault G.G. Candela, Joana C. Esteves Martins, Peter A. Fokker, Aris Lourens, Willem Dabekaussen, Wilfred F.J. Visser, Erik A.F. Langius, Madelon S. Molhoek, Matthias S. Fath, Andrei Bocin-Dumitriu & Kay Koster
TNO Applied Geosciences (1); TNO Advisory Group for Economic Affairs (2); TNO Geomodelling (3); TNO Geo Data and IT (4); TNO Monitoring and Control Services (5); TNO Data Science (6)

The Netherlands is subject to anthropogenic and natural subsidence with rates which are an order of magnitude higher than sea-level rise. Because one-third of the Netherlands lies below mean sea level, subsidence may threaten the country’s subsistence with major socio-economic consequences. Subsidence is a...

The Utrecht Companion to the Earth: Making the Field an Even Richer Learning Environment

João P. Trabucho Alexandre, Hans de Bresser, Andrea Cuesta Cano & Yorick P. Veenma
Department of Earth Sciences, Universiteit Utrecht

The ultimate aim of field courses should be to enable students to work autonomously in the field. Student- and problem-centered approaches to learning in the field afford students much autonomy, but unlike in the more traditional show-and-tell approach, independent projects have so far required that students spend a significant amount of time working in the field without access to supervision. Unless students are competent enough to experience...

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  • 2021

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