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The compilation of the new Alpine gravity maps - from the work of the AlpArray Gravity Research Group

Pavol Zahorec , Juraj Papco , Roman Pasteka , Miroslav Bielik , Sylvain Bonvalot , Carla Braitenberg, Jörg Ebbing , Gerald Gabriel , Andrej Gosar , Adam Grand , Hans-Jürgen Götze & György Hetényi
The international networking initiative AlpArray Gravity Research Group (AAGRG) focused on the compiling homogeneous surface-based gravity datasets across the Alps and adjacent areas, on creating digital data sets for Bouguer and Free Air anomalies. In 2016/17 all ten countries around the Alps have agreed to contribute with point or gridded gravity data and data processing techniques to a recompilation of the Alpine gravity field in an area which is limited by 2° to 23° East...

Paleoclimate reconstruction using Pleistocene paleosols along the middle Atbara River in Eastern Sudan

M. Mohammednoor, Robert Bussert , S. Tsukamoto , M. Richter , O. El Bedri , B. Kraatz , K. Salih , J. Müller , A. Eisawi & F. Bibi
Along the middle Atbara River, Pleistocene alluvial sediments dated to ~200 to 20 ka are exposed in eastern Sudan over a length of about 200 km with a maximum thickness of 50 m. The Atbara River today has its headwaters in the northern Ethiopian Plateau and is the last major tributary of the Nile before it flows through the Sahara. Previous studies and our fieldwork since 2018 have resulted in extensive finds of fossil terrestrial...

Reconstruct sedimentation rate and time from downhole logging data at Lake Chalco, Central México

Mehrdad Sardar Abadi , Christian Zeeden & Thomas Wonik
Leibniz Institute for applied Geophysics, Germany(1);Understanding the evolution of lower latitude climate from the most recent glacial periods to post-glacial warmth in the continental tropical regions has been obstructed by a lack of continuous geological records. Here we present results from a lacustrine record from tropical North America. Specifically, we examine sediments from Lake Chalco, located in the Valley of Mexico, central Mexico (19°30’N, 99°W). The basin represents a hydrological closed system surrounded by the...

Specifics of downhole logging data for time series analysis and cyclostratigraphy

Christian Zeeden , Arne Ulfers , Mehrdad Sardar Abadi , Thomas Grelle , Katja Hesse , Katharina Leu & Thomas Wonik
There is a large amount of downhole logging data gathered for scientific and commercial purposes, but studies applying time series analysis and cyclostratigraphy are not abundant. Especially the fast availability of logging data makes it valuable, also for decisions on which cores to investigate first. Here, we summarize the specific properties of downhole logging data most relevant for time series analysis and cyclostratigraphy. As for data from core- or outcrop analysis, it is important to...

The Pleistocene sediments of the Palaeoatbara in eastern Sudan as an archive for the evolution of the Nile river system

Robert Bussert , Mosab Mohammednoor , Faysal Bibi , Faysal Bibi , Sumiko Tsukamoto , Omar Bedri , Brian Kraatz , Ignacio Lazagabaster , Johannes Müller , Khalaf Salih & Ali Eisawi
Geological evidence and geodynamic modelling suggest that the Nile river system has been largely stable since its origins ~30 Ma. The Nile could have provided a long-term migration route for vertebrates including hominins between Eastern and Northern Africa. However, other geological data contradict such an old stabilisation of the course of the Nile. Fieldwork along the middle stretches of the Atbara River, the last tributary to the Nile before it crosses the Sahara, provides evidence...

Analyses of geophysical borehole data of Prees-2 (England) as part of the ICDP JET project

Katharina Leu , Thomas Wonik & Christian Zeeden
In the end of 2020, an approx. 650 m deep core was drilled at Prees in Shropshire, England, as part of the ICDP project JET (Integrated Understanding of the Early Jurassic Earth System and Timescale). The main objective of this project is to obtain and characterize a complete and continuous sedimentary archive of the 25 million years of the Early Jurassic. The Early Jurassic period (200-175 million years) was a period of extreme environmental changes:...

Drilling overdeepened (Eastern) Alpine Valleys and Basins

Markus Fiebig , Flavio Anselmetti , Marius Büchi , Gerald Gabriel , Ernst Kroemer , Frank Preusser , Jürgen Reitner , Sebastian Schaller , Bennet Schuster , David Tanner & Ulrike Wielandt-Schuster
The panalpine project "DOVE" (Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys), co-funded by the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP), is drilling a series of overdeepened glacial troughs around the Alps that were formed by subglacial erosion during past glaciations. In the northeastern section of the DOVE project, we (re)investigate the inneralpine basin of Bad Aussee (Traun glacier area, Austria), the subalpine basin of the Salzach Foreland glacier (Neusillersdorf, Bavaria), and the tongue basin area of the Pleistocene...

ICDP Project DOVE (Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys): Seismic surveys across the sites

Thomas Burschil , Hermann Buness , Anna-Catharina Brandt , David C. Tanner , Gerald Gabriel , Ulrike Wielandt-Schuster & Jürgen Reitnerr
The panalpine project "DOVE" (Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys), co-funded by the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP), is drilling a series of overdeepened glacial troughs around the Alps that were formed by subglacial erosion during past glaciations. The sedimentary fill of these troughs, consisting of multiple stacked and nested glacial sequences, provides the best archives of when and where glaciers reached the Alpine forelands. The combined data from all DOVE sites comprising synchronous or asynchronous...

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