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Trase Supply Chains

Trase is a data-driven transparency initiative that maps the international trade and financing of agricultural commodities, providing tools that enable companies, financial institutions and governments to address tropical deforestation.

Assessing tropical deforestation risk in Germany’s agricultural commodity supply chains

Chris West, Simon Croft, Mark Titley, Rhian Ebrey, Emma Gollub, Joe Simpson & John Smythe

Peta rantai pasok ‘SEI-PCS Indonesia palm oil v1.2’: Sumber data dan metode.

Dokumen ini menjelaskan data dan metode yang digunakan Trase untuk memetakan rantai pasok minyak kelapa sawit Indonesia dengan menggunakan versi model yang dinamakan “SEI-PCS Indonesia palm oil v1.2”.

SEI-PCS Argentina crop commodities methodology version 1.1

This document describes the data and methods that Trase used to map the supply chain for Argentinian soy and corn commodities.

COP26 must commit to eliminating deforestation

Vivian Ribeiro
World leaders attending the UN climate talks in Glasgow must commit to stopping commodity-driven deforestation if they are to prevent climate catastrophe.

Commodity deforestation exposure and carbon emissions assessment

This document explains how Trase calculates metrics that reflect deforestation for commodity production, related greenhouse gas emissions, and the exposure of supply chain actors to those impacts.

Trase enhances life cycle assessment with ‘commodity supply mix’

Michael Lathuillière & Chris West
New research by Trase assists LCA practitioners by providing more regionally relevant data on the environmental impacts of agricultural commodities.

Argentina: The overlooked hub of South American soy

Michael Lathuillière
New Trase data on Argentina’s soy supply chain highlights how indirect soy supply in South America could be hiding deforestation in global supply chains.

SEI-PCS Indonesia palm oil v1.2 supply chain map: Data sources and methods.

This document describes the data and methods that Trase used to map the supply chain for Indonesian palm oil.

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