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Coronavirus drives US beef imports from Amazon

Erasmus zu Ermgassen
Trase analysis reveals sharp upward rise in beef imports to the United States of America linked to deforestation risk in the Brazilian Amazon

Moving beyond commitments : How to start eliminating deforestation from investor portfolios

James Phare
Investors need to understand deforestation-risk exposure in their portfolios to inform effective engagement activities and deliver on COP26 pledges.

High deforestation risk for beef from the Paraguayan Chaco

Maria Tyldesley
None of Paraguay’s beef exports in 2019 were covered by a zero-deforestation commitment, despite high deforestation risk in the Dry Chaco.

COP26 must commit to eliminating deforestation

Vivian Ribeiro
World leaders attending the UN climate talks in Glasgow must commit to stopping commodity-driven deforestation if they are to prevent climate catastrophe.

Deforestation-risk green finance – more khaki than emerald

Ben Levett
Trase assesses the pros and cons of recent moves into green finance by commodity traders.

El riesgo de deforestación causada por la soja en Paraguay continúa a pesar de su disminución

Tyldesley Maria
Los países que importan soja producida en el bioma del Bosque Atlántico paraguayo siguen expuestos al riesgo de deforestación ilegal, a pesar de que la tasa de deforestación ha disminuido considerablemente.

Soy deforestation risk in Paraguay continues despite decline

Maria Tyldesley
Countries importing soy produced in Paraguay’s Atlantic Forest biome are still exposed to illegal deforestation risk, despite a large fall in the rate of deforestation.

Trase data highlights EU's role in deforestation

James Richens
Trase research is an important part of a new WWF report into tropical deforestation associated with EU agricultural commodity imports

Exploring the investor types with most significant levels of deforestation risk exposure

New data on deforestation risk exposure builds the case for investors elevating deforestation in their risk management priorities.

Chocolate companies face deforestation risks from unknown cocoa supplies

Erasmus zu Ermgassen
A lack of transparency about deforestation in the cocoa supply chain is creating reputational and regulatory risks for commodity traders and chocolate manufacturers.

Opportunities for deforestation-free sourcing in Argentina

Tiago Reis
Trase data can help soy traders in Argentina tackle deforestation risks and maintain access to export markets.

Indonesia makes progress towards zero palm oil deforestation

Robert Heilmayr & Jason Benedict
Indonesian deforestation for palm oil has declined significantly, with the greatest falls occurring in supply chains governed by zero-deforestation commitments. However, rising palm oil prices and the growing role of traders who have lower levels of public transparency threaten to undermine progress.

Missing deforestation-risk products undermine EU’s due diligence proposal

Helen Bellfield & Osvaldo Pereira
Trase analysis of the EU’s draft due diligence regulation finds that the proposal fails to account for more than half of the bloc’s deforestation risk from imports of soy due to its exclusion of soy used in animal feed.

Alto riesgo de deforestación causada por la carne vacuna proveniente del Chaco paraguayo

Maria Tyldesley
En 2019, ninguna de las exportaciones de carne vacuna de Paraguay estuvo cubierta por un compromiso de cero deforestación, a pesar del alto riesgo de deforestación en el Chaco Seco.

Mapping cocoa exports from Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana

Erasmus zu Ermgassen
New Trase data reveals the companies which export cocoa from Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana, and the countries which import it

Trase enhances life cycle assessment with ‘commodity supply mix’

Michael Lathuillière & Chris West
New research by Trase assists LCA practitioners by providing more regionally relevant data on the environmental impacts of agricultural commodities.

How forest-friendly are ESG funds?

Ben Levett
Over 400 ESG funds run by investment banks such as Blackrock, State Street and Northern Trust are financing commodity traders who are linked to deforestation, according to analysis by Trase Finance.

Argentina: The overlooked hub of South American soy

Michael Lathuillière
New Trase data on Argentina’s soy supply chain highlights how indirect soy supply in South America could be hiding deforestation in global supply chains.

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