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Voyager 7 Tomcat WebVoyage interface for dummies or: what will it take to customize our new user interface and remain sane?

Laura Guy
Presented at the May 2010 meeting of the Ex Libris Users of North America Conference held in Fort Worth, Texas.

Predictive bio-computational wear modeling for joint replacements

Jeffrey R. Armstrong & Anthony J. Petrella
Polyethylene wear has long been a topic of concern for the longevity of joint replacement systems as bearing failure is the leading cause for the need of revision surgery. Experimental simulations are costly and time consuming; therefore, a more efficient solution for predicting wear is computer simulation. Predictive computational modeling of the adhesive/abrasive wear mechanism has been in use for over a decade, but the accuracy of such models is still under debate [1-7]. Recent...

Development of advanced nickel-titanium-hafnium alloys for tribology applications

Sean Mills
Includes bibliographical references.

Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 (ZIF-8) membranes for Kr/Xe separation

Ting Wu, Xuhui Feng, Sameh K. Elsaidi, Praveen K. Thallapally & Moises Carreon

Using seismic exploration tools to be predictive about stimulation

James R. Johnson

In situ optical diagnostic study of the atomic layer etching of SiO2, An

Ryan J. Gasvoda, Noemi Leick, Alex Van De Steeg, Rafiel A. Ovanesyan, Jeffrey M. Klein, Ranadeep Bhowmich, Eric A. Hudson & Sumit Agarwal

Exploring active subspaces in neural network cost functions

Jonathan W. Helland
Includes bibliographical references.

Borehole thermal energy storage: a long term energy storage solution

Michael L. Lanahan & Paulo Cesar Tabares-Velasco
Includes bibliographical references.

Numerical simulation evaluation of compressed gas storage in depleted horizontal wells of low-permeability reservoirs

Muhammad Syamil Bin Muhammad Adib & Luis E. Zerpa
Includes bibliographical references.

Highly insidious extreme phishing attacks, The

Rui Zhao, Samantha John, Stacy Karas, Cara Bussell, Jennifer Roberts, Daniel Six, Brandon Gavett & Chuan Yue

Innovative computational approach for modeling thermo-hydro processes within enhanced geothermal, An

Kamran Jahan Bakhsh & Masami Nakagawa

Geometry of factored nuclear norm regularization

Qiuwei Li, Zhihui Zhu & Gongguo Tang

Mesoscale modeling of quantum yield in nanocrystalline devices

Samantha Irvin, Philip David Flammer, Mark Lusk, Joe Beach, Jao Van De Lagemaat & Peter Graf
A new solar material features silicon nanocrystals (nc-Si) within an amorphous silicon (a-Si) matrix. The efficiency with which photons are absorbed and converted to electric current depends on the size, orientation, volume fraction, and interface properties of nc-Si. This investigation has resulted in the development of a device level simulator which predicts quantum efficiency and voltage-current character for nc-Si/a-Si systems. These performance measures are calculated as functions of input photon energy. A number of different...

Plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition of flexible dielectric mirrors designed for energy-efficient window

Eoin McMullan, Russell Hollingsworth, Brian Berland, William Rance & Colin Andrew Wolden

Developing a process for studying annealing effects on mobilities in silicon quantum dots

Eleanor Adachi, Idemudia John Airuoyo, Lakshmi Krishna & Reuben T. Collins

3D Anatoli P-wave simultaneous inversion for Wattenberg facies modeling

Sheila Harryandi

Input/output models for wind turbine control and fault detection

Jordan Hoyt, Kathryn E. Johnson & Jennifer Annoni

Evaluating the electric field in atom probe tomography

Jesse DeMott, Andrew P. Proudian & Jeramy D. Zimmerman

Investigating high speed deflagrations through rock rubble resulting from methane gas explosions in confined spaces

Davy Pardonner, Brianne Treffner, Claire Strebinger, Jurgen F. Brune & Gregory E. Bogin

Hydrogen-bonded polyaramid brush growth on silica surfaces

Emily Graham, Caleb Reese & Stephen G. Boyes

ADMIRE: Autonomous Dam Monitoring with Integrated Real-time Evaluation

Kerri Stone & Tracy Camp
Dams have a large impact on public safety in the United States. Dam failures are far reaching and may result in loss of property, loss of life, and loss of water storage. Despite this fact, dam inspections occur infrequently and are performed unevenly across the structure. As such, current dam monitoring practice is often incapable of detecting internal erosion - a primary failure mode in dams. The inability to detect internal erosion results in increased...

Microbiological implications of a sulfur-dominated glacial spring system found in the Canadian High Arctic

Christopher B. Trivedi, Graham E. Lau, Alexis S. Templeton, Stephen E. Grasby & John R. Spear
Includes bibliographical references.

Catalyst-free 'click chemistry' of zinc oxide surfaces

Charlotte Evans, Thomas Brenner, Gang Chen, Reuben T. Collins & Thomas E. Furtak
Click chemistry' describes reactions that can modify the surface functionality of a material simply and quickly by joining small molecules together. In this research, a five step process was developed involving the surface modification of zinc oxide surfaces with propiolic acid and 'clicking' with azidobenzene or 1-azido-4-fluorobenzene without the use of a catalyst. This process successfully modified the surface as determined by water contact angle, AFM imaging, absorption spectra, and PM IRRAS measurements.

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