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Training workshop for participating in outreach at the Rocky Mountain Camp for Dyslexic Kids

Corinne E. Packard
This workshop provided a brief overview of dyslexia and its impact on learning and also covered the nuts and bolts of developing, deploying, documenting, and planning teaching modules for outreach at the Rocky Mountain Camp for Dyslexic Kids.

Partnering with teaching faculty on research projects

Brianna B. Buljung & Leslie Light
Collaborating with faculty in other departments on campus can be one of the most rewarding and challenging types of research partnerships for the practitioner-researcher librarian. The challenges to such a partnership can take the form of different departmental and professional needs and goals and may include accounting for different academic schedules and finding areas of mutual interest. However, when those challenges are addressed, you can develop a strong, rewarding research partnership. The most obvious benefit...

Systematic review of rigorous research in teaching introductory circuits

Systematic review is a meta-analytical framework for quantitatively searching, sorting, and synthesizing scholarly research on a particular topic. Systematic review techniques have recently gained traction in the field of engineering education. A systematic review performed over a specific area of practice can consolidate results from many studies into a synthesis of best practices. This paper presents the best practices for teaching introductory circuits which were identified through a systematic review of prior research. Relevant publications...

Interleaved boost converter for power tracking of solar PV arrays

M. Godoy Simões, Danilo I. Brandao, Carlos Liquet, Fernando A. Manzano & Lucas F. Ramos
In this paper the advantages of an enhanced boost converter are utilized in a photovoltaic based energy system, in order to improve the efficiency and the output/input voltage gain. In addition, this circuit topology allows lower input current ripple than conventional single-switch DC/DC boost converters, increasing photovoltaic energy yield. The floating interleaved boost converter was modeled, and a linear feedback controller was discretized for use with an embedded microcontroller. This controller consisted of a decoupled...

Modelling thin-film transistors for understanding material properties and improving electronic device performance

William K. Schenken, &
As new materials continue to develop through theoretical and experimental findings, it is desirable to have a reliable method of testing the materials to better understand their unique properties. Reliable computer modelling of electronic devices composed of these materials provides an inexpensive means of determining how a material will perform. Here we demonstrate the use of a computer software to accurately model electronic devices. We focus on amorphous silicon thin-film transistors and relate what is...

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