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Pakistan’s Supply Chain Resilience

Ayesha Majid
While claiming to learn from the Chinese way of handling the crisis, there is no on-ground action in Pakistan that supports the claim. The Prime Minister denies national lock down despite the fact that without proper lock-down the virus spread trajectory can be rapid resulting in collapse of national health facilities which can bring the national economy to a halt.

Baitolo, una doble inscripción ibérica en un cepo de ancla de plomo del siglo I a.C.

Joan Ferrer & Alejandro G. Sinner
The lead stock in the Guerra collection is the first of its category found with an Iberian inscription: baitolo. The most feasible interpretation is to consider it as a place name, either as the name of the city of baitolo/Baetulo, the modern Badalona, which issued coins with the legend baitolo in the 2nd quarter of the 1st c. BC, or as the name of the nearby river, the modern Besós. Greek and Roman inscriptions on...

Nanban Religious Architecture. A Forgotten Heritage

Federico Scaroni & Bébio Vieira Amaro
This chapter provides a general introduction to Christian architecture in Japan during the so-called "Nanban Century" or "Christian Century" (1543-1640). The prayer spaces established by missionaries in Japan consisted in a first phase of the use of rooms inside private houses or abandoned temples adapted for the purpose; a second short-lived phase saw the construction of buildings based on European standards. In the last phase, the religious facilities returned to forms more in keeping with...

Who was “Central” in the History of Chinese Buddhism? : A Social Network Approach

Marcus Bingenheimer
Hidden in the Buddhist biographical literature on eminent monks is a large amount of information about who knew whom. It is especially rich for the time between 300 and 1000 CE, when the four major collections of “Biographies of Eminent Monks” (gaoseng zhuan) allow us to date and locate the relationships of individuals to a degree unimaginable for the religious history of Europe or India in that period. Using open data from the Gaoseng Zhuan...

\"How to Talk about Opera at a Time of Crisis\"

Samuel Dorf
Musicologist and dance historian Samuel N. Dorf reflects on the role or purpose of the pre-performance lecture, especially at a time when tragedy extends outside the theatre into the local community.

Austerität als politisches Projekt. Von der monetären Integration Europas zur Eurokrise

Ingo Stützle
„Sollte es der Wunsch Frankreichs gewesen sein, den Euro zu gründen, um die vermeintliche deutsche Dominanz zu brechen, dann ist genau das Gegenteil eingetreten.“ (Gerhard Schröder, deutscher Bundeskanzler 1998 bis 2005) Die Eurokrise führte einmal mehr die Dominanz Deutschlands innerhalb der Europäischen Union vor Augen. Zudem zeigte sich in der Krise, dass das Leitbild des „ausgeglichenen Staatshaushalts“ nach wie vor stark die politische Agenda prägt und als Disziplinierungsinstrument wirkt, nachdem es zwischenzeitlich als überholt erschien....

Named Individuals and the Mycenaean State at Pylos

Dimitri Nakassis
In this paper I show that an approach that focuses on all named individuals at Pylos yields important insights into the operation of the Mycenaean state.

The Minoan Goddess(es): Textual Evidence for Minoan Religion

Joann Gulizio & Dimitri Nakassis
J. Gulizio and D. Nakassis (2014) “The Minoan Goddess(es): Textual Evidence for Minoan Religion,” in KE-RA-ME-JA: Studies Presented to Cynthia W. Shelmerdine, ed. D. Nakassis, J. Gulizio, and S. A. James (Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press) 115-128.

Beauty in clay: Aesthetics and script in Mycenaean Greece

Dimitri Nakassis
D. Nakassis (2018) “Beauty in clay: Aesthetics and script in Mycenaean Greece,” in Οι Αμέτρητες Όψεις του Ωραίου στην Αρχαία Τέχνη (The Countless Aspects of Beauty in Ancient Art), ed. Μ. Λαγογιάννη-Γεωργακαράκου (Αθήνα: Ταμείο Αρχαιολογικών Πόρων και Απαλλοτριώσεων) 51-56.

“‘Invisible, as Music –’: What the Earliest Musical Settings of Emily Dickinson’s Poems, Including Two Previously Unknown, Tell Us about Dickinson’s Musicality”

Gerard Holmes
Carlton Lowenberg’s Musicians Wrestle Everywhere lists “Have You Got a Brook in Your Little Heart?” (1896) as the earliest musical adaptation of Dickinson’s poetry. Yet the song’s composer, Etta Parker, was performing it two years earlier. Also in 1894, a well-known German-British composer, Jacques Blumenthal, issued two Dickinson settings in a long-forgotten collection titled Two Books of Song. Lowenberg’s main focus was on modernist and later musical settings, and little has been written about early...

The Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory and the Offa’s Dyke Journal

Howard Williams
Opening the first volume of a new open-access peer-reviewed academic publication, we are pleased to introduce the Offa’s Dyke Journal. This venture stems from the activities of the Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory, a research network founded in April 2017 to foster and support new research on the monuments and landscapes of the Anglo-Welsh borderlands and comparative studies of borderlands and frontiers from prehistory to the present. The proceedings of a series of academic and public-facing events...

2019 Whitney Biennial

Anne Swartz
This article is a review of the 2019 Whitney Biennial, held at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.

Don Juan Manuel, Conde Lucanor (ca. 1335) (español .docx)

David Wacks
Don Juan Manuel's Conde Lucanor (ca. 1335) is a frametale or collection of tales contained within another tale. The fictional Count Lucanor's advisor, Patronio, narrates to the Count a series of exemplary tales meant to teach the audience how to navigate to one's advantage a number of political situations. Here editors Savo and Cossío present a selection from Juan Manuel's general prologue, along with tale number 31, about the Dean of the Cathedral of Santiago...

Tonality in Steve Reich's Nagoya Marimbas

Sean Atkinson
This article explores the remarkable tonal qualities of Steve Reich's Nagoya Marimbas . While most of Reich's output might be considered diatonic, rarely do those collections move in tonal paradigms. But in Nagoya Marimbas the two melodic voices combine in various canonic patterns to create a background tonal progression in E minor. The two marimba parts are always heard in phase with one another, playing the same music but at constantly varying intervals of displacement....

The Broadcast Afterlife of the Christmas Ghost Story

Derek Johnston
There is a long tradition in the UK, in England in particular, of the Christmas ghost story. The most famous is probably Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in Prose, Being a Ghost Story of Christmas, but close behind are the ghost stories of M.R.James. James wrote many of his stories as Christmas entertainments, but this link was reinforced in the 1970s when the BBC broadcast an annual Ghost Story for Christmas, most of which were adapted...

Scapegoat Hill Brass Band - two historical celebrations

The band celebrated its founding in 1854 (although it was actually 1859) with the publication of two booklets, for its centenary in 1954 and its 125th anniversary in 1979. This document extracts relevant sections from these publications with an introduction covering some other aspects of the band’s history.

Inscribed Kassite Cylinder Seals in the Metropolitan Museum.

Gina Konstantopoulos
Study of inscribed Kassite cylinder seals held in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Review: (M.) Martijn, Proclus on Nature. Philosophy of Nature and its Methods in Proclus’ Commentary on Plato's Timaeus.

D. Gregory MacIsaac
Review: (M.) Martijn Proclus on Nature. Philosophy of Nature and its Methods in Proclus’ Commentary on Plato's Timaeus. Leiden: Brill, 2010. Pp. x + 360. £105. 978900-4181915 The Journal of Hellenic Studies, 2012

The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem and Ben Ammi’s Theology of Marginalisation and Reorientation

Michael Miller
This paper will look at the way the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem have utilised the theological narrative of marginalisation in their quest for identity and self-determination. The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem are an expatriate black American group who have lived in Israel since 1969, when their spiritual leader, Detroit-born Ben Ammi, received a vision commanding him to take his people back to the Promised Land. Drawing on a long tradition in the African...

Neoplatonism and the Hegelianism of James Doull

D. Gregory MacIsaac
In this study I will show how Neoplatonism is not properly understood as a moment within the Hegelian dialectic. The Hegelian analysis obscures both the true character of the Neoplatonic One, and the Neoplatonic account of the relation between thought and its object, because it treats these positions as deficient versions of itself. We must remember that the Neoplatonists had before them the long tradition of Aristotelianism and Middle Platonism, in which the first principle...

“Von Freunden und Fraktionen: Die Historiendramen von Shakespeare.” [Of Friends and Factions: Shakespeare‟s History Plays.]

Murat Öğütcü
In the Late Elizabethan Period, factionalism complicated the notion of, especially, male friendship. The scarcity of financial resources of the royal patronage, the arbitrary distribution of favours, and bottom-up pressures of patronees further problematized a healthy relationship among patrons and patronees and among friends. The horizontal and vertical social relations were to be conducted within theatricality; by performing a certain social role, while keeping one’s real ideas as confidential as possible. Deception and hypocrisy were...

A Crash Course for Switching to Online

Amanda Henrichs
I created this handout specifically with small liberal arts colleges in mind, and even more specifically for instructors who have not taught online before. It describes a few key questions you'll want to answer as you evaluate your learning goals in the switch to online teaching, as well as provides some advice for instructors who are likely feeling overwhelmed.

Depth map of the Rosetta Stone

Miriam Amin, Angelos Barmpoutis, Monica Berti, Eleni Bozia, Josephine Hensel & Franziska Naether
This artifact depicts the depth map of the Rosetta stone, which was algorithmically generated in 2018 as part of the Digital Rosetta Stone project. The Digital Rosetta Stone is a project developed at Leipzig University by the Chair of Digital Humanities and the Egyptological Institute/Egyptian Museum Georg Steindorff in collaboration with the British Museum and the Digital Epigraphy and Archaeology Project of the University of Florida. The aims of the project are to produce a...

Volver a los ochenta: prácticas, experiencias y agrupamientos en la ‘escena’ audiovisual paceña (Bolivia 1978-1989)

Maria Aimaretti
En estas páginas proponemos volver sobre los ochenta circunscribiendo la atención a un área específica de la reproducción social, la creación cultural; y más acotadamente al nodo audiovisual paceño: para ser más precisos, la producción en video, el pensamiento sobre las imágenes y las formas de organización del sector durante el período que va desde el final de la dictadura de Hugo Bánzer (1977-1978) hasta comienzos de la década del noventa en la ciudad capital.

Computer-Assisted Language Comparison: State of the Art

Timotheus A. Bodt, Nathan W. Hill, Johann-Mattis List, Nathanael E. Schweikhard & Mei-Shin Wu
Historical language comparison opens windows onto a human past, long before the availability of written records. Since traditional language comparison within the framework of the comparative method is largely based on manual data comparison, requiring the meticulous sifting through dictionaries, word lists, and grammars, the framework is difficult to apply, especially in times where more and more data have become available in digital form. Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply automate the process of...

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