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An Interactional Theory of Truth: On Searle on Truth and Facts

This is a critique of the logicist theory of truth and facts set forth in the final section of John R. Searle's book 'The Construction of Social Reality' (1995). Searle's logicist account, much in the line of his theory of speech acts, is contrasted to a pragmaticist and interactionalist perspective on truth, facts, and discourse. Keywords: Discourse analysis, Truth, Facts, Philosophy, Epistemology, John R. Searle, Pragmatism, Interactionism, Statements, Pragmatics, Philosophy of language,

Review: A Comparative Grammar of the Early Germanic Languages (2018), by R.D. Fulk

Nelson Goering
Review of A Comparative Grammar of the Early Germanic Languages by R. D. Fulk, 2018.

Nota’s nemen in 16de-eeuws Leuven: Een database van tekstboeken uit het Drietalencollege

Xander Feys, Maxime Maleux & Raf Van Rooy
De afgelopen twintig jaar heeft het onderzoek naar (studenten)notities in vroegmoderne tekstedities een enorme groei gekend. Hoewel deze recente studies tot belangrijke inzichten in de lespraktijk hebben geleid, blijven het vaak ad hoc-analyses die (1) diepgaandere implicaties over het studieobject achterwege laten en (2) een traditionele gevalspecifieke methodologie hanteren. Ons onderzoeksproject “Ad fontes!” in the Classroom (gefinancierd door KU Leuven & FWO) beoogt een meer algemeen kader uit te tekenen om geannoteerde studentenhandboeken op een...

“Non è morto col morire; ma di nuovo il suo nome sarà lodato sopra la terra in eterno…”

Marco De Pietri
Some historical and scientific information about Giuseppe Botti "the Second", especially about his contacts with the Università degli Studi di Pavia, regarding an unpublished papyrus of Amduat (12th hour) (Italy).

From Thebes to Arslantaş: Egyptian Iconography on Ivories through Ugarit, Byblos and Megiddo

Marco De Pietri
The Levant has always been a crucial zone for contacts between Egypt and the ancient Near East. During the Late Bronze Age (the ‘international period’) and the Iron Age, pharaonic Egypt, the Hittite empire, and later the Neo-Hittite and Aramaic states shared many occasions of exchange and interaction, testified both by texts and artefacts: among them, luxury objects like ivories. This paper aims to retrace the circulation of some iconographic motifs of different origins attested...

Notes from the 2017 Excavation of Cave 11Q

Marco De Pietri, Marcello Fidanzio, Alessandro Maifredi & Benedetta Torrini
Notes from the 2017 Excavation of Cave 11Q

Campagna di scavi ISCAB-FTL e USI alla grotta 11Q di Qumran, marzo 2017

Marco De Pietri, Marcello Fidanzio, Alessandro Maifredi & Benedetta Torrini
The paper presents the report about the excavation campaign at Qumran cave 11Q, carried out from 9th to 19th March 2017 by the Istituto di cultura e archeologia delle terre bibliche of the Facoltà di Teologia di Lugano (ISCAB-FTL) and by the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI). Previous archaeological excavations, undertaken by Roland de Vaux (1956) and Joseph Patrick (1988 and 1991), were published in brief preliminary reports only. The 2017 archaeological campaign, complemented by...

Gossypoglossia: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Pragmatics of Dialogue

Alex Benson
Even the smallest conversational turns can index macro-contexts of social inequality, racialization, and capital; fictional narrative, coordinating the particular and the global, seems well positioned to represent these scalar dynamics. But how exactly does the textual medium of the novel link the particularities of voice with the politics of race? Scholarship on this question has often turned either to the representation of vernacular speech (e.g., dialect) or to free indirect discourse, the latter as a...

Las ideas liberales sobre la nación boliviana: (1898-1920)

Gabriel M. Soto Villegas
El siguiente trabajo propone estudiar la evolución del pensamiento boliviano, desde sus antecedentes coloniales, pasando por su etapa republicana hasta mediados de siglo XX, periodo en el que se trata de fomentar la idea de una "nación boliviana"

Stacked Against Us

Sumera Subzwari
This graphic novel focuses on awareness and advocacy for more inclusive biomedical research and how current practices must be changed to benefit a variety of different people and communities. I chose a graphic novel to portray my message in an understandable manner while also allowing laypeople to empathize with each characters’ experiences through a visual medium. Imagery makes a bigger impact and is more memorable than simple text. The characters in the waiting room are...

Transcription of Middle Temple Library MSS Catalogues (work in progress)

Renae Satterley
This is a work in progress to transcribe the entries in the Middle Temple Library manuscript catalogues (circa 1684).

“The Dark Mirror of Our Lives”: Richard Wright, 12 Million Black Voices, and Auto/biography

Joseph R. Millichap
First presented as a paper at the 2018 SAMLA Convention in Atlanta, this article will become a chapter of my book in progress on the photobooks of the 1930s and 1940s illustrated with the photographs of the Farm Security Administration.

Poëzieweek 2021—Een homerisch welkom: Erasmus groet Filips de Schone (1504)

Raf Van Rooy
We schrijven Brussel. 6 januari 1504. De Rotterdamse humanist Desiderius Erasmus staat op het spreekgestoelte en heeft zojuist de lof van de Bourgondische prins Filips de Schone (1478–1506) gezongen. In het Latijn, natuurlijk: dat was toen de cultuurtaal bij uitstek. Maar Erasmus heeft nog een toemaatje voor Filips in petto: hij rondt zijn lofzang af met een gedichtje uit eigen koker, in het Oudgrieks zowaar! In homerische stijl heet Erasmus de prins na een lange...

Titus Stahl, Georg [György] Lukács (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Winter 2013)

Titus Stahl
Verbete sobre a filosofia de Georg [György] Lukács.

Analyzing the Role of Women in Italian Mafias: the Case of the Neapolitan Camorra

Felia Allum & Irene Marchi
Abstract Over the last twenty-five years, there has been a growing debate about the role of women in Italian Mafias. Using a qualitative approach, this article looks at the leadership roles of women in the Neapolitan Camorra covering the period 2000–2014. It argues that despite women’s high-ranking positions within mafia clans, their professional development is best explained not as a sign of Bfemale emancipation^ of Italian or Camorra women but rather as functional exploitation by...

Social Order and Disorder in Autism

Greg Hollin
This thesis investigates autism as it has been understood in the cognitive and social (neuro)sciences, within the United Kingdom, since 1985. Of specific interest is how these sciences discover, construct, and experiment upon individuals who are understood as socially abnormal. Theoretically, the thesis is positioned between Foucauldian History and Philosophy of Science, Medical Sociology, and Science and Technology Studies. Empirically, two key sources of information are relied upon. Firstly, there is an extensive critical reading...


Jonathan P. Lewis
Beginning in the 1940s and continuing into the 1960s, Dr. William H. Sheldon and his assistants took thousands of what became known as the “Posture Pictures” at the Ivy League, Seven Sister, and other colleges as well as at hospitals, factories, and prisons. Sheldon believed that there were three basic factors in human body types and that any given body could be mapped and charted using a three-digit code he called the “somatype.”[1] In the...

Why Darwin was English

Gabriel Finkelstein
A "late developer" argument, common to Psychology and Economic History, can be used to explain cultural innovation. It argues that the 19th century theory of natural selection arose in England and not Germany because of – and not in spite of – England’s scientific backwardness. Measured in terms of institutions, communities, and ideas, the relative retardation of English science was precisely what enabled it to adopt German advances in novel ways.


Melissa R Sande
In spite of the author’s claim that he has nothing to teach readers or critics, Vladimir Nabokov’s masterpiece has been read from innumerable angles. While he affirms in the Afterword to Lolita, “I happen to be the kind of author who in starting to work on a book has no other purpose than to get rid of that book,” critics have examined the novel’s essential critique of American culture over and over (311).[1] Given Nabokov’s...

Porosity and Modernity: Lisbon’s Auditory Landscape from 1864 to 1908

Joao Silva
The intense changes that transformed Lisbon’s urban fabric between 1864 and 1908 were a key agent in reshaping the political economy of sound in the city.1 During the second half of the nineteenth century, Lisbon was getting to grips with modernity in a period when not only was the term ‘modern’ starting to be seen in a positive light, but modernity itself was also being commodified.2 Furthermore, changes in the entertainment market and the replacement...

Blown Away in the Wind of Change: Can Extinct School Folktales be Awakened through Mathematics Storytelling in Nigerian Basic Education?

Joshua Abah, Benjamin Ogbole Abakpa & Clement Onwu Iji
Storytelling has been severally regarded as the oldest method of instruction delivery, particularly for children. This study adopts a simple survey research design to explore the extent of storytelling usage by teachers in the mathematics classroom at the primary education level in Nigeria. The investigation was conducted on the premise that traditional folktales are heading down the path to extinction and are steadily being blown away in the wind of change being fanned by increasing...

Tolkien among Scholars

Thijs Porck
An introduction to the volume of conference proceedings of the international Tolkien conference ‘Tolkien Among Scholars’, as well as a brief introduction to Tolkien Studies.


Kyle David Byron
On July 11th, 2015, a man walked down Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado, pressing a collapsible plastic step stool and two signs between his right arm and his torso. After stopping to survey his surroundings, he unfolded the small stool and carefully placed it on the brick walkway, centering it on the glass entryway of the building behind him. Above the entrance the words “Court House” were carved in stone. He leaned one sign...

Review: Mademoiselle by Bruno Monsaingeon

Kendra Leonard

Audience Psychology and Censorship in Plato’s Republic

Sarah Ruth Jansen
In Republic X, the “problem of the irrational part” is this: Greek tragedy interacts with non-reasoning elements of the soul, affecting audiences in ways that undermine their reasoned views about virtue and value. I suggest that the common construal of Socrates’s critique of Greek tragedy is inadequate, in that it belies key elements of Plato’s audience psychology; specifically, the crucial role of the spirited part and the audience’s cognitive contribution to spectatorship. I argue that...

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