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The perceptions and belief patterns of faculty members in the College of Education toward public service

Rashidah Shuib

The human health aspects of the Mycobacterium bovis (bovine tuberculosis) outbreak in Michigan

Melinda Jean Wilkins

Identification and mapping of agricultural tillage methods utilizing remotely sensed data

Stephen R. South

The Glacial geomorphology of the Port Huron complex in northwestern southern Michigan

Blewett, William L., 1959-

English reading and the Mexican-American child in a second grade bilingual program

Chapa, Ricardo Romeo, 1932-

Growth characteristics of a bluegill population in a Michigan trout lake

Ernest Genrick Karvelis

The equine pulmonary microvasculature and its potential role in exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage

Alice Stack

Photovoltaic system for standalone/grid-connected applications

Sangmin Han

Method for computing the three-dimensional forces and moments in the lower limb during locomotion

Mary C. Verstraete

Psychic economies of modernism

Carey James Mickalites

Cold storage of seed potatoes in India

Bheru Jessaram Ramrakhiana

The biological control of spotted knapweed and conservation of associated pollinator communities

Brendan David Carson

The keyboard music of Georg Andreas Sorge (1703-1778)

Miller, Franklin Sherwood, 1926-

Applying profit-accounting methods in state government

John Q. Adamson

A comparative analysis of dyadic spatial interaction varying race and sex

Fleming, George Robert, 1947-

Perceptions of the principal's personality

Eugene Howard Berends

Attitude as an effect of body posture and position

Schachter, Irwin Lawrence, 1947-

Regulation of energy balance and body composition in the obese (ob/ob) mouse

Colleen Kay Smith

Profile of the automotive retailer

Swanson, Stoakley Walter, 1934-

The development of a method of pretesting student ability to understand and apply principles of clothing construction

Mildred Marguerite Rothgarn

Encoderless stator field-orientated control of induction machines

Mohammad Bilal Malik

John Dewey and current pedagogical practices

Gloria Gosen Musial

Virtual organization and perceived availability

Preston, Scott M. (Scott Melbourne)

Policy implications of the World Administrative Radio Conference of 1979

Valentine, W. R., (William Richard)

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