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The effect of lead as an impurity on the physical properties of electrolytic nickel

Charles James Owen

The construction and testing of a high current ion source

Robert Bruce Miller

Design and construction of a universal-wave double superheterodyne radio receiver

Harold J. McGarvey

Wave guide feed system for a microtron

John Harry Macropol

Intensity distributions in Fraunhofer multiple slit diffraction patterns

Albert Ernest Smith

Optical studies of ultrasonic fields

Glenn G. Lorch

The radiofrequency bridge method of detecting nuclear resonance signals

Alfred Edmond Villaire

Entropy, strain, and the Bose-Einstein statistics

Max C. Wygant

Emission of the continuous x-ray energy from thin aluminum foils

Howard Richard Kelly

The cotton-mouton effect in liquid crystal at microwave frequencies

Glen Alan Mann

An electronic timer for high voltage pulses

Parnell Marc

A radio-frequency pulse generator for ultrasonic studies

Walter Georg Mayer

Change-norm incompatibility between male Michigan extension agents and their counties

Gray Thompson

A study of the subjunctive in the writings of Roger Ascham

Dorothy Evelyn Hughes

A graded program of outside reading for American children being educated abroad, grades I-VIII

Eleanor S. Reuling

The origin and development of the Howell anticline in Michigan

Deane Earle Kilbourne

Sedimentary analysis of the middle Devonian Sylvania sandstone in the Michigan basin

Robert Charles Wild

The role of communication in university adult education in Biafraq

Njoku E. Awa

A case study of student activism in two public secondary schools

James Stewart Lantz

A light source for shock wave photography

William Wright Lester

A physical evaluation of the first Public Law 566 watershed project in Michigan

Garren Roger Titus

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