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Data from: Boosts in leaf-level photosynthetic capacity aid Pinus ponderosa recovery from wildfire

Kelsey Bryant, Hyojung Kwon, Crystal Kolden, Jeffrey Stenzel, Justin Mathias, Laurel Lynch & Tara Hudiburg
Forests mitigate climate change by sequestering massive amounts of carbon, but recent increases in wildfire activity are threatening carbon storage. Currently, our understanding of wildfire impacts on forest resilience and the mechanisms controlling post-fire recovery remains unresolved due to a lack of empirical data on mature trees in natural settings. Here, we quantify the physiological mechanisms controlling carbon uptake immediately following wildfire in mature individuals of ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), a wide-spread and canopy-dominant tree...

Data from: Forest carbon emission sources are not equal: putting fire, harvest, and fossil fuel emissions in context

Kristina Bartowitz, Eric Walsh, Jeffrey Stenzel, Crystal Kolden & Tara Hudiburg
Climate change has intensified the scale of global wildfire impacts in recent decades. To help policymakers and managers avoid these unintended carbon consequences and to present carbon emission sources in the same context, we calculate western US forest fire carbon emissions and compare them with harvest and fossil fuel emissions over the same timeframe. We find that forest fire carbon emissions are on average only 6% of anthropogenic fossil fuel emissions (FFE) over the past...

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  • 2022

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  • University of California, Merced
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