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Impacts of 2015 settlement agreement on Idaho's farmers

Morey Burnham, Katrina Running, Meg du Bray, Jake Hawes, Vicken Hillis, Zhao Ma & Chloe Wardropper
Survey data collected on the impacts of the 2015 water settlement agreement in Idaho on Idaho's farmers. Data is focused on how having less groundwater affected their farm operations and farm management decisions.

Unoccupied aerial systems imagery from Duncan Saddle Idaho

Anna Roser, Valorie Marie, Peter Olsoy, Donna Delparte & T. Trevor Caughlin

Data from: Mapping foodscapes and sagebrush morphotypes with unmanned aerial systems for multiple herbivores

Peter Olsoy, Jennifer Sorensen Forbey, Lisa Shipley, Janet Rachlow, Brecken Robb, Jordan Nobler & Daniel Thornton

Unoccupied aerial systems imagery near Castle Rocks Idaho-2021

Anna Roser, Valorie Marie, Peter Olsoy, Donna Delparte & T. Trevor Caughlin

Data from: Near-infrared spectroscopy aids ecological restoration by classifying variation of taxonomy and phenology of a native shrub

Brecken Robb, Peter Olsoy, Jessica Mitchell, T. Trevor Caughlin, Donna Delparte, Stephanie Galla, Marcella R. Fremgen-Tarantino, Jordan D. Nobler, Janet Rachlow, Lisa A. Shipley & Jennifer Sorensen Forbey

Compiled Idaho sagebrush chemistry and plant herbivore interaction data

Jennifer Sorensen Forbey, Peter Olsoy, Brecken Robb, Marcella R. Fremgen-Tarantino & Jordan D. Nobler

Data From: Using an Ultraviolet Light Test to Improve Sagebrush Identification and Predict Forage Quality for Wildlife

Roger Rosentreter, Brecken Robb & Jennifer Sorensen Forbey

Unoccupied aerial systems imagery from Camas, Cedar Gulch and Rocky Canyon Idaho

Peter Olsoy, Matthew Burgess, Jennifer Sorensen Forbey, Janet Rachlow, Lisa Shipley & Daniel Thornton

Data from: High-resolution thermal imagery reveals how interactions between crown structure and genetics shape plant temperature

Peter Olsoy, Andrii Zaiats, Donna Delparte, Spencer Roop, Anna Roser & T. Trevor Caughlin

Code from: A draft genome provides hypotheses on drought tolerance in a keystone plant species in Western North America threatened by climate change

Anthony Melton, James Beck, Stephanie Galla, Jerry Jenkins, Lori Handley, Min Kim, Jane Grimwood, Jeremy Schmutz, Bryce Richardson, Marcelo Serpe, Stephen Novak & Sven Buerki

Data from: Assessing accuracy of GAP and LANDFIRE land cover datasets in winter habitats used by greater sage-grouse in Idaho and Wyoming, USA

Marcella R. Fremgen-Tarantino, Peter Olsoy, Graham G. Frye, John W. Connelly, Alan H. Krakauer, Gail L. Patricelli, Andrew Wright Child & Jennifer Sorensen Forbey

Data from: Food quality, security, and thermal refuge influence use of microsites and patches by pygmy rabbits (Brachylagus idahoensis) across landscapes and seasons

Peter Olsoy, Charlotte Milling, Jordan D. Nobler, Meghan J. Camp, Lisa A. Shipley, Janet Rachlow & Daniel Thornton

Agisoft Structure-from-motion Protocols

Anna Roser, Valorie Marie, Peter Olsoy, Donna Delparte & T. Trevor Caughlin

Data from: Development of an in vitro method of propagation for basin big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata subsp. tridentata)

Rachael Barron, Peggy Martinez, Marcelo Serpe & Sven Buerki


John Michael Adrian Wojahn & Sven Buerki

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  • Boise State University
  • University of Idaho
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  • Washington State University
  • University of Montana
  • The Ohio State University
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Simplot (United States)
  • University of Florida
  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game