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Monthly climate and climatic water balance for global terrestrial surfaces from 1958-2015

John Abatzoglou, Solomon Dobrowski, Sean Parks & Katherine Hegewisch
This archive contains a dataset of high-spatial resolution (1/24°, ~4-km) monthly climate and climatic water balance for global terrestrial surfaces from 1958-2015. These data were created by using climatically aided interpolation, combining high-spatial resolution climatological normals from the WorldClim version 1.4 and version 2 datasets, with coarser resolution time varying (i.e. monthly) data from CRU Ts4.0 and JRA-55 to produce a monthly dataset of precipitation, maximum and minimum temperature, wind speed, vapor pressure, and solar...

Surface-Reflectance-Derived Landsat Greenness for Thirty Years (1986-2016) of the Trifinio Region, a Trinational Transboundary Administrative Region in Central America

Peter Schlesinger, Carlos L. Muñoz Brenes, Kelly W. Jones & Lee A. Vierling

Water Quality of Drinking Wells in the Lower Portneuf River Valley of Pocatello, Idaho

Sarah Godsey
This 2015 dataset includes water quality information for private drinking wells sampled in the Lower Portneuf River Valley (LPRV) aquifer located in Pocatello, Idaho. This dataset includes the spatial locations and measured concentrations of nitrate-N (mg/L), total dissolved liquid (TDS) (mg/L), chloride (mg/L), sulfate (mg/L), isotopes of dissolved nitrate-N (δ15N‰, δ18O‰), and isotopes of groundwater (δ2H‰, δ18O‰). Also included are measured concentrations of pharmacuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) found in drinking water. To protect...

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area - Water Quality Monitoring Project

Jenni Light & Angel Barnett
Water quality data collected 1 meter below surface over 8-10 hours overnight at five locations in Hells Canyon NRA. Parameters include pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature.

REACCH-PNA Study Area 2012

Paul Gessler
This is a polygon shapefile containing the boundary of the REACCH-PNA study area in 2012.

Social Characterization of Fernan Lake Watershed, Idaho (2014)

Mark Solomon
A social survey was conducted in the Fernan Lake watershed in Idaho to understand how people interact with the landscape around them. Blue-green algae growth occurs naturally, but human activities can significantly increase the frequency of blooms. The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality has identified excess amounts of phosphorus as the driver of the recurrent algae blooms in Fernan Lake. Some types of blue-green algae produce cyanotoxins which can threaten human and animal health, thus...

Leading Large Transdisciplinary Projects Addressing Social-Ecological Systems: A Primer for Project Directors

Sanford D Eigenbrode, Lois Wright Morton & Timothy A Martin
The imperative to address issues pertaining to large social-ecological systems (SES) through appropriately scaled, well integrated, transdisciplinary efforts is now widely recognized (NSF 2015). Biological, physical, social, and economic elements of these systems are intricately interrelated (Tilman et al. 2002) and scientific endeavors are expanding beyond traditional disciplinary sciences to encompass multi-disciplinary approaches to build new system-level knowledge. Funding agencies around the world are investing in very large coordinated projects to better understand the complexity...

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