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Mapping Social-Ecological System Boundaries in Idaho´s Landscapes

Susan Parsons, Kenneth Aho, Antonio J Castro & Kathleen Lohse
Idaho, USA has a high percentage of federally owned land (over 60%), strong gradients in elevation and latitude, diverse landscape types and uses, the third fastest growing population in the United States, and is one of the most agriculturally productive states in the county. Knowledge of how different biophysical and socioeconomic functional classes in Idaho are distributed and overlapping is of particular interest in this region, and the intersection of these landscapes describe a foundational...

Data for Building an Open Science Framework to Model Soil Organic Carbon

Edward Flathers
As funding agencies embrace open science principles that encourage sharing data and computer code developed to produce research outputs, we must respond with new modes of publication. Furthermore, as we address the expanding reproducibility crisis in the sciences, we must work to release research materials in ways that enable reproducibility—publishing data, computer code, and research products in addition to the traditional journal article. Toward addressing these needs, we present an example framework to model and...

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  • 2018

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