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Impacts of 2015 settlement agreement on Idaho's farmers

Morey Burnham, Katrina Running, Meg du Bray, Jake Hawes, Vicken Hillis, Zhao Ma & Chloe Wardropper
Survey data collected on the impacts of the 2015 water settlement agreement in Idaho on Idaho's farmers. Data is focused on how having less groundwater affected their farm operations and farm management decisions.

Playa wetland responses to droughts and hydrologic alteration

Micah Russell, Jennifer Cartwright, Ryan Long & Jan Eitel
Notated R code, CSV files, and metadata for Russell et al. (2020) publication entitled "Playa wetland responses to droughts and hydrologic alteration". The study asks the following questions: (1) What are the drivers of playa inundation and how might intensifying droughts affect habitat availability? (2) Are there particular playas that serve as hydrologic refugia during droughts, and if so, how are these patterns related to playa development? Remote sensing data were collated and analyzed for...

Petrographic analysis of carbonate rocks in the Navajo Sandstone

ANN-ET Project: 2018 Crop evapotranspiration and Neural network method

Eric Pardyjak Jason Kelley

Summary of published data for Higgins et al. 2017 study of Total Eclipse

Chad Higgins, Steve Drake, Jason Kelley, Sonia Wharton, Derek Jensen & Holly Oldroyd
Benton County, Oregon (study conducted on private land located near Corvallis, Ore.) Investigators: Chad Higgins (1), Steve Drake (1), Jason Kelley (1), Sonia Wharton (2), Derek Jensen (2), Holly Oldroyd (3) (1) Department of Biological and Ecological Engineering, Oregon State University (2) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (3) Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California Davis Files Included under this DOI ----------------------------- Array_Metadata_Final.xlsx: tabular field data recording instrument heights and other site measurements Eclipse_survey.pdf:...

Feeding intensity of insect herbivores is associated more closely with key metabolite profiles than phylogenetic relatedness of their potential hosts

Carole Rapo, Urs Schaffner, Sanford Eigenbrode, Hariet Hinz, William Price, Matthew Morra, John Gaskin & Mark Schwarzlaender
There are four files: Rapo_et al_Glucosinolates _RawData.csv Columns: Plant Species, Population ID, Ind# (plant), Y/O (young/old leaf), Label (internal code), subset (internal code), Glc Weight (weight of tissue extracted), Names of glucosinolates (columns J-AJ) with values in µmol, Total = sum of columns J-AJ Rapo_et al_Glucosinolate Distances_young leaves.csv Distance matrix based on similarity of mean glucosinolate profiles for all species used to calculate dendrogram. Methods as in Rapo et al. Rapo_et al_Glucosinolate Distances_old leaves.csv Distance...

The microbial associates of precipitation over four seasons, at three locations in the United States

Ken Aho, C.F. Weber, J. T. Werth, A. L. H. Bayless-Edwards, R. Joyce, B. C. Christner, K. Failor, B. A. Vinatzer, D. G. Schmale III & C. E. Morris
These data were used in a paper accepted in Ecological Monographs on 17 September 2019, entitled "Spatiotemporal patterns of microbial composition and diversity in precipitation", hereafter Aho et al. (in press). Microbes in the atmosphere have broad ecological impacts, including the potential to trigger precipitation through species and strains that act as ice nucleation particles. To characterize spatiotemporal trends of microbial assemblages in precipitation we sequenced 16S (bacterial) and 18S (fungal) rRNA gene amplicon libraries...

ANN-ET Project: 2017 Crop evapotranspiration and Neural network method

Eric Pardyjak Jason Kelley

Stable isotope data (raw) from carbonate rocks in the Navajo Sandstone

Professor Emerita Judith Totman Parrish

Modeled potential and realized niches of the American Three-toed Woodpecker and Flammulated Owl of northern Idaho

Walsh S. Eric & Tara Hudiburg
The dataset contains the modeled potential niche of the American Three-Toed Woodpecker and the realized niche of the Flammulated Owl across the Northern Rockies Ecoregion of Idaho. Previously published niche models were transferred to the study region and informed with the outputs of the forest landscape model LANDIS-II. The spatial grain of the data is 200 meters and the Flammulated Owl model is the base model or the niche model’s original input sources. The parameterizations...

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