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Unoccupied aerial systems imagery from Duncan Saddle Idaho

Anna Roser, Valorie Marie, Peter Olsoy, Donna Delparte & T. Trevor Caughlin

Data from: Mapping foodscapes and sagebrush morphotypes with unmanned aerial systems for multiple herbivores

Peter Olsoy, Jennifer Sorensen Forbey, Lisa Shipley, Janet Rachlow, Brecken Robb, Jordan Nobler & Daniel Thornton

Co-learning approaches to talking and thinking about pee: community perspectives on urine recycling communication and education

Shaina Opperman, Julia Cavicchi, Tatiana Schreiber & Rebecca Hardin

Data from: CO2e Footprint and Eco-Impact of Ultralow Phosphorus Removal by Hydrous Ferric Oxide Reactive Filtration: A Municipal Wastewater LCA Case Study

Lusine Taslakyan, Martin Baker, Dev Shrestha, Daniel Strawn & Gregory Möller

Unoccupied aerial systems imagery near Castle Rocks Idaho-2021

Anna Roser, Valorie Marie, Peter Olsoy, Donna Delparte & T. Trevor Caughlin

Data from: Boosts in leaf-level photosynthetic capacity aid Pinus ponderosa recovery from wildfire

Kelsey Bryant, Hyojung Kwon, Crystal Kolden, Jeffrey Stenzel, Justin Mathias, Laurel Lynch & Tara Hudiburg
Forests mitigate climate change by sequestering massive amounts of carbon, but recent increases in wildfire activity are threatening carbon storage. Currently, our understanding of wildfire impacts on forest resilience and the mechanisms controlling post-fire recovery remains unresolved due to a lack of empirical data on mature trees in natural settings. Here, we quantify the physiological mechanisms controlling carbon uptake immediately following wildfire in mature individuals of ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), a wide-spread and canopy-dominant tree...

FEWSION for Community Resilience

Sean M. Ryan

Graduate Education in Stakeholder Engagement: The INFEWS-ER Virtual Resource Center

Anna-Maria Marshall & Luis Rodriguez

Interactive Adaptation and Collaboration Tool for Managing Water, Energy, and Land

Jenna H. Tilt

Data from: Near-infrared spectroscopy aids ecological restoration by classifying variation of taxonomy and phenology of a native shrub

Brecken Robb, Peter Olsoy, Jessica Mitchell, T. Trevor Caughlin, Donna Delparte, Stephanie Galla, Marcella R. Fremgen-Tarantino, Jordan D. Nobler, Janet Rachlow, Lisa A. Shipley & Jennifer Sorensen Forbey

Compiled Idaho sagebrush chemistry and plant herbivore interaction data

Jennifer Sorensen Forbey, Peter Olsoy, Brecken Robb, Marcella R. Fremgen-Tarantino & Jordan D. Nobler

Data from: Forest carbon emission sources are not equal: putting fire, harvest, and fossil fuel emissions in context

Kristina Bartowitz, Eric Walsh, Jeffrey Stenzel, Crystal Kolden & Tara Hudiburg
Climate change has intensified the scale of global wildfire impacts in recent decades. To help policymakers and managers avoid these unintended carbon consequences and to present carbon emission sources in the same context, we calculate western US forest fire carbon emissions and compare them with harvest and fossil fuel emissions over the same timeframe. We find that forest fire carbon emissions are on average only 6% of anthropogenic fossil fuel emissions (FFE) over the past...

Redband Trout Stream Temperature Data for Big Jacks, Duncan, Little Jacks, Upper Mann and Keithly Creeks 2019-2022

Ernest Keeley, Anna Ringelman, Tyler Breech & Alexander Wooding
Stream temperature data utilized for Redband Trout habitat monitoring, habitat suitability modeling, and bioenergetics modeling at Big Jacks, Duncan, Little Jacks, Upper Mann and Keithly Creeks Idaho USA. All streams except Little Jacks Creek have three-100 meter sampling reaches (Low, Mid, Top); Little Jacks Creek only has two-100 meter sampling reaches (Low and Top). Temperature data loggers (HOBO Pendant® Temperature/Alarm Data Logger, UA-001-08, Cape Cod, Massachusetts) were deployed in each sample reach and were set...

Unoccupied aerial systems imagery from Camas, Cedar Gulch and Rocky Canyon Idaho

Peter Olsoy, Matthew Burgess, Jennifer Sorensen Forbey, Janet Rachlow, Lisa Shipley & Daniel Thornton

Unoccupied aerial systems imagery from the Soda Fire Natural Area Idaho

Anna Roser, Valorie Marie, Peter Olsoy, Donna Delparte & T. Trevor Caughlin
The images used to make these data products were collected from an area that spans a wildfire boundary created during the 2015 Soda Fire in Idaho USA in 2019, 2020 and 2021. We used a DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Mission Planner software to capture imagery over the site of interest. The flight imagery covers the burn boundary. The imagery was collected in a crossgrid pattern at 44m above ground level; the resulting imagery have...

Data from: High-resolution thermal imagery reveals how interactions between crown structure and genetics shape plant temperature

Peter Olsoy, Andrii Zaiats, Donna Delparte, Spencer Roop, Anna Roser & T. Trevor Caughlin

Activity Recognition Model: Sensor (AS), GNSS, Time and Motion Study (TM), and Individual Tree Data

Ryer Becker & Robert Keefe

Lessons Learned from Stakeholder Engagement in San Antonio, Texas

Bassel Daher

Role of Stakeholder Expectations in Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement

Robert Barron

Engaging stakeholders in sustainable phosphorus management

Khara Grieger

Virtual Transdisciplinary Collaborations in Disaster Relief and Resilience

Jesann Gonzalez Cruz, Michael James Stablein, Emine Fidan, Jessica Talbot, Samuel Reed, Riveraine Walters, Ayorinde Ogunyiola, Michael Fernández Frey, Mariela Ramirez, Belen Rosado Casanova, Jill Heemstra, Anna-Maria Marshall & Luis Rodriguez

Stakeholder engagement and transdisciplinary team evolution

John Classen, Alison Deviney & Erin L Cortus

Code from: A draft genome provides hypotheses on drought tolerance in a keystone plant species in Western North America threatened by climate change

Anthony Melton, James Beck, Stephanie Galla, Jerry Jenkins, Lori Handley, Min Kim, Jane Grimwood, Jeremy Schmutz, Bryce Richardson, Marcelo Serpe, Stephen Novak & Sven Buerki

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