27 Works

FEWSION supply chain data science

Benjamin Ruddell

Lead mitigation via an interdisciplinary perspective

Adaline Buerck

INFEWS/T2 FEWtures: Innovation analysis framework for resilient futures with applications to the Central Arkansas River Basin

Robert Barron

Cross-cultural stakeholder engagement during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Glorynel Ojeda Matos

InterACTWEL cyberinfrastructure: Enabling stakeholder-driven processes for FEW nexus decision support in local communities

Meghna Babbar-Sebens

Exploring scenarios of climate-induced extremes on the food, energy, water nexus (C-FEWS) and the role of engineered and natural infrastructure

Seth Tuler & Charles Vörösmarty

Co-learning approaches to talking and thinking about pee: community perspectives on urine recycling communication and education

Shaina Opperman, Julia Cavicchi, Tatiana Schreiber & Rebecca Hardin

Prioritizing land and life in the Great Lakes region

Valoree Gagnon

Cultivating an engaged stakeholder group: Learning from the Long Island solar roadmap

Jessica Price

The economics of direct nitrogen reduction technologies

Gal Hochman

Graduate Education in Stakeholder Engagement: The INFEWS-ER Virtual Resource Center

Anna-Maria Marshall & Luis Rodriguez

Interactive Adaptation and Collaboration Tool for Managing Water, Energy, and Land

Jenna H. Tilt

FEWSION for Community Resilience

Sean M. Ryan

Important lessons from stakeholder engagement

Khara Grieger

Engaging stakeholders for integrated FEW nexus governance: The case of Phoenix, AZ

J. Leah Jones

INFEWS/T2: Identifying sustainability solutions through global-local-global analysis of the coupled water-agriculture-bioenergy system

Thomas Hertel

Social science for stakeholder engagement: Methods and lessons from the Water for Agriculture project

Weston Eaton

Virtual Transdisciplinary Collaborations in Disaster Relief and Resilience

Jesann Gonzalez Cruz, Michael James Stablein, Emine Fidan, Jessica Talbot, Samuel Reed, Riveraine Walters, Ayorinde Ogunyiola, Michael Fernández Frey, Mariela Ramirez, Belen Rosado Casanova, Jill Heemstra, Anna-Maria Marshall & Luis Rodriguez

Engaging stakeholders in sustainable phosphorus management

Khara Grieger

Role of Stakeholder Expectations in Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement

Robert Barron

Stakeholder engagement and transdisciplinary team evolution

John Classen, Alison Deviney & Erin L Cortus

Lessons Learned from Stakeholder Engagement in San Antonio, Texas

Bassel Daher

Tools of engagement

Daniel Cronan

Meeting stakeholders where they are: Engagement strategies from the classroom

E. Jamie Trammell

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