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Arctic marine mammal disaster response guidelines : National Marine Fisheries Service guidance report.

Sadie K. Wright, Sarah Margaret Wilkin, Aleria S. Jensen & Teresa K. Rowles
The coastline of Alaska and its offshore areas provide seasonal feeding, breeding, and migratory habitat for large numbers of marine mammals. In some cases, the major portion of the world's population of a particular species may be present. Moreover, these species include important subsistence resources for Alaska Native communities. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) manages whales and most seals. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) manages Pacific walruses, northern sea otters, and polar...

Joint Polar Satellite System Science Seminar annual digest, 2016.

Biological Opinion on the Environmental Protection Agency's Registration of Pesticides containing Chlorpyrifos, Diazinon, and Malathion

Estimates of cetacean and pinniped bycatch in the 2015 New England sink and mid-Atlantic gillnet fisheries

Christopher Orphanides & Joshua M. Hatch

Alternative sampling designs for the 2018 Annual Deployment Plan of the North Pacific Observer Program

Jane Y. Sullivan &
Changes in regulation enacted in 2013 have enabled the Alaska Fisheries Science Center’s Fishery Monitoring and Analysis Division (FMA) and the Alaska Regional Office’s Sustainable Fisheries Division to work collaboratively on an Annual Deployment Plan (ADP). Each ADP documents how the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) plans to deploy observers into fishing activities for the coming year under the limits of available funding. Draft ADPs are presented to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council)...

Butterfish 2017 stock assessment update

Charles F. Adams

Cetacean monitoring in the Mariana Islands Range Complex, 2017

Marie C. (Marie Chapla) Hill, Amanda L. Bradford, Allan D. Ligon, Adam C. Ü & Erin M. (Erin Marie) Oleson
PIFSC data report ; DR-18-002

Pacific Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program. Fish monitoring brief : Northern Mariana Islands, 2017.

Pacific Reef Assessment And Monitoring Program

Northeast multispecies fishery management plan resource guide : ocean pout (Macrozoarces americanus)

Katie Rowley

Mortality and serious injury determinations for baleen whale stocks along the Gulf of Mexico, United States, United States East Coast and Atlantic Canadian Provinces, 2011-2015

Allison Henry

Applying national community social vulnerability Indicators to fishing communities in the Pacific Island Region.

Danika Kleiber, Dawn M. Kotowicz & Justin Hospital

Mapping data acquisition and processing report, cruise EX-14-02 Leg 1 : Mission system shakedown and patch test , February 24 - March 15, 2014 N. Kingston, RI - N. Kingston, RI

Elizabeth Lobecker, Derek Sowers, Lindsay A. McKenna, Emily Rose, Jackyln James, Erin Weller, Kurt Mueller & Danielle Ferraro
This report focuses on exploration expedition EX-14-02 Leg 1, during which a ship shakedown and patch test were conducted, as well as mapping of several Atlantic Shelf Edge Canyons.

Summary report from the First Annual Collaborative Climate Science Workshop, 19-21 September 2017, NOAA's Inouye Regional Center, Honolulu, Hawaii

Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA's) National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has enacted a climate science strategy as part of its proactive approach to better track, forecast, and incorporate information on changing climate conditions into living marine resource management. This strategy is being implemented through customized 5-year Regional Action Plans for climate science (RAPs). These RAPs detail regional climate science needs and specific action items to address them. The drivers and impacts of climate...

Northeast multispecies fishery management plan resource guide : yellowtail flounder (Limanda ferrunginea)

Judith Salter

An analysis of chemical contaminants in sediments and fish from Cocos Lagoon, Guam.

S. Ian Hartwell, Dennis A. Apeti, Anthony S. Pait, Andrew L. Mason & Char'mane Robinson
As part of the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP) jurisdictional priority gathering, local agencies in Guam identified Cocos Lagoon as an area potentially impacted by land-based sources of pollution. The US Coast Guard operated a Long Range Navigation (LORAN) station on Cocos Island at the southern end of Cocos Lagoon from 1944 to 1963. Disposal of materials from the operation of the station are suspected of resulting in chemical contamination of the island and...

Heavy fuel oil use in Arctic shipping and communities

Trevor Riley & Kara MacKeil-Pepin

64th Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Workshop (64th SAW) assessment summary report

National Oceanic U.S. Department Of Commerce

Northeast multispecies fishery management plan resource guide : windowpane flounder (Scophthalmus aquosus)

Hope Shinn

Northeast multispecies fishery management plan resource guide : pollock (Pollachius virens)

Jamie Roberts

Northeast multispecies fishery management plan resource guide : American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides)

Judith Salter

Physiological and biological impacts of freshwater exposures on cetaceans, with an emphasis on bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops sp.

Katie Rowley, Hope Shinn & Trevor Riley
NCRL subject guide 2018-19

Mobius Net Cubed-Sphere Gnomonic Grids

Robert James Purser
NCEP Office Note 496

Hydrographic measurements collected aboard the UNOLS Ship R/V Endeavor, May 8-24, 2017: Western Boundary Time Series Cruise EN598 (AB1705)

James A. Hooper & Molly O'Neil Baringer
NOAA Data Report OAR AOML ; 75

JPSS Blended Products Workshop, August 30, 2018, College Park, MD

Ralph Ferraro, Lihang Zhou, Mitch Goldberg, Murty Divakarla, Limin Zhao, John Forsythe, Ingrid Guch, Sean Helfrich, Huan Meng, Veronica Lance, Tom Smith, Nai-Yu Wang & Anthony Wimmers
The Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Blended Products Workshop was held on the fourth day of the 2018 JPSS Science Teams Annual Conference, on August 30th, 2018, at the University of Maryland Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC) in College Park, Maryland. The full agenda can be found in Appendix A. The workshop was attended by experts across agencies of satellite research and applications, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/the National Environmental...

Pacific Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program. Data report : ecological monitoring 2017 : reef fishes and benthic habitats of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, and the Mariana Archipelago

Kaylyn McCoy, Adel Heenan, Jacob Marcus Asher, Paula Ayotte, Kelvin Gorospe, Andrew Elisha Gray, Kevin Lino, Jill P. Zamzow & Ivor D. Williams

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