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Global Tropical Moored Buoy Array: Wind Direction Accuracy Revisited

Howard Paul Freitag, Michael J. McPhaden & Kenneth J. Connell
NOAA Technical Memorandum OAR-PMEL ; 150

Great Lakes ice duration, winter severity index, cumulative freezing degree days, and atmospheric teleconnection patterns, 1973 – 2018

Jia Wang, Yang Ting-Yi, James Kessler, Haoguo Hu & Philip Chu
NOAA Technical Memorandum GLERL ; 174

2019 NOAA Science Report

Gina Digiantonio, Emma Kelley, Eric Bayler, Neil Christerson, Sarah B. Davis, Kurt Dreflak, Jawed Hameedi, Michael Liddel, Gary C. Matlock, Laura Newcomb, Jamie (Jamie Jo) Roberts & Peter Roohr
NOAA technical memorandum NOAA Research Council ; 002

Mesophotic and Deep Sea Corals in the Gulf of Mexico - Impacts from Deepwater Horizon

Hope Shinn
NCRL Subject Guide 2019-10

Pseudo-Precipitation: A Continuous Precipitation Variable

Huiling Yuan, Paul Schultz, Edward I. Tollerud, Dingchen Hou, Yuejian Zhu, Malequias Pena, Mike Charles & Zoltan Toth
NOAA Technical Memorandum OAR GSD ; 62

NOAAs Subseasonal Experiment

Decision support tool to promote long-term survival of Acropora cervicornis on the Florida reef tract.

Ruben J. van Hooidonk
NOAA Technical Report OAR-AOML ; 53

Implementation of the Lakes Michigan and Huron Operational Forecast System (LMHOFS) and the Nowcast/Forecast Skill Assessment

Machuan Peng, Aijun Zhang, Eric J. Anderson, Gregory A. Lang, John Gormley Walsh Kelley & Yi Chen
NOAA technical report NOS CO-OPS ; 091

Diagnostic fields developed for hourly updated NOAA weather models

Stanley G. (Stanley George) Benjamin, Eric P. James, John M. Brown, Edward J. Szoke, Jaymes S. Kenyon & Ravan Ahmadov
NOAA Technical Memorandum OAR GSD ; 66

Socioeconomic Aspects in Stock Assessments

Erin Cheever
NCRL subject guide ; 2019-12

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