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PIFSC report on the American Samoa troll fishery from 1 January to 31 December 2016.

Cost-earnings study of the American Samoa longline fishery based on vessel operations in 2009 and recent trend of economic performance.

Minling. Pan, Shawn Arita & Keith. Bigelow

Exploring JPSS Data Application for Earth System Data Assimilation, (based on Joint JPSS-MAPP programs meeting of January 30th, 2017) .

Lihang Zhou, Murty Divakarla, Heather Archambault, Annarita Mariotti & Huan Meng

Coastal ecosystem assessment of Chesapeake Bay Watersheds land use patterns and river conditions.

, R. Trippe, Lonnie Gonsalves, & Gretchen A. Messick
In coastal and estuarine regions, land use can have a profound impact on aquatic ecosystem health. In the Chesapeake Bay watershed, agriculture and urbanization have transformed major portions of the landscape, though some areas of undeveloped land remain. This document assesses the health of six Bay tributaries with different land use profiles via a suite of water quality and biological condition variables. Linkages are then explored between these scored variables and land use in the...

An economic analysis of shipping costs related to potential measures to manage the co-occurrence of maritime vessel traffic and whales in the Channel Islands region.

Sarah Gonyo, Theresa L. Goedeke, , Matthew Poti, Dan S. Dorfman &
This report provides findings from an analysis and evaluation of the economic effects of potential measures to manage the co-occurrence of shipping traffic and whales in the Channel Islands region off the coast of California. These potential management measures are part of one of two different approaches developed by members of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (CINMS) Advisory Council Marine Shipping Working Group (MSWG) one technology-based and the other spatial-management-based (Figure 0.11 ). Both...

A brief description of greater Atlantic region fish and invertebrate discard estimation for the National Bycatch Report : first edition update 3

C.(Christopher) Tholke

Economic valuation of shoreline protection within the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Jarrod Loerzel, , Ali Mohammad Rezzai, Sarah Gonyo, Chloe S. Fleming & Angela Orthmeyer

Sets of optimally diversified polyhedral orientations

Robert James Purser
Efficient integration of global atmospheric models on massively parallel computers is driving the move towards the use of discretizations based on regular polyhedra, such as the cube or icosahedron, and away from the traditional grids based on latitude and longitude alignments. In the case of NCEP's new proposed operational global model, the FV3, it is the equiangular modification of the gnomonic cubed-sphere grid that is being adopted. One risk of using any polyhedral grid is...

Serious injury determinations for small cetaceans and pinnipeds caught in commercial fisheries off the Northeast US Coast, 2011-2015

Elizabeth Josephson

Pacific Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program. Benthic REA monitoring summary : southern Mariana Islands, 2017.

This summary provides an overview of the most recent survey efforts conducted in the southern Mariana Islands in 2017 by the Ecosystem Sciences Division (ESD) of the NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center as part of the Pacific Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program (Pacific RAMP). A more detailed assessment of coral populations, reef community structure, and the potential impacts of the 2014–2015 bleaching events for Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands will...

Technical guidance for assessing the effects of anthropogenic sound on marine mammal hearing : underwater acoustic thresholds for onset of permanent and temporary threshold shifts.

Project Sagebrush Phase 2.

Dennis D. Finn, K. L. Clawson, Richard M. Eckman, Roger G. Carter, , , , M. Brewer, D. Davis, D. Clinger, Z. Gao & H. Liu

Female sablefish age-at-maturity in Alaska applicable to stock assessment.

Cara J. Rodgveller

Catch and bycatch in U.S. Southeast gillnet fisheries, 2016

Alyssa N. Mathers, Bethany M. Deacy & John K. Carlson
The Southeast Gillnet Observer Program has adapted to the changes of the Florida-Georgia shark gillnet fishery since the program began in 1993 (e.g. Carlson and Bethea 2007 and references therein, Mathers et al. 2015). There are currently about 500 total directed and incidental shark permits issued for the southeastern U.S. Atlantic coast and Gulf of Mexico, while the number of gillnet fishers changes from year to year. Gillnet effort targeting large coastal (LCS) and small...

Final project instructions. EX1202 leg II and III: Gulf of Mexico exploration, Leg II (ROV, mapping/CTD ops) March 19 - April 07, 2012, Leg III (ROV, mapping/CTD ops) April 11- April - April 29, 2012

Potter, Jeremy
"EX1202 Leg II operations will commence on March 19, 2012 from Tampa, FL and conclude on April 7, 2012 in Pascagoula, MS. EX1202 Leg III operations will begin on April 11, 2012 in Pascagoula, MS and conclude on April 29, 2012 in Galveston, TX. Combined, 24-hour multibeam mapping, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and CTD/rosette operations will be conducted during both cruise legs, and will include telepresence and shore-side participation"--Abstract.

GSICS quarterly. Volume 11, number 3 (2017)

Global Space-Based Inter-Calibration System Coordination Center.

Census of licensed fishers of the U.S. Virgin Islands (2016).

Barbara L. Kojis, Norman J. Quinn & Juan J. Agar

Pacific Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program. Benthic REA monitoring summary : Rose Atoll, 2016.

Oceanographic data collected in the Straits of Florida at 27°N during the year 2011, including the estimated Florida Current transport.

Rigoberto F. Garcia, Christopher S. Meinen & Ryan Hunter Smith

Program and abstracts from the 2016 Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Forum

National Oceanic U.S. Department Of Commerce

Application of the Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard (CMECS) to deep-sea benthic surveys in the Northeast Pacific : lessons from field tests in 2015

Rachel D. Bassett., & Peter J. Etnoyer

Oceanographic data collected in the Straits of Florida at 27°N during the year 2006, including the estimated Florida Current transport.

Rigoberto F. Garcia, Christopher S. Meinen & Ryan Hunter Smith

61st Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Workshop (61st SAW) assessment report

This assessment is for Atlantic surfclam in the US EEZ (federal waters, 3-200 nm from shore) individual transferable quota (ITQ) fishery (Appendix 7). The assessment divides the US stock into a northern (Georges Bank or GBK) and a southern area (south of GBK to Cape Hatteras) for modeling purposes (Figures 6 and 7). However, the resource is managed as a single stock so estimates for the north and south are combined for status determination.

Regression tree and ratio estimates of marine mammal, sea turtle, and seabird bycatch in the California drift gillnet fishery, 1990-2015

James V. Carretta, Jeffrey E. Moor & Karin A. Forney
Marine mammal, sea turtle, and seabird bycatch was estimated for the California swordfish drift gillnet fishery during a 26-year period (1990-2015), using random forest regression trees. Tree estimates were compared with traditional annual ratio estimates generated from the same observer data. Ratio estimates suffer from systematic bias (under- and overestimation of bycatch) when observed bycatch is rare, bycatch rates are inferred only from same-year data, and observer coverage is low. Model-based approaches result in more...

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