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Analysis of increasing the reqiured VMS ping rate for the California drift gillnet fishery

Stephen M. Stohs & Tim Sippel

2016 Hawaiian sea turtle stranding data

Shawn K. K. Murakawa

JCSDA quarterly. No. 56 (Summer 2017)

Joint Center For Satellite Data Assimilation (U.S.)

Model-based essential fish habitat definitions for Bering Sea groundfish species.

Edward A. Laman, Christopher N. Rooper, Sean Charles Rooney, , &

Alaska marine mammal stock assessments, 2001.

Robyn P. Angliss, Douglas P. DeMaster & A. L. Lopez

Biological Opinion on reinitiation of ESA Section 10(a)(1)(A) Permit by regulation to authorize response to stranded endangered sea turtles.

Endangered Species Act Interagency Cooperation Division. National Marine Fisheries Service

Monitoring salmon habitat status and trends in Puget Sound : development of sample designs, monitoring metrics, and sampling protocols for large river, floodplain, delta, and nearshore environments

, Oleksandr Stefankiv, Britta L. Timpane-Padgham, , George R. Pess, Melinda L. Rowse, Kurt L. Fresh & Michael D. Ford

An overview of the survey on the socioeconomic aspects of commercial fishing vessel owners in the northeast and Mid-Atlantic

Matthew Cutler, Tammy Murphy & Maria Vasta

Mapping ecological priorities and human impacts to support land-sea management of Puerto Rico’s Northeast Marine Corridor.

Simon Pittman, , , Gustav Kagesten, Angela Orthmeyer, Dan S. Dorfman, Daniel Mateos-Molina, Ayman Mabrouk, Sarah Hile, Varis Ransibrahmanaku & Antares Ramos Álvarez

Biological and Conference Opinion on Bureau of Ocean Energy Management lease issuance for wind resources data collection.

Endangered Species Act Interagency Cooperation Division. National Marine Fisheries Service

Model-based essential fish habitat definitions for Aleutian Island groundfish species.

, Christopher N. Rooper, Edward A. Laman, , &

Long-term survival and observable healing of two deepwater rockfishes, Sebastes, after barotrauma and subsequent recompression in pressure tanks.

Cara J. Rodgveller, Patrick William Malecha & Chris R. Lunsford

Developing best handling practice guidelines to safely release mantas, mobulids and stingrays captured in commercial fisheries.

Melanie Hutchinson, Francois Poisson & Yonat Swimmer

Biological Opinion on issuance of Permit #21293 to Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratories, Inc.

Office Of Protected Resources National Marine Fisheries Service

PIFSC report on the American Samoa limited-access longline fishery from 1 January to 31 May 2017.

Biological Opinion on the issuance of Permit No. 20315 for scientific research on sea turtles in the United States Virgin Islands.

Endangered Species Act Interagency Cooperation Division. National Marine Fisheries Service

Manual for the use of real-time oceanographic data quality control flags.

Comparison of harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) echolocation clicks recorded simultaneously on two passive acoustic monitoring instruments

Eiren K. Jacobson, Karlina P. Merkens, Karin A. Forney & Jay Barlow

Manual for real-time quality control of phytoplankton data:

Scientific framework for assessing factors influencing endangered Sacramento River winter-run Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) across the life cycle

Sean Windell

Status review report of Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis)

Matthew T. Craig, Steven J. Bograd, Heidi Dewar, Michael J. Kinney, Hui-Hua Lee, Barbara A. Muhling & Barbara Louise Taylor

JCSDA quarterly. No. 57 (Fall 2017)

Joint Center For Satellite Data Assimilation (U.S.)

Cost and operational effectiveness analysis for the NOAA Profiler Network -- May 2014.

Thomas W. Schlatter

Cetacean monitoring in the Mariana Islands Range Complex, 2016.

, Andrea R. Bendlin, Adam C. Ü, Kymberly M. Yano, Amanda L. Bradford, Allan D. Ligon &
The Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center's (PIFSC) Cetacean Research Program (CRP) has been conducting visual surveys for cetaceans in the waters surrounding Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) as part of an ongoing effort to develop a record of cetacean occurrence in the region. Visual surveys have been conducted aboard small boats (7.6--12.2 m) since 2010 off the southernmost islands of the Mariana Archipelago (Guam, Rota, Saipan, Tinian, and Aguijan). These...

Stock assessment of the coral reef fishes of Hawaii, 2016.

Marc O. Nadon
This report contains single-species assessments of 27 reef-associated fish stocks around the main Hawaiian Islands using data from various sources collected during the 2003--2016 period. Previous management actions have set acceptable biological catches (ABCs) at the family level using either a percentile of historical catches or a catch-MSY approach. Here, we used fishery-independent size composition and abundance data from diver surveys combined with fishery-dependent catch estimates to calculate current fishing mortality rates (F), spawning potential...

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