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Unlocking Business Potential: Infrastructure Needs for Corporations around the World

Ryan Espiritu Carlos Mulas-Granados
2, 1, ASEAN Journal of Management & Innovation

The Historical Representation of Place in the Military Base Town of Koza: The \"Reassessment\" of US Military Presence as a Developmental Resource

Takashi Yamazaki
-, 1, Journal of Urban Culture Research

In Their Own Voices: Immigrant Musickers in a Changing City

Tiffany Pollock
-, 5, Journal of Urban Culture Research

Empowerment of the Socially Vulnerable Through Theater Workshops - Social Inclusion through Arts Management: A Case Study in an Urban Slum of Bangkok

Hiroyuki Nobuto
-, 4, Journal of Urban Culture Research

Genetic diversity of Curcuma comosa Roxb. revealed by DNA and mophological markers

, &
1, 3, Thai Journal of Genetics

The role of the 'Suthasinobon' complex in introgressive hybridization

1, 2, Thai Journal of Genetics

Population differentiation of two Thai fragrant rice landraces revealed by SSR marker analysis

& Kitti Srisa-Ard
3, 7, Thai Journal of Genetics

Genetic and morphological variation in three populations of Donax spp. in the gulf of Thailand

, &
1, 5, Thai Journal of Genetics

Development of the single nucleotide polymorphism markers for Phytophthora capsici resistance in Capsicum annuum

, , , &
3, 7, Thai Journal of Genetics

Overexpression of OSB2 gene in transgenic rice up-regulated expression of structural genes in anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway

, , , , &
3, 7, Thai Journal of Genetics

การพัฒนาคุณธรรมจริยธรรม : จากนโยบายสู่การปฏิบัติ

1, 1, วารสารวิชาการคุณธรรมความดี

Superman มนุษย์ในอุดมคติของสังคม

1, 2, วารสารวิชาการคุณธรรมความดี


1, 3, วารสารวิชาการคุณธรรมความดี


1, 19, วารสารสมาคมนักวิจัย

p-Absolutely summable sequences of fuzzy real numbers

Ayhan Esi
1, 7, Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology

Antioxidant and anticancer activities of freshwater green algae, Cladophora glomerata and Microspora floccosa, from Nan River in northern Thailand

2, 7, Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology

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