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Arctic Data Explorer Portal / NSIDC Search Portal

Brendan Billingsley Andy Grauch

Configuration Injector Service

Chris Chalstrom

17O Excess from WAIS Divide, 0 to 25 ka BP

Eric Steig

Atlas of Community-Based Monitoring in a Changing Arctic (Arctic CBM)

Inuit Circumpolar Council

MODIS Mosaic of Antarctica 2008-2009 (MOA2009) Image Map

Jennifer Bohlander Terry Haran

Arctic Data Explorer SOLR Search software tools

Brendan Billingsley Andy Grauch

NSIDC Open Search

Brendan Billingsley Andy Grauch

Yup'ik Environmental Knowledge Project

Ann Fienup-Riordan

Config Injector Ruby Client

Chris Chalstrom

Satellite Observations of Arctic Change

National Snow And Ice Data Center

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