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Ice Shelf Rift Propagation Rates

Randolph Glacier Inventory 4.0

Randolph Glacier Inventory Consortium

WAIS Divide WDC06A Oxygen Isotope Record

Eric Steig

Meteorology and soil temperatures, Hot Weather Creek, Ellesmere Island, NWT, Canada, Version 1

Claude L. Labine, Bea Taylor Alt & Kathy Young

Active-Layer and Permafrost Temperatures, Sisimiut (Holsteinsborg), Greenland, Version 1

Niels Foged, Ole B. Olesen, Hanne Christiansen & F.G.M. van Tatenhove

Monthly Summaries of Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture in Mongolia, Version 1

Chien-Lu Ping, Garry Schaefer, Ron Paetzold, Thomas Jackson & Ichirow Kaihotsu

Upper soil temperatures in the Kolyma Highland, Version 1

G.G. Mazhitova, A.V. Alfimov & D.I. Berman

Rock glaciers, Zailiysiky Range, Kungei Ranges, Tienshan, Kazakhstan, Version 1

Aldar P. Gorbunov, Eduard V. Seversky, Sergei Marchenko, Mihail Popov & Sergei Titkov

Active layer thickness and ground temperatures, Svea, Svalbard, Version 1

Odd Gregersen, Steinar Bakkehoi & Odd Gregersen

Rock glacier Macun 1, Lower Engadin, Switzerland, Version 1

W. Zick, Dietrich Barsch & Lorenz King

Rock glaciers, Bernese Alps, western Switzerland, Version 1

Markus Imhof

Maps of Geocryological Regions and Classifications in China, Version 1

Guoqing Qiu, Dongxin Guo, Tingjun Zhang & Youwu Zhou

Schefferville Permafrost Temperature Database, Version 1

Sharon Smith, H.B. Granberg, Sharon Smith & Margo Burgess

MODIS Mosaic of Antarctica 2008-2009 (MOA2009) Image Map

T. Haran, J. Bohlander, T. Scambos, T. Painter & M. Fahnestock

Images of Antarctic Ice Shelves

T. Scambos

Local Observations from the Seasonal Ice Zone Observing Network (SIZONet)

Polar Ice Sounding and Geomagnetics

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