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The development of entrustable professional activities for the Irish intern year

Retrofit solutions for Irish building stock: The impact of human behaviour

NUIG at the FinSBD Task: Sentence boundary detection for noisy financial PDFs in English and French

Tobias Daudert & Sina Ahmadi

BEARS: Towards an evaluation framework for bandit-based interactive recommender systems

Andrea Barraza-Urbina, Georgia Koutrika, Mathieu d'Aquin & Conor Hayes

Measured and predicted t-z curves for a driven pile in lightly overconsolidated silt

Bryan McCabe & Barry M. Lehane

Experimental investigation of the response of a driven pile in soft silt

D. Gallager, K. Gavin, Bryan A. McCabe & Barry M. Lehane

Modes of transport to or from school and mental wellbeing of schoolchildren in Ireland

András Költő, Aoife Gavin & Saoirse Nic Gabhainn

Health and well-being of young people in Donegal

András Költő, Divya Ravikumar & Saoirse Nic Gabhainn

Reinforcement of timber elements in compression perpendicular to the grain using compressed wood dowels

Michael Conway, Conan O'Ceallaigh, Sameer Mehra & Annette M. Harte

Short Report: HBSC Ireland: Health and wellbeing among young carers in 2014 and 2018

Aoife Gavin, Colette Kelly & Saoirse Nic Gabhainn

LGBTI+ Youth in Ireland and across Europe: A two-phased landscape and research gap analysis

András Költő, Elena Vaughan, Linda O’Sullivan, Kasey Treadwell Shine, Colette Kelly, Elizabeth Saewyc & Saoirse Nic Gabhainn

Numerical investigation of the structural behaviour of adhesive free connections utilising modified wood

Conan O’Ceallaigh, Iman Mohseni, Sameer Mehra & Annette M. Harte

The Dev Girls: gender constructions and competing identities through self-representation on Instagram

Joanne Mangan

Exploring Young Women’s Attitudes towards the Feminist Movement and Popular Music Artists’ Claims to Feminism

Eimear Savage

CHO1 Area: Trends in health behaviours, health outcomes and contextual factors between 1998-2018

Aoife Gavin & Saoirse Nic Gabhainn

Sacrificial Wind Screenplay

Lorna Shaughnessy

LGBTI+ Youth in Ireland and across Europe: A two-phased Landscape and Research Gap Analysis: Summary Report for Young People

Elena Vaughan, Aisling Harrington, András Költő, Colette Kelly & Saoirse Nic Gabhainn

Edge2Guard: Botnet attacks detecting offline models for resource-constrained IoT devices

Bharath Sudharsan, Dineshkumar Sundaram, Pankesh Patel, John G. Breslin & Muhammad Intizar Al

TinyML benchmark: Executing fully connected neural networks on commodity microcontrollers

Bharath Sudharsan, Simone Salerno, Duc-Duy Nguyen, Muhammad Yahya, Abdul Wahid, Piyush Yadav & John G. Breslin

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