25 Works

The power of law: current constraints on truth-telling and transition from Ireland's institutional past

Maeve O'Rourke

Experimental assessment of MRI-induced temperature change and SAR distributions in phantoms

J. Blackwell, Wil Van der Putten, Brendan Tuohy & Niall Colgan

Retrofit solutions for Irish building stock: The impact of human behaviour

NUIG at the FinSBD Task: Sentence boundary detection for noisy financial PDFs in English and French

Tobias Daudert & Sina Ahmadi

BEARS: Towards an evaluation framework for bandit-based interactive recommender systems

Andrea Barraza-Urbina, Georgia Koutrika, Mathieu d'Aquin & Conor Hayes

Presence of emerging contaminants in treated sludges and their potential impacts on the environment

Mark G. Healy

FinSentiA: sentiment analysis in English financial microblogs

Brain haemorrhage detection through SVM classification of impedance measurements

Towards sharing task environments to support reproducible evaluations of interactive recommender systems

Andrea Barraza-Urbina & Mathieu d'Aquin

Cost per unit abated for selected nitrogen mitigation strategies on Irish farms

An evaluation of SPARQL federation engines over multiple endpoints

Passive diagnosis incorporating the PHQ-4 for depression and anxiety

Fionn Delahunty, Robert Johansson & Mihael Arcan

Creating a fine-grained corpus for a less-resourced language: the case of Kurdish

Roshna Omer Abdulrahman, Hossein Hassani & Sina Ahmadi

CoFiF: A corpus of financial reports in French language

Sina Ahmadi & Tobias Daudert

Link prediction using multi part embeddings

Leveraging rule-based machine translation knowledge for under-resourced neural machine translation models

Daniel Torregrosa, Nivranshu Pasricha, Bharathi Raja Chakravarth, Maraim Masoud, Juan Alonso, Noe Casas & Mihael Arcan
Conference paper

Fake data - the future of advanced computer vision systems

Peter Corcoran

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