28 Works

Too Into You: Digital Intimate Relationship Abuse Against Young Women in Ireland

Ellie McMahon

Editorial in Dearcadh: Graduate Journal of Gender, Globalisation and Rights, NUI Galway

Stacey Scriver & Carol Ballantine

Physical activity among children with and without disabilities and chronic conditions: A case-control analysis

András Költő, Aoife Gavin, Colette Kelly, Michal Molcho & Saoirse Nic Gabhainn

LGBTI+ Youth in Ireland and across Europe: A two-phased landscape and research gap analysis

András Költő, Elena Vaughan, Linda O’Sullivan, Kasey Treadwell Shine, Colette Kelly, Elizabeth Saewyc & Saoirse Nic Gabhainn

Numerical investigation of the structural behaviour of adhesive free connections utilising modified wood

Conan O’Ceallaigh, Iman Mohseni, Sameer Mehra & Annette M. Harte

The Dev Girls: gender constructions and competing identities through self-representation on Instagram

Joanne Mangan

Exploring Young Women’s Attitudes towards the Feminist Movement and Popular Music Artists’ Claims to Feminism

Eimear Savage

CHO1 Area: Trends in health behaviours, health outcomes and contextual factors between 1998-2018

Aoife Gavin & Saoirse Nic Gabhainn

Edge2Guard: Botnet attacks detecting offline models for resource-constrained IoT devices

Bharath Sudharsan, Dineshkumar Sundaram, Pankesh Patel, John G. Breslin & Muhammad Intizar Al

TinyML benchmark: Executing fully connected neural networks on commodity microcontrollers

Bharath Sudharsan, Simone Salerno, Duc-Duy Nguyen, Muhammad Yahya, Abdul Wahid, Piyush Yadav & John G. Breslin

Enabling machine learning on the edge using SRAM conserving efficient neural networks execution approach

Bharath Sudharsan, Pankesh Patel, John G. Breslin & Muhammad Intizar Ali

The structural behaviour of compressed wood manufactured using fast-grown sitka spruce

Conan O’Ceallaigh, Patrick McGetrick & Annette M. Harte

Modified wood as compression reinforcement of timber perpendicular to the grain

Conan O’Ceallaigh, Michael Conway, Sameer Mehra & Annette M. Harte

An insight into bone dielectric properties variation: a foundation for electromagnetic medical devices

Bilal Amin, Muhammad Adnan Elahi, Atif Shahzad, Eoin Parle, Laoise McNamara & Martin O'Halloran

Perceived discrimination in minority and matched non-minority adolescents in Ireland

András Költő, Aoife Gavin, Colette Kelly, Michal Molcho & Saoirse Nic Gabhainn

Policy priorities for girls' health

Saoirse Nic Gabhainn, Colette Kelly & Aoife Gavin

National strategic guide for the implementation of simulation on clinical sites

Dara Byrne, Emily O'Dowd, Sinéad Lydon, Bronwyn Reid McDermot & Paul O'Connor

Indigenous Australian Women: Towards a Womanist Perspective

Clair Butler

Opposed by men and rejected by women: the dilemma of male gender equality activists in Malawi

Joseph Kalelo-Phiri

Research on use of the Irish language on Radio – Phase 3

John Walsh

Taighde ar úsáid na Gaeilge ar an raidió – Céim a 3

John Walsh

Proof-of-concept techniques for generating synthetic thermal facial data for training of deep learning models

Muhammad Ali Farooq & Peter Corcoran

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