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Helping Across Generations: Families in Singapore

Bina Gubhaju & Angelique Chan
CARE research briefs present policy-oriented summaries of published peer reviewed documents or of a body of published work and work-in-progress.

Deteriorating Health but Still Working Very Long Hours – A Profile of Singapore’s Older Family Caregivers

Bina Gubhaju, Rahul Malhotra, Angelique Chan & Truls Ostbye

Agreement on the Establishment of the ASEAN Secretariat, 24th February 1976 (1331 UNTS 243), OXIO 196

Germán Mejía-Lemos Diego

Amicus curiae (excerpts)

Germán Mejía-Lemos Diego

The Andean Community

Germán Mejía-Lemos Diego

The Administrative Boundary Maps of China: 1949-2017

Sources This data sources for this map products include the following primary sources: The Chronicle of the Administrative Divisions at County Level and Above of the People's Republic of China" (three volumes, 1949-1983) The Historical Atlas of the Administrative Divisions of the People's Republic of China The annual publications of administrative divisions (1985- 2017) The web site of the administrative divisions: www.xzqh.org. The periods of main changes in administrative divisions 1949 – 1954: changes in...

Singapore: Year in Review 2009

Debbie Soon

The Year in Review: Policy and Political Developments in 2015

Min-Wei Tan

Population Outcomes: Singapore 2050

Mui Teng Yap & Christopher Gee

Mobilising Diverse Community Assets to Meet Social Needs

Justin Lee, Mathew Mathews & Robyn Tan

Study on Chinese

Carol Soon, Arun Mahizhnan, Shamsuri Juhari, Nanditha Das, Jui Liang Sim & Nur Atikah Amalina

Choice Of Exchange Rate Regime: Currency Board (Hong Kong) Or Monitoring Band (Singapore)?

Ramkishen S. Rajan & Reza Siregar

Singapore: The Art Of Building A Global City

Sanjeev Sanyal

The Educational 'Arms Race': All For One, Loss For All

Christopher Gee

SG50 And Beyond: Protecting The Public Space In The New Era Of Singaporean Pluralism

Johannis Bin Abdul Aziz, Gillian Koh, Mathew Mathews & Min-Wei Tan

Parents' Perceptions Of The Singapore Primary School System

Mathew Mathews, Leonard Lim & Siao See Teng

CNA-IPS Survey On Ethnic Identity In Singapore

Mathew Mathews, Leonard Lim, S. Shanthini & Nicole Cheung

Regional Responses To The Southeast Asian Economic Crisis: A Case Of Self-Help Or No Help?

Li Lin Chang & Ramkishen S. Rajan

POPS(7)A Perceptions of the Marriage & Parenthood Package II

Mui Teng Yap
The survey examined the attitudes of married Singaporeans towards the government’s various Marriage & Parenthood (M&P) measures as they existed in January 2013, in view of Singapore’s constant low fertility levels. The survey was conducted in 2014 and builds on the POPS (2) survey. To request for a dataset to be sent to you by e-mail, you must complete the Online Form and agree to comply with the Data Use Agreement. For more information, please...

Internet and Media Use During GE2015

Wan Ting Soon
A nationwide online survey of 2,000 voters aged 21 years and above was conducted following the General Election 2015. The aim of the survey was to examine voters’ use of media and the Internet, and its impact on political participation and voting behaviour. Questions were asked about respondents’ political traits, their use and trust of media, frequency of political participation and talk, their political habits, and their demographics. Findings were first presented at the IPS...

The Makan Index – A Survey of Hawker Food Prices

Chan Hoong Leong
The survey investigated the geographical variations in the cost of eating out in different neighbourhoods in Singapore, as a means of understanding differences in the cost of living across the country. Researchers visited hawker centres and neighbourhood coffee shops in July and August 2016 to collect data and subsequently constructed an index of food prices of commonly found food items and meals To request for a dataset to be sent to you by e-mail, you...

Scholarly Paper Recommendation Datasets

Kazunari Sugiyama & Min-Yen Kan
Much of the world's new knowledge today is now largely captured in digital form and archived within a digital library system. However, these trends lead to information overload, where users find an overwhelmingly large number of publications that match their search queries but are largely irrelevant to their latent information needs. We address this problem by providing recommendation results by using latent information about the user's research interests that exists in their publication list (see...

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