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The Administrative Boundary Maps of China: 1949-2017

Sources This data sources for this map products include the following primary sources: The Chronicle of the Administrative Divisions at County Level and Above of the People's Republic of China" (three volumes, 1949-1983) The Historical Atlas of the Administrative Divisions of the People's Republic of China The annual publications of administrative divisions (1985- 2017) The web site of the administrative divisions: www.xzqh.org. The periods of main changes in administrative divisions 1949 – 1954: changes in...

POPS(7)A Perceptions of the Marriage & Parenthood Package II

Mui Teng Yap
The survey examined the attitudes of married Singaporeans towards the government’s various Marriage & Parenthood (M&P) measures as they existed in January 2013, in view of Singapore’s constant low fertility levels. The survey was conducted in 2014 and builds on the POPS (2) survey. To request for a dataset to be sent to you by e-mail, you must complete the Online Form and agree to comply with the Data Use Agreement. For more information, please...

Internet and Media Use During GE2015

Wan Ting Soon
A nationwide online survey of 2,000 voters aged 21 years and above was conducted following the General Election 2015. The aim of the survey was to examine voters’ use of media and the Internet, and its impact on political participation and voting behaviour. Questions were asked about respondents’ political traits, their use and trust of media, frequency of political participation and talk, their political habits, and their demographics. Findings were first presented at the IPS...

The Makan Index – A Survey of Hawker Food Prices

Chan Hoong Leong
The survey investigated the geographical variations in the cost of eating out in different neighbourhoods in Singapore, as a means of understanding differences in the cost of living across the country. Researchers visited hawker centres and neighbourhood coffee shops in July and August 2016 to collect data and subsequently constructed an index of food prices of commonly found food items and meals To request for a dataset to be sent to you by e-mail, you...

Scholarly Paper Recommendation Datasets

Kazunari Sugiyama & Min-Yen Kan
Much of the world's new knowledge today is now largely captured in digital form and archived within a digital library system. However, these trends lead to information overload, where users find an overwhelmingly large number of publications that match their search queries but are largely irrelevant to their latent information needs. We address this problem by providing recommendation results by using latent information about the user's research interests that exists in their publication list (see...

Environmental Identities and Sustainable Development: Using Q-Methodology to Identify Narratives of Sanitation in India

Ching Leong
Good sanitation is crucial to sustainable development because of public health and ecological implications. Despite well-established health benefits and education programmes, a continued preference for open defaecation (“ODâ€) persists in India. We argue that sanitation behaviour should be conceived as being part of a larger environmental identity with implications on policymaking. This is tested in Andhra Pradesh (“APâ€) where despite large investments, latrines have low take-up rates. Our survey of 300 villagers reveals that most...

Landslides in Sindhupalchok District, Nepal before and after the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake

Kaushal Raj Gnyawali, Basanta Raj Adhikari & Brian Garland Mc Adoo
This is a database of ArcGIS shapefiles of all landslides in Sindhupalchok, Nepal, present before the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake and those generated by the earthquake.

U.S. R&D data (Cattell directories)

Paak Liang Ivan Png
This novel dataset, digitized from the Jaques Cattell directories of U.S. R&D, covers 2805 companies with 8525 facilities, including location, reporting line within the organization, numbers of professional staff and technicians, and R&D fields over the years 1975-98. The dataset includes a match to the Compustat identifier, gvkey. For more details on this dataset, please visit https://sites.google.com/site/iplpng/research/stata.

Data from: Can Conformity Overcome the Yuck Factor? Explaining the Choice for Recycled Drinking Water

Ching Leong
This data set contains the original experimental data and the experimental materials for the paper "Can Conformity Overcome the Yuck Factor? Explaining the choice for recycled drinking water".

Codes for: Policy instruments for renewable energy: an empirical evaluation of effectiveness

Azhgaliyeva Dina
This publication contains STATA codes for the paper "Policy instruments for renewable energy: an empirical evaluation of effectiveness". Eleven policy instruments are generated: direct investment, feed-in tariffs, grants and subsidies, loans, taxes, green certificates, information and education, strategic planning, codes and standards, research, development and deployment and voluntary approaches. Codes are written for STATA 15 with panel unit root tests, panel cointegration tests and the Mean group estimation. Resource Language: English Geographic coverage: 106 countries...

Open-Ended Questionnaire on the Significance of Different Types of Protest in China

Jennifer Dodgson
In recent years media across the globe have grown increasingly interested in nationalist demonstrations in China. These protests, frequently violent in nature, are often cited as evidence of an increasingly nationalist turn in Chinese public opinion, which could eventually push the government to take up a more aggressive international position. This paper attempts to clarify the political implications of different types of protest in China via an analysis of responses to a large-scale open-ended online...

Location of U.S. Corporate Headquarters, 1988-2006

This dataset includes the headquarters state of U.S. publicly listed companies as reported to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and archived in Compact Disclosure, a service which discontinued in 2006.

Feeling your pain and feeling your joy: A daily investigation of the costs and benefits of empathizing at work

Remus Ilies & Shi Yi Sherry Aw

A Comparative Study of Typhoon Hato (2017) and Typhoon Mangkhut (2018) – Their Impacts on Coastal Inundation in Macau

The data in this repository is along with a submitted manuscript of "A Comparative Study of Typhoon Hato (2017) and Typhoon Mangkhut (2018) – Their Impacts on Coastal Inundation in Macau" to Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans. It includes storm surge and inundation simulation results associated with a comparative study of Typhoon Hato and Typhoon Mangkhut, namely the wind/pressure fields by parametric vortex model and hindcast simulation results of storm tide, inundation depth, and etc., during...


Ya Kang

National Environment Agency Climatological Data - 5-minute intervals rainfall data from Oct-Dec 2016

5-minute intervals rainfall data from Oct-Dec 2016

The National University of Singapore SMS Corpus

Tao Chen & Min-Yen Kan
This is a corpus of SMS (Short Message Service) messages collected for research at the Department of Computer Science at the National University of Singapore. This dataset consists of 67,093 SMS messages taken from the corpus on Mar 9, 2015. The messages largely originate from Singaporeans and mostly from students attending the University. These messages were collected from volunteers who were made aware that their contributions were going to be made publicly available. The data...

The NUS hand posture datasets II

Kumar Pramod, Vadakkepat Prahlad & Ai Poh Loh
This is a 10 class hand posture dataset. The postures are shot in and around National University of Singapore (NUS), against complex natural backgrounds, with various hand shapes and sizes. The postures are performed by 40 subjects, with different ethnicities, against different complex backgrounds. The subjects include both males and females in the age range of 22 to 56 years. The subjects are asked to show the 10 hand postures, 5 times each. They are...

China Meteorological Publications 1872-1951

Yeh-Ning Chen, Junhong Chu & Paak Liang Ivan Png
This is the dataset for “China Meteorological Publications 1872-1951†website hosted by NUS Libraries: http://libportal.nus.edu.sg/frontend/ms/china-meteorological/browse The website is a digital archive of historic weather temperature and meteorological data of China, spanning from 1872 to 1951. The construction of this archive was supported in part by the Singapore Ministry of Education through grant MOE2013-T2-2-045 of the Academic Research Fund. Please ensure the following paper is cited appropriately when reusing this dataset. For more details, please refer...

Codes for: Implications of Fiscal and Financial Policies on Unlocking Green Finance and Green Investment

Dina Azhgaliyeva

Data from: Applying Political Philosophy to Real World Cases

Sandra Leonie Field
Survey results gauging the subjective learning experience of undergraduate students in relation to a novel pedagogical strategy that I am employing in my political philosophy courses. The strategy is intended to improve students' depth of understanding and their capacity to apply abstract concepts to the real world. In particular, I seek to assess the impact of the novel pedagogical strategy on students' own experience of their (1) depth of understanding; (2) application of understanding to...

Data from: Changes in the Canine Plasma Lipidome after Short- and Long-Term Excess Glucocorticoid Exposure

Nadja S. Sieber-Ruckstuhl, Bo Burla, Susanne Spoerel, Florence Schmid, Claudio Venzin, Amaury Cazenave-Gassiot, Anne K. Bendt, Federico Torta, Markus R. Wenk & Felicitas S. Boretti
Glucocorticoids (GCs) are widely used in veterinary and human medicine. Chromic endogenous or iatrogenic GC overexposure impairs metabolic function and can result in diverse side-effects, including Cushing’s syndrome. This study examines the effects of experimentally induced short-term and long-term GC excess (induced by prednisolone and tetracosactide, respectively) on the plasma lipidome of Beale dogs. Both, long- and short-term GC resulted in significant changes of the plasma lipidome.

Development of a quality of life scale in English and Chinese for family caregivers of patients with advanced cancer in Singapore

Yin Bun Cheung, , Irene Teo, Grace M. Yang, , Julian Thumboo, John W. K. Chia, Audrey R. X. Koh, Debra L. M. Qu, William W. L. Che, Annie Lau &
De-identified dataset used in Cheung YB, Neo SHS, Teo I, et al. Development and evaluation of a quality of life measurement scale in English and Chinese of family caregivers of patients with advanced cancers. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2019; 17(1): 35. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12955-019-1108-y

An item-level analysis of lexical-semantic effects in free recall and recognition memory using the megastudy approach

Mabel C Lau, Winston D Goh & Melvin J Yap

Easy to Be Selfish: Comparing the Influence of a Social Norm and That of an Individual Example

These are experimental data about people's behaviors. The Five experiments showed that an individual example can be as influential as a social norm in affecting selfish behaviors such as downloading pirated music for free, but is less influential than a social norm in affecting unselfish behaviors such as buying authentic music.

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