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A Parametric Analysis of a Turbofan Engine with an Auxiliary Bypass Combustion Chamber – the Turboaux Engine

Kaleab Fetahi
A parametric study of a novel turbofan engine with an auxiliary combustion chamber, nicknamed the TurboAux engine is presented. The TurboAux engine is conceived as an extension of a low-bypass turbofan engine with an auxiliary bypass annular combustion chamber around the core stream. The study presented in this thesis is motivated by the need to facilitate clean secondary burning of fuel at temperatures higher than conventionally realized, from air exiting the low-pressure compressor. The parametric...

Designing for the One-Shot: Building Consensus on Design Processes for Academic Librarians

Kirsten Hostetler
Academic librarians have long been responsible for teaching information literacy competencies on college campuses, even as many are hesitant to accept the title of teacher. With inadequate instructional design preparation and one-shot sessions serving as a popular, if limited, instructional medium, librarians’ design processes are often developed on the job and infrequently explored in the literature. Previous research has examined specific design models and instructional strategies, but no studies were found that determined how academic...

Numerical Analysis of a Roadway Piezoelectric Harvesting System

Abdul Rahman Badawi
Highways, streets, bridges, and sidewalks with heavy traffic dissipate a considerable amount of waste mechanical energy every day. Piezoelectric energy harvesting devices are a very promising technology that can convert the waste mechanical energy to clean and renewable energy to enhance the sustainability of infrastructures. Research efforts in large-scale energy harvesting have led to the advancement of piezoelectric devices to the point that large-scale implementation is starting to become more feasible. The energy harvested by...

Inference and Estimation in Change Point Models for Censored Data

Kristine Gierz
In general, the change point problem considers inference of a change in distribution for a set of time-ordered observations. This has applications in a large variety of fields and can also apply to survival data. With improvements to medical diagnoses and treatments, incidences and mortality rates have changed. However, the most commonly used analysis methods do not account for such distributional changes. In survival analysis, change point problems can concern a shift in a distribution...

Energy-Efficient Self-Organization Protocols for Sensor Networks

Qingwen Xu

Investigation and Optimization of a New Compact Superconducting Cavity for Deflecting and Crabbing Applications

Subashini Uddika De Silva

Measurements of Correlated Pair Momentum Distributions in -3He(e,e',p,p)n with CLAS

Hovhannes Baghdasaryan

Measurement of Proton Transfer Reaction Rates in a Microwave Cavity Discharge Flowing Afterglow

George M. Brooke IV

nvestigation of (E, 2E) Collisions and Related Phenomena

Jason Manuel Martinez

Precision Measurement of Relative Dipole Matrix Elements in Atomic Sodium

Rodney P. Meyer

Laser Processing of Metals and Polymers

Senthilraja Singaravelu

Precision Measurement of the Spin Structure of the Proton and the Deuteron

Frank R. Wesselmann

Weak Links in a Dangerously Fractured Region: Fragile State as Global Threats

Tasawar ul-Rahim Baig

Geopolitical Rivalry in the Caspian-Caucasus Region and the Dilemma of Interstate Cooperation

Nurettin Altundeger

International Competition for Satellite-Based Navigation System Services

Robert F. Donnelly

Relative Gains Problem and Case Studies of Economic Cooperation in East Asia

Ping Deng

The Rise of 'People Power': Role of Civil Society in the \"Color Revolutions\"

Vladyslav Galushko

All Is Fair in War---Violent Conflict and the Securitization of Rape

Sabine Hirschauer

Ritualized Rhetoric and Historical Memory in German Foreign and Security Policy

Sara A. Hoff

Soft Power Strategies in US Foreign Policy: Assessing the Impact of Citizen Diplomacy on Foreign States' Behavior

Stephen Macharia Magu

Maturing International Cooperation to Address the Cyberspace Attack Attribution Problem

Jeff J. McNeil

The Complexity of Armed Conflict in Mindanao: Beyond Economic Deprivation, Discrimination, and Inequality

Nasser Pendatun Lidasan

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