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Speech Based Machine Learning Models for Emotional State Recognition and PTSD Detection

Debrup Banerjee
Recognition of emotional state and diagnosis of trauma related illnesses such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using speech signals have been active research topics over the past decade. A typical emotion recognition system consists of three components: speech segmentation, feature extraction and emotion identification. Various speech features have been developed for emotional state recognition which can be divided into three categories, namely, excitation, vocal tract and prosodic. However, the capabilities of different feature categories and...

Breeding Biology of Oryzomys Palustris, the Marsh Rice Rat, in Eastern Virginia

Robert K. Rose & Erin A. Dreelin
The objectives of our study were to determine the age of maturity, litter size, and the timing of the breeding season of marsh rice rats (Oryzomys palustris) of coastal Virginia. From May 1995 to May 1996, monthly samples of rice rats were live-trapped in two coastal tidal marshes of eastern Virginia, and then necropsied. Sexual maturity was attained at 30-40 g for both sexes. Mean litter size of 4.63 (N= 16) did not differ among...

Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Photochemistry of Zostera Marina L.

Billur Celebi
Seagrasses account for approximately 10% of the ocean’s total carbon storage, although photosynthesis of seagrasses is carbon limited at today’s oceanic pH. Therefore, increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration, which results in ocean acidification/carbonation, is predicted to have a positive impact on seagrass productivity. Previous studies have confirmed the positive influence of increasing CO2 on photosynthesis and survival of the temperate eelgrass Zostera marina L., but the acclimation of photoprotective mechanisms in this context has not been...

Exploring Conceptualization and Operationalization of Interorganizational Interactions: An Empirical Study

Andrew Paul Williams
Collaboration and other forms of interaction between complex arrangements of private, nonprofit, and public organizations to address challenging policy problems now occurs routinely. In many cases collaboration is mandated by law, and often disbursement of grants to nonprofits is contingent upon demonstrating collaboration with other organizations. To understand this contemporary landscape of public administration and develop cumulative knowledge, theory requires reliable and valid constructs of collaboration and other forms of interorganizational interaction. Theoretical rigor then...

EPortfolios, Google Drive, and Cognitive Process Theory

Sarah Elizabeth Carl
ePortfolios have gained popularity in higher education to document learning, assessing, and career showcasing. This thesis discusses how ePortfolios can be used in first-year writing classrooms to show writing processes using Google Drive, a non-ePortfolio platform and its connection to Linda Flower and John Hayes’ cognitive process theory. The thesis shows how a professor could use Google Drive as an ePortfolio platform through assignments.

Sex, Love, and Black Lives

Mack Curry
The title of my thesis is Sex, Love, and Black Lives. This title embodies the three prominent aspects of my life: intimacy, relationships, and being black in America. These subjects are important to me because they influence a lot of my writing. They have also made played a key role in shaping me into the person I am today. Section one will focus on my sexual experiences, section two will focus on romantic and platonic...

Families Communicating About Health: Conceptualization and Validation of the Family Health Communication Quotient Scale

Erin E. Gafner
Research on family health communication is based in part on the assumption that families actually communicate about a wide variety of topics pertaining to their health and wellness (or lack thereof). However, whether they do communicate about health and wellness, and exactly what they communicate about concerning health and wellness as well as how often, remains undocumented. To begin to address this problem of documenting the extent to which families talk about health and wellness,...

The United States Benefit Deficit for Veterans

Leslie-Dawn Quick
Over the last few years the Department of Veterans Affairs has faced an increase of public scrutiny for its handling of veteran health care claims. Allegations that mismanagement created extensive waiting times and appointment scheduling manipulations resulted in veterans dying were made against the VA. This research examined data from the VA Monday Morning Workload Reports, the National Survey of Veterans, the VA Office of Inspector General, and media reports of whistleblowers accusing the VA...

The Devil Is in the Details: Representations of the Rural Appalachian Deviant

Stephen T. Young
Every year, it seems, a new film makes its way through theaters across America demonstrating a new variant of the rural Appalachian deviant. These films play a major role in continuing to shape societal perceptions of rural white populations in Appalachia. Drawing on theoretical insights of Cohen, Hunt, Simon, and Lupton this dissertation examines how film depictions of the rural white Appalachians supports the continued construction of the rural Appalachian deviant. This study finds that...

Spillover Effects of Brand Alliance and Service Experience on Host Brands in Loyalty Program Partnerships

Gulfem Cigdem Kutlu
Three studies explored the consequences of loyalty program partnership on individual brands. The first study sought to determine what kinds of brand equity and category similarity would result in customers’ higher perceived attractiveness of and intention to join the loyalty program partnership. The study finds that higher category similarity increases both perceived attractiveness and joining intention towards a loyalty program partnership. When loyalty program partnership consisted of similar category businesses, individual brands also experienced changes...

Computational Modeling for Abnormal Brain Tissue Segmentation, Brain Tumor Tracking, and Grading

Syed Mohammad Shamin Reza
This dissertation proposes novel texture feature-based computational models for quantitative analysis of abnormal tissues in two neurological disorders: brain tumor and stroke. Brain tumors are the cells with uncontrolled growth in the brain tissues and one of the major causes of death due to cancer. On the other hand, brain strokes occur due to the sudden interruption of the blood supply which damages the normal brain tissues and frequently causes death or persistent disability. Clinical...

Multilevel Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Family Adjustment Measure with Lower-Income, Ethnic Minority Parents of Children with Disabilities

Vanessa Nicole Dominguez-O'Hare
The primary goal of this study is to add to the validation and psychometric development of the Family Adjustment Measure (FAM; Daire, Dominguez, Carlson, & Case Pease, 2014). The FAM is a treatment-planning tool to assist members of the helping profession assess four different areas in parental and family adjustment for parents of children with disabilities (i.e., parental distress, family-based support, social support, and positive coping skills). Previously, the FAM was normed on predominantly middle-...

A Right-Hand Man: A Novel

Christopher Giofreda
This is the first half of a Catholic novel about a mailman with a hook hand. It is about the power of friendship and invites us to think about the posthuman.

Abstracts of Papers, 87th Annual Meeting of the Virginia Academy of Science, 2009

Virginia Academy Of Science
Full proceedings for the 87th Annual Meeting of the Virginia Academy of Science, May 27-29, 2009, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA

Achieving Sourdough Status: The Diary, Photographs, and Letters of Samuel Baker Dunn, 1898-1899

Robert Nicholas Melatti
This thesis examines Samuel Baker Dunn and other prospectors from Montgomery County in Southwestern Iowa who participated in the Yukon Gold Rush of 1896-1899. The thesis explores three min research questions: Why was there such an exodus of people to the Yukon from Montgomery County and the town of Villisca in particular? 2) How did Montgomery County citizens experience the Yukon Gold Rush and furthermore, what meaning did they attribute to the journey and the...

Test of New Readout Electronics for the BONuS12 Experiment

Mathieu Ehrhart
For decades, electron-proton scattering experiments have been providing a large amount of data on the proton structure function. However, because of the instability of free neutrons, fewer experiments have been able to study the neutron structure function. The BONuS collaboration at Jefferson Laboratory addresses this challenge by scattering electrons off a deuterium target, using a RTPC capable of detecting the low-momentum spectator protons near the target. Events of electrons scattering on almost free neutrons are...

ItsBlue: A Distributed Bluetooth-Based Framework for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Ahmed Awad Alghamdi
Inefficiency in transportation networks is having an expanding impact, at a variety of levels. Transportation authorities expect increases in delay hours and in fuel consumption and, consequently, the total cost of congestion. Nowadays, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) have become a necessity in order to alleviate the expensive consequences of the rapid demand on transportation networks. Since the middle of last century, ITS have played a significant role in road safety and comfort enhancements. However, the...

Examining Changes in College Counseling Clients’ Symptomology and Severity over an Eight Year Span

Caroline Lee Bertolet
The current college counseling literature has conflicting findings regarding the extent to which the severity of mental health symptoms has increased for college students. Some researchers claim that over time student’s mental health symptoms have become more complex rather than more severe. This study examined archival data to analyze both the severity and complexity of symptoms in an eight year time span. The study also examined how disruptiveness and treatment demand have changed over the...

The Relationship Between Counselors' Multicultural Counseling Competence and Poverty Beliefs

Madeline Elizabeth Clark
The relationship between increased levels of poverty and decreased levels of psychological wellbeing and overall wellness is well documented. Although poverty clearly impacts mental health and wellness, little research in counseling has been conducted exploring the poverty attitudes of counselors. This study explored the relationship between professional counselors’ multicultural counseling competence (MCC), poverty beliefs, and select demographic factors (i.e. counseling specialty, gender, age, ethnocultural identity, poverty counseling experience, and personal poverty experience). Data were collected...

An Exploration of Infant and Toddler Child Care Consultation: A Multiple Case Study

Christine Marie John
This qualitative, multiple case study was an exploration of the professional development (PD) experience of consultation as it occurred within infant and toddler child care settings. Consultation is dependent upon the establishment of a relationship between the consultant and the consultee and offers opportunities for professional growth and enhanced quality child care. This researcher followed four infant and toddler child care consultants working with child care centers through a quality enhancement PD program in a...

Identities and Interactions in a Transcultural Online Collaboration Project

Zsuzsanna Bacsa Palmer
The traditional theoretical frameworks and assumptions about intercultural technical communication are no longer adequate to describe and teach intercultural communication now frequently happening through digital networks. My dissertation proposes to use the theory of cosmopolitanism as it has been recently applied in several social science fields as a framework for pedagogical project design in order to teach intercultural communication skills applicable in the global age. The dissertation describes a transcultural online pedagogical project between Hungarian...

Freshwater Mussels of Virginia (Bivalvia: Unionidae): An Introduction to Their Life History, Status and Conservation

Jess W. Jones
With 77 species, the mussel fauna of Virginia is one of the most diverse in the United States. Fifty-four species or ~70% of the state’s mussel fauna occurs in the rivers of the upper Tennessee River basin, especially in the Clinch and Powell rivers of southwestern Virginia. An additional 23 species reside in rivers of the Atlantic Slope, including the Potomac, Rappahannock, York, James and Chowan basins, and in the New River, a major tributary...

Impacts of Operating Parameters on Extracellular Polymeric Substances Production in a High Rate Activated Sludge System with Low Solids Retention Times

Matthew S. Elliot
The Adsorption/Bio-oxidation (A/B) process accomplishes carbon capture via bio-flocculation in the adsorption stage (A-stage) to maximize energy recovery while simultaneously providing an optimal carbon to nitrogen (C/N) ratio for denitrification in the Bio-oxidation stage (B-Stage). The present study evaluated the influence of the solids retention time (SRT), dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration, and production of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) on bio-flocculation and subsequent carbon capture using a pilot-scale A-stage process. A mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS)-based...

Camera Trap Success Among Carnivores and Prey Animals in Tazewell County, Virginia

David L. Chambers & James A. Vance
Obtaining basic ecological information on occurrence and activity levels in cryptic and elusive species is often difficult. Camera trapping provides a relatively inexpensive opportunity to acquire such data. We used infrared-triggered cameras to assess trap success and activity levels of several species across four consecutive seasons, including: Ursus americanus (black bear), Lynx rufus (bobcat), Canis latrans (coyote), Vulpes vulpes (red fox), Urocyon cinereoargenteus (gray fox), Procyon lotor (raccoon), Odocoileus virginianus (white-tailed deer), Didelphis virginiana (opossum),...

Residential Segregation in Norfolk, Virginia: How the Federal Government Reinforced Racial Division in a Southern City, 1914-1959

Kevin Lang Ringelstein
This thesis examines how Norfolk, Virginia maintained residential segregation between the years 1914, when the city passed its first segregation ordinance, and 1959, when it received the All-America City Award for its massive slum clearance projects. By focusing on federal government initiatives in Norfolk, it shows that Norfolk’s leaders used the federal government’s assistance to map, analyze, and remove the city’s African American slums. Ultimately, it highlights the central role the federal government played in...

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