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Building a Consensus for the Development of National Standards in History

Mary Vassilikou Bicouvaris
This research project examines the process used by the National History Standards Project to build consensus for the development of national standards for teaching history in America's schools. Since the publication of A Nation At Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform by the National Commission of Excellence in Education in 1983, the American educational community has been in the grips of a reform movement. The aim of this movement is to examine where we have...

A Preliminary Study of a Job Analytic Inventory Derived From a Behavioral Consistency Method for Assessing Intrinsic Motivation

William John Banis
The research question for this study asked if the Job Specifications Inventory (JSI) had acceptable internal reliability and an ability to differentiate among occupational groups. The JSI was designed to have subject matter experts rate the importance of skill, content, context, relationship and work focus requirements of jobs or occupations. The JSI used a taxonomy of 268 behavioral elements derived from the content analyses of satisfying achievements reported by a large, diverse clientele. A clinical-type...

Productivity Measurement for Home Health Care Registered Nurses

Lazelle Emminizer Benefield
The purpose of this study is to develop a productivity measurement applicable to home health registered nurses (RNs) by identifying and quantifying the knowledge and ability variables that define productive nurse practice. A preliminary set of knowledge and ability variables was identified based on content analysis of interviews with local nurse managers and round I of a three round Delphi procedure, using a purposive sample of nurse managers from nationally preeminent agencies. A randomized national...

History and Analysis of Food Guides in the United States

Barbara B. Carlson
This work elucidates the development of nutrient-based dietary standards in the United States from the original energy and protein-based standards proposed by Atwater in 1894 to the micronutrient-based Recommended Dietary Allowances revised by the National Research Council in 1989. This qualitative historical research chronicles the development and subsequent revisions of nutrient-based food guides and food guidance models issued in the United States between 1916 and 1991. A literature search of historical food guides, research, and...

Measurement of Hyperfine Coupling Constants of the 5d²D₃/₂ and 5d²D₅/₂ Levels in Atomic Cesium Using Polarization Quantum Beat Spectroscopy

Wo Yei
Accurate measurements of hyperfine constants have revealed effects that can not be explained by a simple hydrogenic picture of the alkali atoms such as cesium [1-3]. More precise experimental results and theoretical treatments are in demand for the alkali elements, especially for atomic cesium because of its wide range of applications. Therefore, it is essential to understand its atomic and nuclear structure. Precision measurement of its excited-states properties such as hyperfine structure provides global information...

Distribution of Foraminifera and Pollen in Coastal Depositional Environments of the Southern Delmarva Peninsula, Virginia, U.S.A.

Han Jun Woo
The coastal zone of the southern Delmarva Peninsula exhibits a wide variety of barrier island system subenvironments. This study investigates whether 20 a priori subenvironments can be distinguished from each other on the basis of abiotic environmental variables, pollen assemblages, living foraminiferal populations, and total (living plus dead) foraminiferal assemblages. The physical data collected from the coastal zone were subjected to canonical variate analysis which discriminated 83% of the stations in 19 groups. These groups...

Two Essays on the Corporate Payout Behavior of Japanese and European Firms

Rahnuma Binte Ahsan
This dissertation investigates the corporate payout policies in Japanese and European firms in light of substitution and flexibility hypothesis of share repurchase. This study contributes to the literature in four folds-first, provides a comprehensive description of payout behavior in Japan and Europe for the period 1980-2006, second, examines the substitution hypothesis of share repurchase in these regions, third, provides three alternative measures of transitory earnings and fourth, examines the effect of transitory earnings on repurchase...

Template-Based Metadata Extraction for Heterogeneous Collection

Jienfeng Tang
With the growth of the Internet and related tools, there has been a rapid growth of online resources. In particular, by using high-quality OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools it has become easy to convert an existing corpus into digital form and make it available online. However, a number of organizations have legacy collections that lack metadata. The lack of metadata hampers not only the discovery and dispersion of these collections over the Web, but also...

Effectiveness Analysis of Knowledge Bases

Shensheng Zhao
Knowledge base systems (expert systems) are entering a critical stage as interest spreads from university research to practical applications. If knowledge base systems are to withstand this transition, special attention must be paid to checking their effectiveness. The issue of effectiveness analysis of knowledge base systems has been largely ignored and few works have been published in this field. This dissertation shows how the effectiveness of a knowledge base system can be defined, discussed and...

Taxes and Dividend Policies: An International Study

Chinwe Edna Nweke
The tax effects hypothesis states that dividends have a negative impact on the value of a firm due to the preferential treatment given to capital gains over dividend income in some countries. This study tests the tax effects hypothesis in five countries: Australia, France, Germany, Japan and United States. The countries are selected because each had a significant tax law change within the period of study (1983-1991) and therefore provides an excellent opportunity for validation...

Implementation Evaluation of a Social Detoxification Program

Thomas M. Slaven
While cities across the United States are attempting to revitalize their central business districts, the presence of the public inebriate remains one of the most neglected urban problems hampering redevelopment efforts. An evaluation of the implementation of a social detoxification program was conducted to monitor planning, initial staffing, training, building community linkages, impact on the criminal justice system, and changes in clients' working and drinking behavior. Public Drunkenness arrests, and working and drinking behavior were...

The Relationship of Locus-of-Control and Altruism to Prehospital Emergency Medical Care Providers Universal Precaution Practices

Joanne L. Wakeham
The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between locus of control, altruism, occupational risk, and personal factors to the frequency of universal precautions practices of prehospital emergency medical care providers. The effects of OSHA's Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens; Final Rule on reducing prehospital emergency medical care providers occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens were also examined. Prehospital emergency medical care providers from municipal and private EMS agencies in the Tidewater Emergency Medical...

Evidence for the Role of Ecdysteroids in the Genital Sex Pheromone of Two species of Hard Ticks, Dermacentor variabilis (Say) and Dermacentor andersoni Stiles

DeMar Taylor
Neutering of part-fed females virtually eliminated copulatory behavior in Dermacentor variabilis and D. andersoni males. Extracts from the anterior reproductive tracts (ART) of part-fed (7 days) females restored the male copulatory behavior in conspecific neutered females, suggesting the presence of a genital sex pheromone (GSP). Similar extracts from unfed females did not restore the behavior, suggesting that the pheromone was produced during feeding. Perception of the GSP by sensillae on the male cheliceral digits was...

The Effect of Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Education Program on Knowledge, Attitudes and Sexual Behavior of Selected College Students

Arlene Jaine Jackson Montgomery
The problem studied in this investigation was whether a behaviorally focused Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Program affects the knowledge, sexual attitudes and sexual behavior of college students. Three hundred and six first-and third-year college students were included in the study from one university located in Southeastern Virginia. The sample was predominately female, African-American and mainly between the ages of 16-22 years of age. Freshmen students were presently enrolled in the institution's...

Elastic Properties, Strength and Damage Tolerance of Pultruded Composites

Mrinal Chandra Saha
Pultruded composites are candidate materials for civil engineering infrastructural applications due their higher corrosion resistance and lower life cycle cost. Efficient use of materials like structural members requires thorough understanding of the mechanism that affects their response. The present investigation addresses the modeling and characterization of E-glass fiber/polyester resin matrix pultruded composites in the form of sheets of various thicknesses. The elastic constants were measured using static, vibration and ultrasonic methods. Two types of piezoelectric...

Geomorphology and Dynamics of a Sand Wave in Lower Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

Gerardo Miguel Eduardo Perillo
A single, more or less isolated, sand wave in a sand wave field recently discovered in the lower Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, was studied intensively for morphology, sedimentology and in terms of dynamic processes. The morphologic investigation consisted of bathymetric surveys of the sand wave field and the specific sand wave. Twenty-five grab samples and four box cores were obtained from different segments of the feature studied. Textural parameters of the samples were determined, and a...

Simulation of Active Control of Asymmetric Flows Around Slender Pointed Forebodies

Hazem Sharaf El-Din
At high angles of attack, the flowfield over slender forebodies becomes asymmetric with substantial side force, which may exceed the available control capability. The unsteady compressible Navier-Stokes equations are used to investigate the effectiveness of different active control methods to alleviate and possibly eliminate the flow asymmetry and the subsequent side force. Although the research work focuses on active control methods, a passive control method has been investigated. The implicit, Roe flux-difference splitting, finite volume...

An Examination of Factors Which Contribute to Errors and Omissions in the Polling Place on Election Day

Ann J. Washngton
The purpose of this study was to investigate and assess factors which appeared to contribute to errors and omissions made by the citizens who worked as election officers in the polling places in Norfolk, Virginia on election day. The study was conducted in two phases during and immediately following the November general elections in 1986 and 1987. In the first phase, a comparison was made of two different approaches to formatting election-day procedural materials--subject-formatting and...

Measurement of the Photon Beam Asymmetry in γP → K+Σ0 at Eγ = 8.5 GeV with GlueX

Nilanga Indrajie Wickramaarachchi
In this work the photon beam asymmetry Σ for the reaction γp K+ Σ0(1193) is measured using the GlueX experiment in Hall D at Jefferson Lab. The analysis used data that were collected using a linearly polarized photon beam in the energy range (8.2 - 8.8) GeV incident on a liquid hydrogen target. The beam asymmetries are measured as a function of the Mandelstam variable t and as a single value for the low u...

Investigating the Feasibility and Stability for Modeling Acoustic Wave Scattering Using a Time-Domain Boundary Integral Equation with Impedance Boundary Condition

Michelle E. Rodio
Reducing aircraft noise is a major objective in the field of computational aeroacoustics. When designing next generation quiet and environmentally friendly aircraft, it is important to be able to accurately and efficiently predict the acoustic scattering by an aircraft body from a given noise source. Acoustic liners are an effective tool for aircraft noise reduction and are characterized by a frequency-dependent impedance. Converted into the time-domain using Fourier transforms, an impedance boundary condition can be...

The Influence of Mating Motives on Reliance on Form Versus Function in Product Choice

Seyed Hamid Abbassi Hosseini
Through five experiments, this research examined and supported the central hypothesis that a casual mating motive promotes higher reliance on form in product evaluation and choice, whereas a committed mating motive promotes higher reliance on function. Particularly, compared to a committed mating motive, a casual mating motive was associated with the relative preference for product options superior in form attributes as opposed to options superior in function attributes (Study 1, Study 2, and Study 4)....

Effects of Transparency and Haze on Trust and Performance During a Full Motion Video Analysis Task

Sarah C. Leibner
Automation is pervasive across all task domains, but its adoption poses unique challenges within the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) domain. When users are unable to establish optimal levels of trust in the automation, task accuracy, speed, and automation usage suffer (Chung & Wark, 2016). Degraded visual environments (DVEs) are a particular problem in ISR; however, their specific effects on trust and task performance are still open to investigation (Narayanaswami, Gandhe, & Mehra, 2010). Research...

The Role of the School Administrator in Implementing Communities of Practice to Build Organizational Capacity

Kara L. Plank
The field of education is constantly changing and requires a significant shift in teacher practice. Despite the demands for ongoing professional learning and collaboration, teachers remain resistant to the transition from an autonomous position. Professional learning communities, a particular type of communities of practice, are a common practice for schools to implement with a goal of improving student performance. Despite attempts, this concept proves to be very difficult to implement. The purpose of this study...

Role of Anisometric Particles in Ice-Templated Porous Ceramic Structure and Mechanical Properties

Mahesh Banda
Open-cell macroporous ceramics have a significant impact on advancing various engineering endeavors such as bone-tissue engineering, lithium-ion batteries, filtration, thermal insulation, impact protection, etc. While pore orientation in conventional open-cell foams is random, in recent years, significant interest has grown in utilizing directionally porous ceramics in these applications to enhance performance. Ice-templating has emerged as a versatile technique that can synthesize directionally macroporous ceramics with low pore tortuosity. Although the fabrication is relatively straightforward, the...

Helping Employees Help the Environment: An Intervention to Increase Environmental Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCB-E) Via a Subtle Stimulus

Rebecca C. Garden
Researchers’ understanding of the relationships between environmentally-oriented organizational citizenship behaviors (i.e., OCB-Es) and other workplace variables have improved since the turn of the century, but both our comprehension of the behaviors and the effectiveness of interventions targeting them require much more investigation. Further, there is very little research that examines the role of positive affect in promoting these behaviors, even though scholars have suggested that it may be the “silver bullet” (Kals & Müller, 2012)...

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