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Pueblo Sovereignty and Voting Rights: Miguel Trujillo and a New Tactic for Self-Determination

Alexander Douglas Bright
This thesis examines the 1948 Trujillo v. Garley case and contextualizes it with the long history of Pueblo sovereignty in New Mexico. Recent literature on Indigenous electorates in the U.S. southwest has led to new understandings about Pueblo participation in elections. Given this new context, this thesis argues that the Trujillo v. Garley decision has been a misunderstood moment of Indian activism. Rather than marking the end of a long campaign for voting rights, the...

Popular Television’s Health and Safety Message: What Has Changed in the Past Generation?

Heather Ann Leon
The assertion that television has an impact on viewers is well-supported in theory and empirical research. Hundreds of researchers have conducted hundreds of studies focused on limited, specific programming content or specific effects to contribute to this evidence. However, far fewer researchers have conducted broad, comprehensive programming content analysis. One exception is a 2005 study from Will et al. examining multiple health and safety behaviors including sexual activity, driving behaviors, intoxicating and unhealthy substance use,...

Policymakers' Decision-Making: A Critical Policy Analysis on Performance-Based Funding

Laura Rose Inez Soulsby
Over the last three decades, state governments have been challenged by financial recessions. With limited resources, it is not surprising that taxpayers demanded greater accountability over state funds, and neoliberalism, a political ideology that prefaces a strong economy and individual marketplace choices, spread. Scholars have argued that performancebased funding (PBF) policies for higher education, which ties financial resources to specific metrics of achievement, is a result of that spread. In contemporary literature, scholars are examining...

Variables Associated with Thermal Emittance of Wall Mural Art in Richmond, Virginia

Sarah Kwon & Eugene G. Maurakis
The objectives of this research are to determine the factors associated with the minimum, maximum, and average thermal emittance temperatures of wall murals in Richmond, Virginia, and make recommendations for color and location of wall murals. Data for 17 parameters were collected for 64 art murals in downtown Richmond, VA from 28 June 2018 – 19 July 2018. Date, time, solar exposure duration, solar elevation, latitude, longitude, air temperature (C), lux, color, solar cardinal minutes,...

Application of Theory Of Constraints (TOC) in Managing Project Information Constraints

Ferdinand Z. Prantl
The scope of this doctoral project is the non-traditional application of Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) from the area of Theory of Constraints (ToC) in mitigating disruption in distribution facilities during phased upgrades caused by information constraint. The relevance of this project is that industrial equipment upgrades pose a significant risk of disrupting the operation of automated distribution facilities. It is partly due to a very high expected availability rate, as well as tight coupling with other upstream...

A CFD Study of Steady Fully Developed Laminar Flow Through a 90-Degree Bend Pipe with a Square Cross-Sectional Area

Subodh Sushant Toraskar
Fluid flow through a closed curved conduit has always been a topic of extensive research, as it has many practical and industrial applications. The flow is generally characterized by a presence of secondary flow, vortical motions and pressure losses for different flow regimes. These observed irregularities may positively or negatively impact the flow. They are beneficial for cases where mixing of fluids is required, usually observed for multiphase flow regimes or detrimental for cases involving...

Molecular Spectroscopy: A Study of Molecules in Earth and Planetary Atmospheres

Mahdi Yousefi Atashgah
The four most abundant isotopologues (N2O, 15NNO, N15NO, and NN18O) of nitrous oxide have been measured in the Earth's atmosphere by infrared remote sensing with the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE) Fourier transform spectrometer. These satellite observations have provided a near global picture of N2O isotopic fractionation. The relative abundance of the heavier isotopologues increase with altitude and with latitude in the stratosphere as the air becomes older. Near global 85°S{85°N atmospheric measurement of carbonyl sulfide...

Development and Validation of the Students With Learning Disabilities School Counselor Self- Efficacy Scale: A Psychometric Study

Rawn Alfredo Boulden
School Counselors play an important role in the success of all students. The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and the Council for The Accreditation of Counseling And Related Educational Programs (CACREP) emphasizing the importance of school counselors in supporting the diverse needs of all students. Despite the efforts of the aforementioned association and accrediting body, the verdict is mixed regarding school counselors’ self-efficacy to counsel and support students with learning disabilities. This quantitative study aimed...

Adjunct Faculty Job Satisfaction: Intangible and Financial Factors Affecting the Academic Majority

Courtney Jane Obis Belmonte
As the landscape of higher education continues to tip more towards using or employing adjuncts, it is important to understand what factors contribute to adjunct faculty job satisfaction. Job satisfaction has been linked with faculty loyalty and faculty turnover. Previous research on adjunct faculty job satisfaction aggregates all types of adjunct faculty together, while little research investigates the job satisfaction of disaggregated types of adjunct faculty in higher education. The current study examines ex post...

The G5 Sahel: An Insufficient Organization for a Failed Region?

Beder Dine El Khou
In the wake of mass kidnapping and terrorist attacks launched by Boko Haram and other extremist groups in the Sahel of West Africa, along with the rise of the Islamic State in Libya that started to have immediate impact on the Sahel’s already problematic situation, five states from the region of Sahel decided to create a coalition in 2014 not only to fight insurgencies rampaging in the area but also to work on the development...

Responsible Friend

Nina Correa White
This novel explores the purity of friendship and the ugliness of grief, and how each can affect, complicate, and enhance the other. It represents the life-changing relationships that exist in this world, but those that do not need romance or sexual desire to save us. This is a love story between two friends.

\"They Think We’re the Drama-Makers”: Examining Middle-Class African American Girl Perceptions of School Discipline and Mistreatment

Asha M. Ralph
Historically in the United States, African Americans have faced much adversity in the fight towards educational equality. Beginning with the complete denial of education during slavery, the struggle to attain an education continued following the Civil War, throughout Reconstruction and the rise of Jim Crow. Their formal education remained segregated from white students and was often severely underfunded. Ultimately, Plessy v. Ferguson’s 1896 “separate but equal” decision was challenged and the Supreme Court justices unanimously...

Strengthening Wellness for Food Insecure Students: Altruism, Spirituality, and Academic Performance

Bridget Weikel
Strengthening Wellness for Food Insecure Students; Altruism, Spirituality and Academic Performance is a quantitative methods study using a mediated analysis with structural equation modeling to test the extent to which wellness dimensions mediate the relationship between food insecurity and student grade point average. Student food insecurity is a growing concern at higher education institutions across the United States (Cady, 2014; Goldrick-Rab & Cook, 2011; Maroto, Snelling & Linck, 2015) with food insecurity rates ranging from...

PTHR1/SOX9 and IDH1/IDH2 Relative Expression in Primary Chondrocyte and Chondrosarcoma Cells Under the Synergistic Influence of Inducible Hypoxia and Extracellular Acidosis

Kostika Vangjeli
Cartilage cells (Chondrocytes) grow in rather unique environmental conditions in the human body. Cartilage is avascular tissue and lacks innervation. Its main source of nutrients is derived from the synovial fluid and/or perichondrium. Consequently, these cells must survive and thrive under hypoxic and acidic stressors. Published data suggests that there are a multitude of genes affected from either one of these two stressors or both. However, these factors are frequently overlooked in cartilage research, and...

Measuring Risks of Interdependencies in Enterprise Systems: An Application to Ghana’s Salt Enterprise

Yaw Mensah
This dissertation describes the use of Functional Dependency Network Analysis (FDNA) for modeling risks resulting from dependencies among elements of enterprise systems with application to salt processing enterprise in Ghana. FDNA was developed to model dependencies among members of enterprise systems by highlighting two dimensions of dependency: strength and criticality. Nonetheless, the concepts and analytics for these two dimensions of dependencies needed further development and generalization in the context of project management and systems development...

Transformational Leadership Qualities Among Students Within Doctoral Higher Education Leadership Programs

Joshua Lee Howell
Transformational Leadership Qualities Among Students Within Doctoral Higher Education Leadership Programs is a mixed-method study utilizing program evaluation of course descriptions and transformational leadership fostering activities, interviews with program chairs surrounding transformational leadership fostering activities, and completion of the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ-5x™) survey results from doctoral higher education students and their programs within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Researchers in the field of Higher Education and Leadership indicated that Transformational Leadership was more apt for...

Personal Beliefs About the Effectiveness of a Primary Seat Belt Law in Virginia Versus North Carolina

Rochelle A. Rushlow
Seat belt law strength (primary versus secondary) affects the ability of law enforcement to enforce consistent seat belt use, especially in secondary seat belt law states. Certain demographics correlate with seat belt law effectiveness beliefs and overall seat belt use. The current study used an overall omnibus model to determine the strength of the relationship among demographics and beliefs in the effectiveness of primary seat belt laws. A survey was deployed to Mechanical Turk (MTurk)...

Trachelomonas Spp. and Other Euglenophyceae Taxa in a Southeastern Virginia Lake

Harold G. Marshall
Trachelomonas species from Lake Kilby, a reservoir lake in southeastern Virginia are described with supportive electron micrographs. The most abundant Trachelomonas species wereT. hispida and T. volvocina. Other members of the Euglenophyceae occurring in this lake are identified.

The Strength of Weak Social Ties: Social Activism and Facebook

Nicole Akai Giraldi
The use of Social Networking Sites, Facebook in particular, has become a major avenue of communication; Facebook has become a platform where people can discuss any topic of their choice to include social issues within society. While some argue Facebook is only a disseminator of information, others argue that in addition to being a disseminator of information it is also a motivator of social activism. Facebook profiles consist of one’s social ties, both strong and...

Self-Determination Theory and the Educational Motivations of the Recently Incarcerated

Jason Edward Barr
The primary research objective of this qualitative study is to determine if self-determination theory is applicable to the population of the recently incarcerated. If it is applicable, self-determination theory may be a new method of examining the educational motivations of prisoners and the recently incarcerated. Twelve subjects from the western region of Virginia were interviewed. Each had been in prison for more than six months within the past five years; each also held a general...

Exploring the Effects of Pacing in Community College Courses

Robin Dillon Shepherd
For-profit colleges are threatening community college enrollments by recruiting low-income and minority students with the appeal of quick degree and certificate program completion rates. To remain competitive, community colleges are creating guided pathways for student success. A guided pathway is a clear road map to certificate or degree completion. Community colleges that offer guided pathways challenge students to choose an academic program in their first semester and no later than their second semester. Once students...

Research vs. Reality How School Districts Meet the Developmental Needs of School Principals

Catina Bullard-Clark
This study examined the shared experiences of elementary principals on the professional development provided to them from their district. The study population consisted of 16 elementary school principals in a district in a state in the mid-Atlantic region. A general qualitative methods approach that was informed by phenomenology was followed. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews and a focus group with the participants and was then organized into themes to answer the following research questions:...

The Impact of High School Dual Enrollment Participation on Bachelor's Degree Attainment and Time and Cost to Degree

Thomas Earl Hughes
Dual enrollment has become nearly ubiquitous in the U.S. with 82% of public high schools offering dual credit courses with student enrollment topping two million (Borden, Taylor, Park, & Seiler, 2013). Policymakers and proponents of dual enrollment have claimed that these programs better prepare students for college success and reduce the time and cost to a college degree. There is a growing body of empirical research showing that students who participated in dual enrollment programs...

Student Global Mobility: An Analysis of International STEM Student Brain Drain

Margaret E. Gesing
This study seeks to understand global mobility patterns of international graduate STEM students studying in the United States. Using data from the NSF Graduate Students in Science Survey (GSSS), this study investigates the political, economic, and social factors affecting students' intent to stay or go, identifying differences based on students' country of origin within World Bank defined categories of gross national income (GNI) per capita. Descriptive statistics identified factors affecting students' intent to stay or...

An Exploration of the Identity and Career Development of African American Women in Higher Education Leadership: Does Hair Style Make a Difference?

Yasmine Osir Farley
African American women, a group that endures the intersectionality of being both a woman and an African American, have many obstacles in their path as they advance in their career. Despite the strides that have been made in America to improve things for women and people of color, the interwoven societal standards of beauty do not include African American women. This standard of beauty affects women in that no matter how intelligent they are, looks...

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