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Learning While Leading: A Multiple Case Study of Principals' Ways of Knowing

Marsha Caudill Cale
Excellent school leadership is undeniably linked to improved student achievement. Due to the impact administrators have on school and student success, it is critical that current and aspiring principals receive high-quality training and support. Superior principal preparation programs and ongoing training opportunities are fundamental to fulfilling the need and improving student outcomes nationwide. A phenomenological case study approach was used to explore the factors contributing to the success of public school principals and examine from...

The Effect of Noncognitive Variables on the Prediction of Academic Difficulty and Attrition of Freshman Student-Athletes

Bruce W. Cunningham
This study identified a set of noncognitive variables, indicators of attitudes, habits, and beliefs as they relate to an individual's educational pursuits, in the form of Probation and Attrition Scores, to be used as alternatives to the exclusive use of cognitive variables to identify freshman student-athletes who are at risk of academic difficulty or attrition. Data were collected at an urban, public university of approximately 17,000 students using the University's Freshman Survey, an instrument that...

The Effect of Same-Sex Grouping Versus Mixed-Sex Grouping on Mathematics Achievement and Attitudes of Academically Gifted Fourth and Fifth Grade Females in the Urban Classroom

Martha J. Tompkins
Reports of the neglect of gifted students in America's schools and the inadequate mathematics involvement of females have made educators aware of a crisis in public education. Attitudes and opportunities are believed to be major influences in helping females become more involved with mathematics courses and careers. The research project examined the effect of same-sex groups versus mixed-sex groups on mathematics attitudes and achievement in fourth and fifth grade females in a mathematically gifted pilot...

Geochemical Behavior of the Rare Earth Elements in Natural Terrestrial Waters

Jianwu Tang
This dissertation presents three manuscripts describing the following aspects of the geochemical behavior of REEs: (1) solution complexation of REEs with both inorganic and organic ligands in natural terrestrial waters; (2) the geochemical behavior of REEs along the groundwater flow paths in two different aquifer types (i.e., sand vs. carbonate); and (3) surface complexation behavior of REEs in the Carrizo Sand aquifer. In the first manuscript, a solution complexation model of REEs, which includes both...

Examining the Community and Two-Year Technical College Presidency: Vice President and Chief Officer Perceptions of Challenges, Changes, and Aspirations

Juliet Jefferson Brown
Since 2001, community and two-year technical college presidents have been aware of the impending leadership crisis. Retirements, ill-prepared successors, and lack of credentialed candidates in the administrative pipeline will create what many believe to be a "leadership crisis." This workforce shortage is coupled with the sentiment that the role of the community college president has changed over the last decade. The purpose of this research study was to provide a demographic profile of potential candidates...

The Effect of Standardised Learning Diaries on Self-Regulated Learning, Calibration Accuracy and Academic Achievement

Avanelle Joseph-Edwards
The online learning environment is a dynamic yet complex learning modality. Students are physically separated from their peers, they grapple with feelings of isolation, and they may be unable to self-regulate their learning. Studies have shown that self-regulation is related to academic achievement and student metacognitive monitoring in online settings. The present study investigated the effects of a standardized diaries on students’ self-regulatory behaviors, calibration accuracy and academic achievement within an online learning environment. Using...

Crime and Panic: Contextual Factors in Violent and Sex Offender Sentencing

Jessica Huffman
Although crime rates have been decreasing nationwide, the public is still very concerned with crime as a social problem and generally supportive of criminal justice penalties for wrongdoing. The mass of punitive laws have been especially harsh on those convicted of sexual offenses, even as these offenders comprise a small part of the entire crime picture. The passage of mandatory minimum sentences and risk management laws for sex offenders suggest a moral panic over sexual...

The Impact of CETA Activities on Selected Hampton Roads Manpower Programs: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Utilization-Focused Evaluation

Raymond A. Gromelski
The study examined the effects of Classroom Training, On-the-Job Training, Work Experience, and JobShop programs of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) on the job opportunities, amount of government transfer payments, and criminal activities of the 1982 terminees. The purposes of the program were to determine (1) program cost-effectiveness; (2) which program components operate at higher levels of efficiency; and (3) which selected client characteristics influenced program results. The evaluation described program success in...

A Performance Prediction Model for a Fault-Tolerant Computer During Recovery and Restoration

Rodrigo A. Obando
The modeling and design of a fault-tolerant multiprocessor system is addressed in this dissertation. In particular, the behavior of the system during recovery and restoration after a fault has occurred is investigated. Given that a multicomputer system is designed using the Algorithm to Architecture To Mapping Model (ATAMM) model, and that a fault (death of a computing resource) occurs during its normal steady-state operation, a model is presented as a viable research tool for predicting...

Academic Engagement: The Impact of Personal, Cultural, and School Factors on African American Student Academic Effort

Ruth Alisha Jenkins Hill
Using the cultural-ecological and the personal perspective theory, this study examined the relationship of sociological and psychological factors on academic effort. This research used multiple linear regression analyses and data from the Educational Longitudinal Study of 2002 to examine the extent to which personal, cultural, and school structural variables predict academic effort among a sample of 10th grade African American students. African American students' personal perceptions characterizing their belief in the importance of education, their...

The Effects of Educational Programs About Rape on the Attitudes of First Year Urban University Students

Mary Jodine Wolford
This study investigated the effects of educational programs on first-year college students' attitudes toward rape. Subjects included 132 male and female (60 and 72, respectively) first-year students in an urban university who were selected randomly for participation. Each participant was assigned randomly to one of four treatment conditions: lecture-style programs, videotape programs, role play programs, or control. Data were collected in three phases: one pretest and two posttests. Attitudes toward rape were measured using the...

Marketing Higher Education to Mexican-Americans: Identification of Successful Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Cynthia Gale Coiner
In this study, a comprehensive set of successful marketing strategies and tactics for the recruitment of Mexican-Americans into four-year colleges and universities was identified. A taxonomy of findings ranging from very successful to not successful was developed. The methodology included focus groups conducted in Los Angeles, California and San Antonio, Texas to aid in the creation of survey instrument items. The resulting survey was mailed to admissions directors of four-year colleges and universities located in...

Computer Technology for Executive Decision-Making in Urban Public Education Divisions in Virginia

Richard Kenneth Byrd
The purpose of this study was twofold. First, the study determines if Virginia urban public school executive leadership used automated informational systems to support policy, goal setting, and decision making typical of its job requirements. Secondly, the study describes the planning techniques specific to automated system development used by the school division where such automated executive support occurs. The personal interview method was selected because it helps to insure 100 percent of the desired sample...

An Inquiry Into the Influence of Expressive Writing Practice on the Transactional Writing Abilities of Selected Fourth Grade Students

Maureen Elliott Hook
The study is an inquiry into the influence of expressive writing practice on the transactional writing abilities of selected fourth grade students. It is based on the ideas of James Britton, an English theoretician concerned with writing. The study was formulated to investigate how the process of writing occurs. Writing research is at an early stage, and this study will expand the knowledge of the field. The study consisted of a treatment group receiving intensive...

Salvation at the Cinema: Religious References in American Science Fiction Films of the 1980's

Marjorie Roberts Tautkus
This thesis examines several science fiction films from the 1980's for religious references, particularly in relation to the alien portrayed therein. E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial presents the alien as good fairy, Christian savior, and son of the Great Goddess. Alien and Aliens give the demonic embodiment of human corruption. Star Trek refers to eastern mysticism, New Age religiosity, and Christianity, but the crew ultimately worships a machine, which itself recalls the Great Goddess. The Empire Strikes...

A Health System Analysis Approach to Health Outcomes in Medicare Clients With Chronic Illnesses

Christine A. Elnitsky
Since 1863, outcomes measurement efforts have provided information to health care consumers, administrators, and policymakers in assessing concerns about access, quality and costs. With a growing population of older adults with chronic illnesses, cost-cutting strategies in health delivery systems, and federal endorsement of managed care systems, researchers have begun to evaluate the impact of different delivery system organizations on health. The current study combines two areas of health services research to provide the first published...

Nitrogen Dynamics of the Acacia Senegal Agroforestry System in the Sudan

Zakaria Abdalla Mohammed Saad
The savanna is characterized by low rainfall, poor soil and vegetation types dominated by the Genus Acacia. Agroforestry systems evolved, the most notable of which is Acacia senegal agroforestry system (ASAS). It yields gum acacia, fuel and fodder and improved soil N, P, and pH and stability against erosion. This study investigated the climatic, edaphic and biotic interactions of the ASAS that govern the nutrient dynamics, mainly N, and biomass. The effects of limited resources...

The Effects of an Urban Middle School Dropout Prevention Program on the Academic Achievement, Attendance, Attitudes, and Conflict Resolution Skills of At-Risk Student

Patricia Hawkins Fisher
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of an urban middle school dropout prevention program on the academic achievement, attendance, attitudes toward self and school, and conflict resolution skills of potential dropout candidates. The study compared the differences in grade point averages and Iowa Test of Basic Skills scores, percentages of absences, self concept and motivation towards school scores, and the percentage of suspensions of subjects in three middle schools in Portsmouth,...

On the Thermal Stresses Due to a Uniform Heat Flow Past a Circular Hole With a Radial Edge Crack

George F. Edmonds
The problem solved in this dissertation is that of finding the stresses in an isotropic, linear, thermoelastic solid when a uniform heat flow is disturbed by the presence of an insulated circular hole with a radial edge crack. By superimposing a Mellin transform solution of the equations of thermoelasticity on a Michell series solution the author reduces the problem to a pair of singular integral equations which are then solved numerically. The stress intensity factors...

The Geochemistry of Selenium and Sulfur in a Coastal Salt Marsh

David Jay Velinsky
Investigation of the various chemical forms of selenium and sulfur in sediments and pore waters can provide information about various oxidation/reduction processes. Five cores were obtained from the Great Marsh, from April 1985 to June 1986. Sampling times coincided with the seasonal redox cycle known to occur within the marsh system. Sediments were analyzed for various selenium and sulfur phases. Iron monosulfides and elemental sulfur both display large seasonal changes in concentration and distribution with...

Methodology for Analyzing and Characterizing Error Generation in Presence of Autocorrelated Demands in Stochastic Inventory Models

Rafael Diaz
Most techniques that describe and solve stochastic inventory problems rely upon the assumption of identically and independently distributed (IID) demands. Stochastic inventory formulations that fail to capture serially-correlated components in the demand lead to serious errors. This dissertation provides a robust method that approximates solutions to the stochastic inventory problem where the control review system is continuous, the demand contains autocorrelated components, and the lost sales case is considered. A simulation optimization technique based on...

Elasto-Plastic Responses of Buried Pipeline Systems Under Wave Propagation

Yuean-Chen Lau
The purpose of this research is to study the elastic and inelastic behavior of buried pipeline system under arbitrary seismic wave propagation. Both continuous and segmented pipes with joints and junctions are included. The surrounding soil is simulated by a series of elasto-plastic springs uniformly distributed longitudinally and laterally along the pipes. To the joints, elasto-plastic longitudinal springs and bilinear rotational springs are adopted. It is assumed that the pipes remain linearly elastic. The effects...

Identification of the Potential High School Dropout

Alan L. Vaughan
This research was conducted to determine a methodology for the early identification of potential dropouts in the Chesapeake Public School System. A review of research literature determined that many discriminating characteristics had been identified as influential in a student's decision to drop out or stay in school. This study sought to be useful in a practical school setting. Therefore, the study limited its scope to those discriminating characteristics available in student records and thus readily...

Transverse Variability of the Flow and Density in Inlets of Southern Chile

Mario Arturo Cáceres Muñoz
Measurements of velocity and density profiles were made to describe the flow transverse structure in three inlets of southern Chile. The inlets show marked differences in their transverse dynamics in response to external forcing. In Aysen Fjord (45.2°S) the mean flow showed a three layer structure that was consistent with up-fjord wind-induced exchange, while in Chacao Channel (41.8°S), the mean flow exhibited predominantly a lateral structure that featured sharp velocity shears. In both cases, a...

Holocene Geology and Migration of a Low-Profile Barrier Island System, Metompkin Island, Virginia

Mark R. Byrnes
Analysis of historical shoreline position, cross-island profile change, and stratigraphic data provided a shoreline response model for low-profile barrier island systems. Historical shoreline data illustrates continuous, shore-parallel retreat between 1852 and 1957, at which time the island narrowed to a width of approximately 200 m. Between 1957 and 1981, ephemeral inlet breaching along southern Metompkin Island disrupted longshore sediment transport, increased the rate of shoreline recession, and resulted in differential rates of retreat associated with...

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