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The Impact of On-Line Training on College Faculty Attitudes and Knowledge of Students with Disabilities

Wayne M. Pollock
Due to legislation, advances in technology, and hopefully, a more positive social acceptance, students with disabilities are entering college at a faster rate than has ever been experienced. Data reveal that the largest increase in identified disabilities of incoming college freshmen are in the area of learning disabilities. However, many students with disabilities do not complete their college education, partly due to faculty members' lack of knowledge about various disabilities, less than accepting attitudes, and...

Institutional Factors Supporting the Enrollment and Persistence of African-American Males in Virginia Community Colleges

Alfred A. Roberts
The participation and persistence rates of African-American males in American institutions of higher education consistently trail those of other ethnic and gender subgroups. These national enrollment, graduation, and transfer statistics are reflected in the member institutions of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). The purpose of this study was to determine which of the 23 member colleges of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) have been able to enroll and graduate or transfer the highest...

The Relationship Between Avid Site Team Leadership and Program Capacity: A Qualitative Case

Kellie A. Mason
The identification and implementation of programs that create positive academic changes school—wide are greatly needed. The Advancement Via Individual Determination College Readiness System (AVID) is believed to be such a program. The purpose of this study was to evaluate to what extent leadership practices foster leadership development in teachers and how that transfer of leadership influences the academic achievement of students in the AVID program. Program theory evaluation (PTE) was selected as the preferred framework...

Overcoming Barriers: How Community College Faculty Successfully Overcome Barriers to Participation in Distance Education

Matthew Meyer
To determine the primary barriers encountered by community college faculty in participating in distance education, community college faculty and administrators from community colleges in North Carolina and Virginia were surveyed using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Two separate online surveys were provided to faculty and distance education administrators (including chief academic officers) that included demographic questions and barrier assessment questions for both groups. Follow-up interviews were conducted among faculty and administrators at colleges that self-reported...

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of a Late Pleistocene Barrier Island Complex, Southeastern Virginia

Alan K. Jasper
The Norfolk, Kempsville, and Sand Bridge Formations beneath the HIckory Scarp of southeastern Virginia are reinterpreted as representing one glacio-eustatic transgressive cycle. The timing of this transgressive event is set during the earliest Wisconsinan. The formations were previously interpreted as unconformable overlying one another. The Norfolk-Kempsville unconformity is actually a diagenetic boundary. Evidence is presented which indicates that the Kempsville Scarp area should be reduced to member status or dropped entirely.

Discovering Career Self-Efficacy Among Rural Community College Students

Tameka Mierelle Womack
Many students report that their main purpose for attending a two- or four-year academic institution is to prepare for a career, and require assistance during the process of selecting a major and career that is appropriate for them. Students who struggle with career indecision often seek help through career counseling and/or computer-assisted career guidance systems. Self-efficacy plays a key role in students' self-esteem and their belief that they can not only choose a career but...

A Cultural Approach to Understanding Professional Experiences of Foreign-Born Faculty in U.S. Educational Leadership Preparation Programs

Iryna M. Khrabrova
The purpose of this study was to investigate professional experiences of foreign-born faculty members serving in U.S. educational leadership preparation programs utilizing a cultural approach to discern their lived experiences related to professional life. Cultural values reflected in professional life experiences were explored. The information gathered through phenomenological approach was used to analyze the influence of national background on the professional experiences of foreign-born faculty in educational leadership preparation programs.

Leadership Preparation: A Phenomenological Study of a District–University Partnership

Raymond Lamont Haynes
The aim of this study was to ascertain principals' preparedness as implemented by a Peninsula City Schools-Madison University partnership under the design constructs of planning, collaboration, internship, and mentorship. The study was framed upon research asserting that district—university partnerships are cultivating instructional leaders who can promote achievement. In this design, districts and universities partner to implement theory-based instruction and authentic practical training to expose aspiring leaders to the specific issues and challenges within the schools...

Exploring Entrepreneurialism in Community Colleges in the Appalachian Region

Sharon Lynn Hatfield
The combination of a weak economy with a corresponding decline in tax revenue has created deficits in state and local budgets which adversely affect the financial stability of community colleges. This leaves community colleges struggling to continue to provide education in support of their missions. To provide a source of alternative revenue, community colleges are embracing the spirit of entrepreneurialism and transforming themselves into profit-seeking businesses. This quantitative study, using a web-based survey and descriptive...

The Relationship of Three Financial Aid Appeal Interventions with Academic Progress and Student Persistence

Jeannetta Lynn Hollins
Poor academic performance can result in financial aid suspension and can decrease the opportunity or likelihood of students continuing their college education. The objective of this preliminary quantitative study was to investigate an under-researched area of financial aid, and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal interventions, to determine whether any of the three approaches studied influenced student academic outcomes. This study was confined to one large, multi-campus community college institution. The study was conducted ex post...

Perceptions of Virginia Community College System Faculty and Administrators on the Purposes for and Composition of a Comprehensive Evaluation System for Teaching Faculty Members

William H. Hightower Jr.
A survey instrument was developed to measure community college faculty and administrator views on the faculty evaluation process. Responses were then compared based on demographic characteristics such as primary area of instruction, supervisory responsibility, years of experience, and gender. Open-ended survey questions asked respondents to identify the strengths, limitations and changes needed for their current faculty evaluation plans. A total of 404 faculty members and 67 administrators completed the survey. Significant differences were found between...

Student Retention in BSN Programs

Katherine Pittman Hensley
This study examined, by use of a researcher-developed survey instrument, perceptions between three groups on reasons why students drop out of nursing programs. Also examined are recommendations from the three groups on how to try to avoid nursing student attrition. Specific groups surveyed included native BSN students, RNB students, and a mixed group of nursing faculty. Survey items were divided into two general groups: student-related issues, and institutional issues. Since RNB students (which include a...

Precipitation Trends across the Commonwealth of Virginia (1947 – 2016)

Michael Allen & Thomas Allen
Water is an important resource for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Too much water increases runoff, disrupt transportation networks, and contributes to school closures. Too little water may adversely impact agricultural operations. To improve climate-related information to Virginia citizens, this study assesses means and changes in precipitation across the Commonwealth of Virginia (1947 – 2016). Using daily station-level precipitation data from the Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN), descriptive statistics were calculated for 43 locations in terms...

The Impact of State Fiscal Effort on Student Achievement Measured By Math Scores From the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP)

Lorena LeeAnn Kelly
The current financial state of our nation, in combination with the pressure to meet state accountability testing and a global call for better prepared twenty first century learners, has produced a situation where all levels of government have to make difficult decisions regarding expenditures. In order to ensure that education receives appropriate funding, research is necessary to show a relationship between spending and student achievement. This study examines the effects of sustained increases and decreases...

Copula-Based Zero-Inflated Count Time Series Models

Mohammed Sulaiman Alqawba
Count time series data are observed in several applied disciplines such as in environmental science, biostatistics, economics, public health, and finance. In some cases, a specific count, say zero, may occur more often than usual. Additionally, serial dependence might be found among these counts if they are recorded over time. Overlooking the frequent occurrence of zeros and the serial dependence could lead to false inference. In this dissertation, we propose two classes of copula-based time...

An Exploration of the Relationships Between Sense of Community, Park Benefits, and Neighborhood Park Use

Kimberly Tilford Centers
The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between park use by residents that live within a ¼ to ½ mile radius of their neighborhood park, perceived benefits from neighborhood parks, and neighborhood sense of community (SOC) in three Norfolk, Virginia neighborhoods. The neighborhoods included Titustown, Colonial Place, and Edgewater. There is a lack of research regarding the relationship between neighborhood parks, perceived recreation benefits from neighborhood parks, and their relationship to neighborhood...

The Effects of Orthopaedic Surgery and Dorsal Rhizotomy on Selected Gait Characteristics of Cerebral Palsy Children

Danielle M. Lanoue
Surgical management of cerebral palsy children typically involves multiple orthopaedic surgeries in order to achieve and maintain the maximum functional level of ambulation. Orthopaedic intervention to address lower extremity spasticity often includes: muscle lengthenings, muscle releases and tendon transfers. The most recent advance in management of lower extremity spasticity has been through a neurosurgical approach; selective dorsal rhizotomy. The long term effects of dorsal rhizotomy are still being investigated. Through the use of instrumented gait...

A Meta-Analysis of Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Provider Effects on Student Achievement

Shanan L. Chappell
The 2001 renewal of the United States' Title I program, which provides federal funds to schools with large populations of low-income students, instituted the Supplemental Educational Services (SES) program in which schools in their third year of failing to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) are required to offer after-school tutoring in core subjects to low-income students, provided by public or private tutoring agencies. States are responsible for implementing, overseeing, and evaluating the SES programs; currently,...

School Library Advocacy: Perceptions of Building Influence

Elizabeth A. Burns
Hartzell (1997) suggests that many in the school community do not know the value the school library program contributes to the educational landscape, and stakeholders cannot articulate the roles and responsibilities of the school librarian. Advocacy for a school library program is the deliberate and sustained effort to foster understanding of the program while influencing the attitudes of key stakeholders. It includes raising awareness, increasing knowledge and gaining influence for the position of the school...

The Relationship of Teacher Route to Certification to Student Outcomes on Statewide Social Studies Assessment

Aaron L. Smith
Public school divisions face daunting challenges today. One such challenge is the ability to recruit and retain highly qualified and effective teachers. Endemic teacher shortages coupled with escalating national education standards make it imperative that school divisions hire and retain teachers who can positively and immediately impact student achievement. Schools without effective teachers face possible sanctions, which could include re-staffing of the school, parental choice that would allow the student population to attend more successful...

Autism Assessment Scale for Children (AASC): The Development of a DSM-V AIigned Questionnaire to Screen School-Aged Children for High Functioning Autism

Christine Hebert
The purpose of this dissertation is to analyze the latent factor structure underlying the Ellis Functional Assessment (EFA) for children with high-functioning autism (HFA), to compare the latent factor structures for under-identified subgroups of children (older children, gifted children, female children), and to design a pre-screening assessment for HFA based on those results. The scope of the study is limited to children who have been identified as having HFA and whose parents completed the EFA...

Adjustment Experiences and Ethnic Identity Attitudes Among High School Students in Advanced Academic Programs

Tiffany Michelle Hall
African American high school students have been historically underrepresented in advanced placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual enrollment (DE) programs. The adoption of more equitable admissions practices has helped many school divisions develop a more ethnically diverse AP, IB, and DE student body. Despite increased African American student enrollment, retaining these students remains an ongoing problem. Equally troubling is the persistent achievement gap that exists between African American and White students in AP, IB,...

The Effects of Kepone on the Estuarine Copepod Acartia tonsa

Judith Marie Wilson
Due to the contamination of a 113 km reach of the James River, Kepone poses a serious environmental threat to the Chesapeake Bay. The purpose of the study is to determine the acutely toxic and sublethal levels of kepone for the copepod Acartia tonsa, and to investigate what effects those levels may have on filtration rates. Kepone was determined to be acutely toxic to A. tonsa, with a 96 hour LC50 of 4.96 ug/1. Dunaliella...

A Mixed Methods Study of Special Education Teachers' Knowledge of Reading Instruction and Perceptions Concerning Their Preparation to Teach Reading

Cynthia Darden Blakeslee
Significant changes in requirements for reading instruction and special education teacher preparation have occurred in recent years due to provisions found in the No Child Left Behind legislation of 2001 and the 2004 Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act. This study examined the preparation for reading instruction that prospective special education teachers received during their teacher preparation and their beliefs concerning their preparation. Reading instruction preparation was examined in the context of the knowledge and...

Green Student Centers' Influence on the Campus Environment

Krista L. Harrell
Green building and design is an emerging trend in institutions of higher education. It is important to consider the practices and expectations of the users of green buildings. The attitudes of faculty, staff, and students play a key role in the overall successful performance of green buildings. This study offers direction for the intentional design and use of green student centers as influential facets of the total environment on college campuses. The research presents cases...

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