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Characterization of the Biological Activities of Recombinant Fusion Protein Green Fluorescent Protein/Human Zona Pellucida Protein 3 (GFP/HZP3)

Zhiyong Lin
Despite numerous reports indicating the successful production of bioactive recombinant ZP3, no report has shown the rhZP3 having direct binding activity with human sperm. Recombinant ZP3 generated from our previous study displayed binding activity with human sperm through indirect evidence from hemizona assay (HZA). This present study focused on the production of recombinant ZP3 with direct binding activity with human sperm. Through the application of a pEGFP expression vector, fusion protein GFP/ZP3 was successfully generated...

Nonlinear Transient Thermal Analysis By the Force-Derivative Method

Narayani V. Balakrishnan
The force-derivative method (FDM) represents a series of higher-order modal methods which offer an increasingly improved approximation of the higher modes neglected in the basic mode-displacement method (MDM). The FDM includes additional terms which involve the forcing function and derivatives of the forcing function with respect to time. The mode-acceleration method (MAM), extensively used in structural analysis, is a first-order form of the FDM which includes only one correction term that depends on the forcing...

Characterization of the Fast Axonally Transported Proteins in the Rat Optic Pathway

Surafel Mulugeta
The fast axonally transported proteins represent a subset of neuronal proteins that are conveyed anterogradely as secretory vesicle constituents from the perikarya. Although fast transport displays properties consistent with the general secretory pathway, neuronal structure presents special problems which may require modifications of the general pathway. The elucidation of these special modifications is essential for a more complete understanding of neuronal function both in normal and pathological conditions. In order to characterize the fast transported...

Structural and Functional Study of Multidrug Membrane Transporters

Feng Ding
Multidrug membrane transporters (efflux pumps) in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes are responsible for ineffective treatment of a wide variety of diseases, including infections and cancer, underscoring the importance of better understanding of their structures and functions for design of effective therapies. Despite extensive studies over decades, their underlying molecular mechanisms remain largely unknown. In this dissertation, we focus on the study of structures and functions of multidrug membrane transporters, including ATP-binding cassette transporter (BmrA) and...

An Empirical Examination of the Moderators of the Service Recovery Paradox

Vincent P. Magnini
Some researchers (Abrams and Paese, 1993; Bitner, Booms, and Tetreault, 1990; Etzel and Silverman. 1981; Feinberg et al., 1990; Folkes and Kotsos, 1986; Gilly and Gelb, 1982; Hart, Heskett, and Sasser, 1990; Hocutt, Chakraborty, and Mowen, 1997; Kelley and Davis, 1994; Kelley, Hoffman and Davis, 1993; McCollough and Bharadwaj, 1992; Michel, 2001; Chrage, 2001; Smith and Bolton, 1998; Spreng, Harrell, and Mackoy, 1995; Tax, Brown, and Chandrashekaran, 1998) support the notion of a ‘recovery paradox’...

Three Essays on Opportunistic Claiming Behavior in a Services Setting: Customers and Front Line Employees Perspectives

Denis Khantimirov
This three-essay dissertation integrates the literatures on opportunistic claiming behavior, customer complaining and persuasion theories to examine the following research questions: (1) what factors influence frontline employee's perceived legitimacy of consumer complaints in a services setting? and (2) what drivers impact the consumer's propensity to make opportunistic claims? More and more customers nowadays attempt to take advantage of service failures and claim what they can, rather than what they deserve given the service encounter circumstances....

Corporate Diversification and Stock Returns

Tatiana Isakovski
There are considerable empirical evidences in favor of and against the corporate diversification. A number of previous studies have found that industrial and geographic diversification have a negative effect on the value of the firm and the stock returns. In contrast, a growing stream of literature provides evidence in support of the diversification premium. There is no consensus on whether the documented discount can be attributed to corporate diversification per se or to the firms'...

Comparison of Immune Correlates, Age Related Changes and Proteomic Profiling of Healthy Individuals Receiving Influenza Vaccines

Gaurav Basu
The burden of influenza related infections is substantial, both in terms of illness, lives lost and economic impact on society. The degree of impact of influenza related infections is much higher in the elderly population where it is a leading cause of catastrophic disability; greatly affecting the quality of life of elderly persons above 65 years of age. Vaccination is the mainstay for control and prevention of influenza infections. There are two vaccine formulations that...

Interactions Among Murine Cytomegalovirus US22 Family Gene Products That Influence Viral Pathogenesis

Zaruhi Karabekian
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a complex, ubiquitous herpesvirus that is characterized by acute, chronic, and latent infections. Monocytes-macrophages are the key target cell type involved in pathogenesis, which is most effectively studied using the murine model of CMV infection. Previously three murine CMV (MCMV) genes (M139, M140, and M141) were identified to regulate viral expression in cultured macrophages and in mice. These genes are members of the US22 gene family with respect to HCMV homology. There...

Structure-Function Studies of the cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase In Vitro and in Intact Cells

Gary Z. Morris
There are 518 protein kinase genes in the human genome; this constitutes about 1.7% of all human genes. The cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) serves as the prototypic model for the study of kinases because it contains a conserved catalytic core shared with all eukaryotic kinases, it is the simplest kinase, and it is one of the best-characterized serine/threonine kinases. PKA is ubiquitous in mammals and regulates multiple physiological mechanisms such as the cell cycle, apoptosis,...

Experimental and Computational Analysis of the Synucleins

Agatha Munyanyi
The synuclein proteins α, β and γ which are located in the brain, have been a subject of intense research. Of particular interest is α-synuclein, which is found in misfolded forms in Lewy bodies that are associated with Parkinson's disease. Despite the efforts of researchers across the world, the physiological structure and function of the synucleins remains elusive. In recent years, highly controversial reports by some investigators indicate that in its natural form, α-synuclein exists...

Characterization of the Biological Functions of Human Recombinant Zona Pellucida Protein 3

Yu Wen Juan
Recombinant human zona pellucida protein 3 (rhZP3), expressed. isolated and purified from PA-1 cells, is characterized for its biological activity and the role in the signal transduction pathway. Characterization of the biological activity of rhZP3 was detected by hemizona assay and immunofluorescence staining of acrosome reaction The results indicated that rhZP3 exhibited an inhibition in the binding assay (HZI 43.6 +/-3.3; n = 9; 30 ng/mL rhZP3) and induction of acrosome reaction (198.6% +/- 77.2%...

A Kinetic Investigation of the Mechanism of Muscle Contraction with a Series of Nucleotides

Wei Jiang
Muscle contraction is thought to be accomplished by sliding of myosin filaments along actin filaments. Although actomyosin naturally uses ATP as an energy source, it can also use other nucleoside triphosphates (NTP) as substrates. In this work, the dependence of rate and equilibrium constants of the various steps in the muscle contraction mechanism upon nucleotide structure was investigated to unravel the dependence of the mechanical properties of the muscle upon changes in different biochemical steps...

Phosphorylation of the Estrogen Receptor Alpha (ERα) at Serine 118 by Phospho-p44/42 MAPK and Regulation by Estrogen and Progesterone in Human Uterine Leiomyoma Tissue and Cells

Tonia Lakisha Hermon
It is thought that the growth of uterine leiomyomas may be mediated by the interaction of estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) and growth factor pathways and that phosphorylation of ERα at serine 118 (ERα-phospho-Ser118) is important in this interaction. In tissue, immunoblotting and immunohistochemistry were used to investigate the expression of ERα-phospho-Ser118, phosphorylated p44/42 mitogen-activated protein kinase (phospho-p44/42 MAPK), and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) in human leiomyoma and myometrial tissues during the proliferative and secretory...

Expression, Isolation and Purification of Human Zona Pellucida Protein 3

Ting-Fung Chi
Mammalian fertilization involves interactions of sperm surface receptors with the ligands of the zona pellucida, an extracellular matrix surrounding the ovulated oocytes. In humans, the zona pellucida is composed of three major glycoproteins. One of them, ZP3, participates in the primary sperm binding and in the subsequent triggering of the spermatozoa's acrosome reaction. Studies on the role of this specific protein in the human fertilization process are hampered by the limited amount of available biologically...

The Modeling of Structural-Acoustic Interaction Using Coupled FE/BE Method and Control of Interior Acoustic Pressure Using Piezoelectric Actuators

Yucheng Shi
A coupled finite element (FE) and boundary element (BE) approach is presented to model full coupled structural/acoustic/piezoelectric systems. The dual reciprocity boundary element method is used so that the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the coupled system can be obtained, and to extend this approach to time dependent problems. The boundary element method is applied to interior acoustic domains, and the results are very accurate when compared with limited exact solutions. Structural--acoustic problems are...

Input Design for Systems Under Identification Using Indirect and Direct Methods

Marco P. Schoen
The motivation for system identification can be manifold. In this work, the provocation to identify unknown system characteristics is derived from the control engineering point of view. That is, one intends to design a control strategy based on the identified system properties. The used system identification methods are the Open-Loop Kalman filter System Identification method (OKID) and the Closed-Loop System Identification method (CLID). It is shown that the quantitative largest error of the system identification...

Computer-Aided Design of Coupler-Driven Watt I and Tolerance Synthesis for Four-Bar Linkages

Haitao Li
Theory to rectify circuit defects in rocker-crank and double-rocker at the synthesis level is described based on the angular joint displacements. It complements the crank-rocker and double-crank circuit rectification to complete the circuit rectification of four-bar linkages. The procedure utilizes the algebraic method where special points followed by a line construction procedure are employed to validate the range of the critical angle that can identify the circuit defects as a function of the design positions...

Multiple Streams Synchronization in Collaborative Multimedia Systems

Emilia Stoica

The Reinvention of NATO

Robert M. Antis

Active Control of Shocks and Sonic Boom Ground Signal

Bedri Yagiz

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