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Two Essays on Investor Attention, Investor Sentiment, and Earnings Pricing

Qiuye Cai
This dissertation proposes novel direct measures for both firm-level and market-level investor attention and investor sentiment and provides new empirical evidence on the effects of investor attention and investor sentiment on earnings pricing. The first essay proposes novel direct measures for both market-level and firm-level attention using user activity data from StockTwits.com. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first direct measure of market-level attention. By measuring market-level and firm-level attention separately, I...

The Effect of Task Interruptions and Reliable Cues on Detection Changes Within Dynamic Scenes

Kimberly N. Perry
Interruptions are a common problem for attention and pose a threat to visual task performance. The Memory for Goals (MFG) theory suggests that strongly and accurately encoded cues can assist the ability to resume a primary task after an interruption (Altmann & Trafton, 2002). Encoded cues can undergo an activation decay during an interruption and become forgotten. Currently, there has been limited research on how visual interruptions affect cued recall within a dynamic environment. Thus,...

Communication Capability for a Simulation-Based Test and Evaluation Framework for Autonomous Systems

Ntiana Sakioti
The design and testing process for collaborative autonomous systems can be extremely complex and time-consuming, so it is advantageous to begin testing early in the design. A Test & Evaluation (T&E) Framework was previously developed to enable the testing of autonomous software at various levels of mixed reality. The Framework assumes a modular approach to autonomous software development, which introduces the possibility that components are not in the same stage of development. The T&E Framework...

Estimation of Correlation Confidence Intervals via the Bootstrap: Non-Normal Distributions

John Mart V. DelosReyes
Estimating confidence intervals (CIs) for the correlation has been a challenge. The challenge stems from the metamorphic nature of the sampling distribution of the correlation being bound by-1≤ρ≤1. The nonparametric nature of the bootstrap makes it a good option for estimating correlation CIs. However, there have been mixed results about the robustness of bootstrap CIs for the correlation with non normal data. This had led the literature to suggesting the use of transformation methods to...

From Compassion to Resistance: Lesbos Refugee Crisis

Luz Diaz
“What would I do if I wasn’t given freedom? I would protest every day.” This illustrates the empathy that locals in Lesbos shared with the struggles of refugees when the European Refugee Crisis arrived on the shores of Lesbos in 2015. Locals on the island helped refugees get off boats—or saved them from the water—and offered to take them to the city center to claim asylum. But soon, with the arrival of humanitarian aid organizations,...

Computational Analysis of Antipode Algorithms for the Output Feedback Hopf Algebra

Lance Berlin
The feedback interconnection of two systems written in terms of Chen-Fliess series can be described explicitly in terms of the antipode of the output feedback Hopf algebra. At present, there are three known computational approaches to calculating this antipode: the left coproduct method, the right coproduct method, and the derivation method. Each of these algorithms is defined recursively, and thus becomes computationally expensive quite quickly. This motivates the need for a more complete understanding of...

Challenges of Designing and Operating a Pilot Scale Short Residence Time Continuous Hydrothermal Flash Hydrolysis Reactor for High Slurry Load Biomass Processing

Mason James Martin
Increasing demand for renewable energy, fuels, and bioproducts has resulted in a push for increasingly efficient and economically favorable biomass pretreatment methods. Flash Hydrolysis, (FH) a promising biomass pretreatment method, has been extensively studied at a laboratory scale. FH employs a continuous subcritical hydrothermal process capable of fractionating microalgae for lipid and protein recovery. FH is unique in that the residence time is very short (~ 10 s). Maintaining this residence time was key in...

I Had to Do the Reading: A Phenomenological Case Study of College English Students

Jennifer Eleanor Frank
The purposes of this qualitative phenomenological case study were to investigate multiple student experiences in a general elective introduction to literature course when music was added as an autonomously structured assignment. Music and song lyrics are no strangers to the classroom setting, but there is a gap in the literature examining the space where students can create meaningful links between music they enjoy and assigned course readings in college English. Informed by social constructivism and...

Medical Specialty Camps: A Holistic Approach to Assist in the Management Of Diabetes

Takeyra Monique Collins
From toddlers to adolescents, poor medical regimen and adherence occurs as youth face adversities caused by type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM). This inquiry-based research sought to explore the process of promoting resilience to attain personal diabetes management through outcome-focused programming. This dissertation was structured in a three-paper format to highlight three sectors of a medical specialty camp to identify the significance of building resilience among youth with T1DM, incorporating family support, and providing service-learning opportunities...

Single-Stage, Venturi-Driven Desalination System

Brandon Proetto
Water demand is increasing at a rapid pace due to population increase, industrial expansion, and agricultural development. The use of desalination technology to meet the high water demands has increased global online desalination capacity from 47 million m^3/d in 2007 to 92.5 million m^3/d as of June 2017 [49]. Membrane and thermal processes are the two mainstream desalination categories used worldwide for desalination plants. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most widely used membrane process and...

Reported Barriers to AAC Service Delivery & Post-Professional Learning Preferences Among Speech-Language Pathologists

Meredith Laverdure & Rachel K. Johnson
This mixed methods experimental study used a survey to identify speech-language pathologists’ perceptions, including preparedness to provide augmentative-alternative communication (AAC) services to individuals with complex communication needs and learning preferences for post-professional training. Following certification standard changes in 2005 and 2014, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) now requires instruction and clinical experiences during graduate studies across nine major content areas, including the use of AAC modalities. Prior to this change, the number of preservice programs...

Impact of Emotional Competencies on Current E-Cigarette Use Within a Young Adult Sample

Laurel O. Brockenberry, Kelli England & Paul T. Harrell
Significance: Maladaptive emotional states are important drivers of tobacco use, but the mediating factors are poorly understood, particularly for e-cigarette use. Given that e-cigarette use has increased in prevalence and popularity, research examining motivating factors to engage in use is necessary. Methods: Survey data were collected from youth (18-25) attending a four-year university (N = 216, M-age = 20.41, 36.6% African American). Respondents answered questions about emotion dysregulation (Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale; DERS), positive/negative...

The Impact of Continuous Versus Intermittent Physical Activity on Vascular Function While Sitting

Benjamin Lieu & Leyrn Reynolds
Previous studies demonstrate prolonged sitting impairs blood vessel function. However, these studies also demonstrate breaking up sitting time by exercise maintains endothelial function. No one has examined whether a continuous bout of exercise prior to sitting is as effective as breaks in sitting on maintaining endothelial function. PURPOSE: This study examined whether continuous versus intermittent bouts of exercise are more effective at maintaining vascular health while sitting. METHODS: 5 males (age: 36±18, BMI: 22±5) and...

The Impact of Blood Flow Restrictive Exercise on Endothelial Function

Hannah Twiddy, Leryn J. Reynolds & Robbie Pittman
Blood flow restriction training (BFRT) is the occlusion of blood flow during resistance exercise to elicit enhanced skeletal muscle hypertrophy while lifting lower weights compared to standard resistance training. Research has shown BFR with low intensity resistance training to elicit similar results in skeletal muscle hypertrophy when compared to higher intensity resistance exercise. Although BFR demonstrates similar levels of skeletal muscle hypertrophy, no research has examined the effects of BFR exercise on brachial artery endothelial...

Olfactory Behavioral Responses of Mosquito Vectors to Select Attractants and Floral Scents as Related to Circadian Rhythms and Photoperiod Regimes

Bernadette A. Ferraro
This dissertation discusses mosquito behavioral activities involving circadian rhythms defined as insect sensitivity to select of chemical volatiles that vary throughout the 24-hour day. Circannual rhythms occur over seasons varying in photoperiod, defined as the seasonal cycle of light and darkness. These cycles can be endogenously controlled by circadian clocks. The impetus for this research was initiated when reading about the neglected temporal dimension in the context of insect chemical ecology, including insect olfaction. It...

Study of the Feasibility of a Virtual Environment for Home User Cybersecurity

Sean Powell
This research focuses on the average home computer user’s ability to download, install and manage a virtual machine software program. The findings of this research is to be used as a foundation to the possibility of using a virtual machine software program as another form of defense for the home user’s computer. Virtual machines already have various uses, some in the cybersecurity field; this possibility could add another useful application for the software program. This...

Validation of Nanosecond Pulse Cancellation Using a Quadrupole Exposure System

Hollie A Ryan
Nanosecond pulsed electric fields (nsPEFs) offer a plethora of opportunities for developing integrative technologies as complements or alternatives to traditional medicine. Studies on the biological effects of nsPEFs in vitro and in vivo have revealed unique characteristics that suggest the potential for minimized risk of complications in patients, such as the ability of unipolar nsEPs to create permanent or transient pores in cell membranes that trigger localized lethal or non-lethal outcomes without consequential heating. A...

Auschwitz-Birkenau: A Memorial

Nichole Delasalas
In the 1940s, Nazi Germany was an unstoppable force spreading throughout Europe. Hitler’s agenda was to take control of Europe and make it part of his pure Aryan race. As a result of his actions and his “final solution”, many people suffered. The concentration camp of Auschwitz I was created out of an old Polish military compound for three main reasons. The first was to incarcerate real and perceived enemies of the Nazi regime and...

The State of the Region: Hampton Roads 2020

This is Old Dominion University’s 21st annual State of the Region Report. While it represents the work of many people connected in various ways to the university, the report does not constitute an official viewpoint of Old Dominion, its president, John R. Broderick, the Board of Visitors, the Strome College of Business or the generous donors who support the activities of the Dragas Center for Economic Analysis and Policy. Although our devotion to this work...

Simulation and Development of the Radial Time Projection Chamber for the BONuS12 experiment in CLAS12

Nathan M. Dzbenski
Knowledge of the structure of nucleons (i:e: protons and neutrons) is a central topic of interest to nuclear/particle physicists. Much more is known about the structure of the proton than the neutron due to the lack of high-density free neutron targets. The Barely Off-shell Nucleon Structure experiment (BONuS12) at Jefferson Lab (JLab) is a second generation experiment upgraded/optimized to advance our knowledge of the neutron's structure using the deep-inelastic scattering of electrons off deuterium. Typically,...

Critical Language Awareness Pedagogy in First-Year Composition: A Design-Based Research Study

Megan Michelle Weaver
In this design-based research (DBR) study, I collaborated with two first-year composition (FYC) instructors in designing and implementing Critical Language Awareness (CLA) pedagogy to promote students’ linguistic consciousness while strengthening and enhancing their postsecondary writing skills. I designed and implemented this study by drawing on a critical theory of language, informed by literature on language ideologies (Silverstein, 1979; Irvine & Gal, 2000; Kroskrity, 2010) and raciolinguistics (Flores & Rosa, 2015; Alim, 2016), and a critical...

Coping Self-efficacy as a Potential Moderator of the Relationship Between Sexual Orientation and Negative Mental Health Outcomes

James M. Macchia
Sexual minority individuals (i.e., those who identify as a sexual orientation other than heterosexual) have consistently been linked to an increased risk of negative mental health outcomes. The process of coping can impact the content and severity of said outcomes, and one’s ability to cope is often predicted by the concept known as coping self-efficacy (i.e., one’s belief in his or her ability to cope). This study aimed to assess the effects of sexual orientation,...

Exploring the Effects of Task Priority on Attention Allocation and Trust Towards Imperfect Automation: A Flight Simulator Study

Tetsuya Sato
The present study examined the effect of task priority and task load on attention allocation and automation trust in a multitasking flight simulator platform. Previous research demonstrated that, participants made less fixations and reported lower levels of trust towards the automation in the secondary monitoring under higher load on the primary tracking task (e.g., Karpinsky et al., 2018). The results suggested that participants perceived behaviors of the automated system less accurately due to less attention...

A Core Reference Hierarchical Primitive Ontology For Electronic Medical Records Semantics Interoperability

Ziniya Zahedi
Currently, electronic medical records (EMR) cannot be exchanged among hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, and insurance providers or made available to patients outside of local networks. Hospital, laboratory, pharmacy, and insurance provider legacy databases can share medical data within a respective network and limited data with patients. The lack of interoperability has its roots in the historical development of electronic medical records. Two issues contribute to interoperability failure. The first is that legacy medical record databases...

Human Error In Commercial Fishing Vessel Accidents: An Investigation Using the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System

Peter J. Zohorsky
The commercial fishing industry is frequently described as one of the most hazardous occupations in the United States. The objective, to maximize the catch, is routinely challenged by a variety of elements due to the environment, the vessel, the crew, and several external considerations and how they interact with each other. The analysis of fishing vessel accidents can be complicated due to the diverse nature of the industry, including the species caught, the type and...

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