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Ixodes Scapularis SRC Kinase Is Required for Rickettsial Pathogen Survival in Ticks

Jeremy W. Turck
Anaplasma phagocytophilum is an obligate intracellular bacterium that causes disease in humans and animals. It is the causative agent for human anaplasmosis. A. phagocytophilum uses certain strategies to infect both vertebrates and invertebrates. It uses Ixodes scapularis ticks as a vector for spreading infection to other mammal species. This bacterium has a specific path for infection through the salivary glands of its vector host. It also suppresses certain functions such as the inhibition of apoptosis...

A Parametric Analysis of a Turbofan Engine with an Auxiliary Bypass Combustion Chamber – the Turboaux Engine

Kaleab Fetahi
A parametric study of a novel turbofan engine with an auxiliary combustion chamber, nicknamed the TurboAux engine is presented. The TurboAux engine is conceived as an extension of a low-bypass turbofan engine with an auxiliary bypass annular combustion chamber around the core stream. The study presented in this thesis is motivated by the need to facilitate clean secondary burning of fuel at temperatures higher than conventionally realized, from air exiting the low-pressure compressor. The parametric...

Numerical Analysis of a Roadway Piezoelectric Harvesting System

Abdul Rahman Badawi
Highways, streets, bridges, and sidewalks with heavy traffic dissipate a considerable amount of waste mechanical energy every day. Piezoelectric energy harvesting devices are a very promising technology that can convert the waste mechanical energy to clean and renewable energy to enhance the sustainability of infrastructures. Research efforts in large-scale energy harvesting have led to the advancement of piezoelectric devices to the point that large-scale implementation is starting to become more feasible. The energy harvested by...

Space-Based Countermeasure for Hypersonic Glide Vehicle

Robert Joseph Fowler IV
The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the effectiveness of a space-based laser weapon system for countering a hypersonic glide vehicle. Hypersonic glide vehicles are an emerging type of weapon system which combine the range of ballistic missiles with the maneuverability of cruise missiles. These systems pose a unique threat to military assets not only for their expanded capabilities but also for the lack of an effective defensive countermeasure. Space-based laser weapon systems may...

Designing for the One-Shot: Building Consensus on Design Processes for Academic Librarians

Kirsten Hostetler
Academic librarians have long been responsible for teaching information literacy competencies on college campuses, even as many are hesitant to accept the title of teacher. With inadequate instructional design preparation and one-shot sessions serving as a popular, if limited, instructional medium, librarians’ design processes are often developed on the job and infrequently explored in the literature. Previous research has examined specific design models and instructional strategies, but no studies were found that determined how academic...

A Meta-Analysis of Group Treatment Outcomes for Veterans with Substance Use Disorders

Robert “Tony” Dice
Group therapy is commonly used in the treatment of substance use disorders (SUD). Many studies exist related to the efficacy of group interventions for veterans with SUDs. A meta-analysis and systematic review of the literature addressing the use of group therapy, specifically psychoeducational groups, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) groups and support groups, in the treatment of SUDs with veterans was conducted. The following questions guided the research: What are viable treatment outcomes for psychoeducational, CBT,...

Advances in the Understanding of Sourcing and Fate of Pyrogenic Organic Matter in the Environment

Aleksandar Ivaylov Goranov
With higher occurrences of forest fires worldwide, there has been an increase in scientific interest surrounding the chemistry of pyrogenic organic matter (pyOM). The main structural components of pyOM, the condensed aromatic compounds (ConAC), exhibit intriguing physico-chemical properties and have been one of the main focuses of biogeochemical research. The overwhelmingly large number of scientific articles regarding pyOM and ConAC are guided by the assumption that ConAC in the environment are exclusively of pyrogenic origin,...

American Diplomacy Toward China, 1945-1948

Margo E. Horner
America's relationship toward China during the postwar years was aptly described by President Truman's summary of his China policy: “The role of this government in its relations with China has been subjected to considerable misrepresentation, distortion, and misunderstanding. Some of these attitudes arose because this government was reluctant to reveal certain facts…."8 Admiral William Leahy, Chief of Staff to presidents Roosevelt and Truman, acknowledged that America’s “post-war attitude toward the Government of China is completely...

A New Method for Estimating the Physical Characteristics of Martian Dust Devils

Shelly Cahoon Mann
Critical to the future exploration of Mars is having a detailed understanding of the atmospheric environment and its potential dangers. The dust devil is one of these potential dangers. The transport of dust through saltation is believed to be the driving mechanism responsible for Martian weather patterns. The two primary mechanisms for dust transport are dust storms and dust devils. Dust devils on Mars are a frequent occurrence with one in five so called giant...

Moderate Heat-Assisted Gene Electrotransfer for Intradermal DNA Vaccination and Protein Replacement Therapy in the Skin

Chelsea Marie Edelblute
Gene electrotransfer (GET) holds great promise for the delivery of therapeutic agents. The skin serves as an attractive target for GET due to its availability and unique cellular composition. Protein replacement therapy and DNA vaccination are potential applications for intradermal GET. The combination of moderate tissue preheating and GET has been shown to achieve elevated gene expression levels while reducing the necessary applied voltage. In the current work, we utilized a 16-pin multi-electrode array (MEA)...

The Effectiveness of a Nurse Practitioner (NP) Led Clinic for Heart Failure (HF) Patients Following Hospital Discharge in a Rural Community Setting

Tami Collins
Purpose: To explore if patient participation in the NP led HF clinic may reduce 30-day HF readmissions while providing HF specific education, recognition of symptoms/ management, teaching self-care, while ensuring that continued follow up occurs.

Self-Selected Maximum but Not Jogging Speed Decreases with Age in Male and Female Runners

Heather Hamilton
Introduction: Running velocity decreases with age, likely resulting from physiological and musculoskeletal changes associated with aging. Females experience a more rapid decline in physical performance during middle age than males, therefore it is important to consider separate-sex analyses when studying running biomechanics and running-related injury. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between age and different running speeds separately for female and male runners.

An Exploratory Study of Older Adults’ Emotions to Social Isolation and Their Coping Activities During COVID-19 Pandemic

Letrice Samuels
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, older adults are advised to remain in their homes and personal spaces since they are at greater risk for COVID-19 related illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths. Health professionals and caregivers are concerned that preventative measures, especially social isolation, may have long-term psychological and age-related effects among older adults. A survey prepared by the Center for Global Health at Old Dominion University, in collaboration with Healthy Chesapeake Inc., assessed social isolation, associated emotions,...

Narratives from Appalachia: The Current Stories of LGBTQ Community College Students

Todd A. Cimino-Johnson
LGBTQ students are ubiquitous on community college campuses across the United States. The exact number of LGBTQ students is unknown and often their needs are ignored. LGBTQ students face harassment and discrimination at higher rates than other minority groups. This study was conducted to gather the current narratives of LGBTQ students attending community colleges in the Appalachian Region. This study aimed to determine what LGBTQ students are experiencing on community college campuses across Appalachia. Fifteen...

Re-Spatializing Gangs in the United States: An Analysis of Macro- and Micro-Level Network Structures

Ryan J. Roberts
Despite the significant contributions from location-based gang studies, the network structure of gangs beyond localized settings remains a neglected but important area of research to better understand the national security implications of gang interconnectivity. The purpose of this dissertation is to examine the network structure of gangs at the macro- and micro-level using social network analysis. At the macro-level, some gangs have formed national alliances in perpetuity with their goals and objectives. In order to...

The Effects of Sitting and Standing Hygiene on Posture in Dental Hygiene Students

Taylor Shay Kace
Problem: The purpose of this pilot study was to assess biomechanical and postural impacts of sitting and standing independently during dental hygiene practice. Methods: A convenience sample of thirty-four second-year dental hygiene students with no history of musculoskeletal disorders were enrolled in this study. Participants were randomly assigned to instrument one quadrant of the mouth on buccal or lingual surfaces while seated or standing during two independent research sessions. Two images per session, for a...

Institutional Stretching: How Moroccan NGOs Illuminate the Nexus of Climate, Migration, Gender and Development

Shelby Mertens
The global migration crisis the world has experienced thus far is only the tip of the iceberg. As the earth’s temperature continues to warm and extreme weather conditions worsen, millions of people across the globe will be displaced, and women in particular will face more difficult challenges. What the climate migration literature fails to study is these longer-term impacts beyond sudden onset disasters. Governments and institutions will be forced to respond and adapt to the...

A Behavioral Model for Simultaneous Event Execution in Sequential Discrete Event System Simulations

Brian David S. Dilinila
The sequential execution of simultaneous events in a discrete event system simulation can cause unexpected behavior in a system. Current studies have provided approaches such as applying a priority order for simultaneous events. However, this is still a problem because executing simultaneous events in sequential order can still lead to two issues of simultaneous event conflicts: the case where simultaneous events cause changes to state variables required by other simultaneous events and the case where...

Reconstructing Surface Water Carbonate Ion Concentration Changes in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Across Glacial Transitions

Lenzie Gail Ward
Today, the eastern equatorial Pacific (EEP) plays a critical role in the global CO2 budget as a major source of CO2 to the atmosphere, but recent studies suggest the region may shift to a sink for atmospheric CO2 under different climate states. Here, I focus on two transitional periods, the last deglaciation (25 kyr to present) and last glaciation (the Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 5a-4 transition, 96 to 60 kyr), to investigate how the carbon...

Security Improvements for the Automatic Identification System

Robert E. Litts
The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is used aboard the vast majority of sea-going vessels in the world as a collision avoidance tool. Currently, the AIS operates without any security features, which make it vulnerable to exploits such as spoofing, hijacking, and replay attacks by malicious parties. This paper examines the work that has been done so far to improve AIS security, as well as the approaches taken on similar problems in the aircraft and vehicular...

Electrostatic Design and Characterization of a 200 keV Photogun and Wien Spin Rotator

Gabriel G. Palacios Serrano
High-energy nuclear physics experiments at the Jefferson Lab Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) require high spin-polarization electron beams produced from strained super-lattice GaAs photocathodes activated to negative electron affinity in a high voltage photogun operating at 130 kV dc. A pair of Wien filter spin rotators in the injector provides precise control of the electron beam polarization at the end station target. An upgrade of the CEBAF injector to better support the upcoming Moller...

The Contextualization of Myth: Identification of Myth in the Propagation of Narrative Across Generational Boundaries

Joseph G. Ponthieux
This thesis demonstrates the unique correlation between myth and the propagation of narrative across generational boundaries. It argues that myth occurs in the intersection of belief, semiotics, and context, and further enables a way of re-encoding a narrative with a dual contextuality. This dual context preserves a narrative’s literal context while endowing it with a new or modified myth context and affords the audience a selection of choices for how to receive a narrative experienced...

Biophysical Characterization of the Par-4 Tumor Suppressor: Evidence of Structure Outside the Coiled Coil Domain and Interactions with Platinum Chemotherapeutics

Andrea Megan Clark
Prostate apoptosis response-4 (Par-4) is an apoptosis-inducing tumor suppressor protein. Full-length Par-4 has previously been shown to be a predominantly intrinsically disordered protein (IDP) under neutral conditions, with significant regular secondary structure evident only within the C-terminal coiled coil domain. However, IDPs can gain ordered structure through the process of induced folding, which often occurs under non-neutral conditions. Previous work has shown that the Par-4 leucine zipper, which is a subset of the C-terminal coiled...

Indian Media Narratives in Gang Rape

Astha Bhandari
Violence against women is a worldwide phenomenon, and while brutal crimes shock us, it is nothing exceptional. This social construction of violence against women is displayed through the media's language. The language then portrays structures of power dynamics, fueling patriarchal discourse, where masculinity becomes the king, and femininity denigrated, birthing a rape culture. This study explores the impact of media reporting of gang rape cases of women in India and investigates the media reporting of...

The Role of Backreef Soundscapes and their Spatial Structure for Recruitment of Tropical Marine Larvae

Emily R. Anderson
Underwater sound is a cue used by many marine larvae to orient to coastal habitats including backreef, sponge-dominated hardbottom habitat in the Florida Keys (Florida, USA) – a particularly “noisy” coastal habitat. However, the distance over which acoustic cues are attractive to settlement-stage larvae - is generally unknown. I examined this phenomenon in a region of the Florida Keys where mass sponge die-offs have diminished both underwater soundscapes and larval settlement. The absence of pronounced...

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