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Impacts of Operating Parameters on Extracellular Polymeric Substances Production in a High Rate Activated Sludge System with Low Solids Retention Times

Matthew S. Elliot
The Adsorption/Bio-oxidation (A/B) process accomplishes carbon capture via bio-flocculation in the adsorption stage (A-stage) to maximize energy recovery while simultaneously providing an optimal carbon to nitrogen (C/N) ratio for denitrification in the Bio-oxidation stage (B-Stage). The present study evaluated the influence of the solids retention time (SRT), dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration, and production of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) on bio-flocculation and subsequent carbon capture using a pilot-scale A-stage process. A mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS)-based...

Camera Trap Success Among Carnivores and Prey Animals in Tazewell County, Virginia

David L. Chambers & James A. Vance
Obtaining basic ecological information on occurrence and activity levels in cryptic and elusive species is often difficult. Camera trapping provides a relatively inexpensive opportunity to acquire such data. We used infrared-triggered cameras to assess trap success and activity levels of several species across four consecutive seasons, including: Ursus americanus (black bear), Lynx rufus (bobcat), Canis latrans (coyote), Vulpes vulpes (red fox), Urocyon cinereoargenteus (gray fox), Procyon lotor (raccoon), Odocoileus virginianus (white-tailed deer), Didelphis virginiana (opossum),...

Achieving Sourdough Status: The Diary, Photographs, and Letters of Samuel Baker Dunn, 1898-1899

Robert Nicholas Melatti
This thesis examines Samuel Baker Dunn and other prospectors from Montgomery County in Southwestern Iowa who participated in the Yukon Gold Rush of 1896-1899. The thesis explores three min research questions: Why was there such an exodus of people to the Yukon from Montgomery County and the town of Villisca in particular? 2) How did Montgomery County citizens experience the Yukon Gold Rush and furthermore, what meaning did they attribute to the journey and the...

Test of New Readout Electronics for the BONuS12 Experiment

Mathieu Ehrhart
For decades, electron-proton scattering experiments have been providing a large amount of data on the proton structure function. However, because of the instability of free neutrons, fewer experiments have been able to study the neutron structure function. The BONuS collaboration at Jefferson Laboratory addresses this challenge by scattering electrons off a deuterium target, using a RTPC capable of detecting the low-momentum spectator protons near the target. Events of electrons scattering on almost free neutrons are...

Abstracts of Papers, 87th Annual Meeting of the Virginia Academy of Science, 2009

Virginia Academy Of Science
Full proceedings for the 87th Annual Meeting of the Virginia Academy of Science, May 27-29, 2009, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA

A Right-Hand Man: A Novel

Christopher Giofreda
This is the first half of a Catholic novel about a mailman with a hook hand. It is about the power of friendship and invites us to think about the posthuman.

Efficient Algorithms for Prokaryotic Whole Genome Assembly and Finishing

Abhishek Biswass
De-novo genome assembly from DNA fragments is primarily based on sequence overlap information. In addition, mate-pair reads or paired-end reads provide linking information for joining gaps and bridging repeat regions. Genome assemblers in general assemble long contiguous sequences (contigs) using both overlapping reads and linked reads until the assembly runs into an ambiguous repeat region. These contigs are further bridged into scaffolds using linked read information. However, errors can be made in both phases of...

Spillover Effects of Brand Alliance and Service Experience on Host Brands in Loyalty Program Partnerships

Gulfem Cigdem Kutlu
Three studies explored the consequences of loyalty program partnership on individual brands. The first study sought to determine what kinds of brand equity and category similarity would result in customers’ higher perceived attractiveness of and intention to join the loyalty program partnership. The study finds that higher category similarity increases both perceived attractiveness and joining intention towards a loyalty program partnership. When loyalty program partnership consisted of similar category businesses, individual brands also experienced changes...

Learning While Leading: A Multiple Case Study of Principals' Ways of Knowing

Marsha Caudill Cale
Excellent school leadership is undeniably linked to improved student achievement. Due to the impact administrators have on school and student success, it is critical that current and aspiring principals receive high-quality training and support. Superior principal preparation programs and ongoing training opportunities are fundamental to fulfilling the need and improving student outcomes nationwide. A phenomenological case study approach was used to explore the factors contributing to the success of public school principals and examine from...

Diffusion Modeling of Impurities Through the Molybdenum Back Contact of CIGS Solar Cells

Chinedum John Akwari
CIGS is a major technology in photovoltaics and depends heavily, as any other PV technology, on the capacity to achieve the highest efficiency possible to compete on the market. Alkaline elements, notably sodium and potassium, play a key role in this matter as they enhance the open circuit voltage and the fill factor of the CIGS solar cells. However, this effect exists only for very specific concentration of sodium and potassium. These impurities typically diffuse...

Implementation of a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) Toolkit to Aid in Ranking Naval Mission Vessel Combinations With Uncertainty

Andrew R. Miller
United States (U.S.) military bases have largely been constructed outside of the contiguous United States (OCONUS) due to the need of close support logistics for conflicts and wars. In contrast, military bases within the contiguous United States (CONUS) have been constructed mostly due to economic and other related monetary factors. In addition to monetary concerns for the placement of military bases (specifically naval bases), there exists tactical, environmental, cultural, climate, logistical, and geographical issues that...

A Baseline Assessment of Furbearers on the Upper Coastal Plain of Virginia

A. Scott Bellows & Joseph C. Mitchell
We assessed the status of furbearing mammals on Fort A.P. Hill, Caroline County, Virginia during the 1998-1999 trapping season with the cooperation of local licensed trappers. Our analyses were based on 345 captures representing of 10 mammal species, ranging from one bobcat (Lynx rufus) to 157 beavers (Castor canadensis). Mean number of captures per 100 trap nights was 17.0. Captures varied from 11.9 to 17.9 per 100 trap nights for conibear traps and 9.7 to...

Risk Factors for Military Sexual Trauma: Pre-Military Trauma, Psychological Adjustment, Combat Exposure, and Alcohol Use at the Time of the Trauma

Brittany Hollis
Military sexual trauma (MST) is a serious and understudied problem in the military. It may be a particularly important problem for women who have experienced pre-military trauma (i.e., childhood physical or sexual abuse). This study examined the role that premilitary trauma plays in the development of poor psychological adjustment (i.e., depression, anxiety and somatic symptoms) and whether psychological adjustment mediates the relationship between pre-military trauma and MST in a sample of 169 military women recruited...

Support for Gestalt Versus Business-As-Usual Theories of Insight Depends on Operational Definition of Insight

Kimberly D. Lee
Some theories propose that insight involves automatic processes that are responsible for restructuring. Other theories postulate that the mechanisms surrounding restructuring are controlled and effortful. The current study tested these theories by comparing different methodology and operational definitions that have been used in previous research to investigate the nature of “Aha!” experiences and impasse in insightful problem solving. One hundred two undergraduate psychology students from Old Dominion University completed working memory tasks, six classic insight...

An Evaluation of Game Fiction-Enhanced Training: Using Narrative to Improve Trainee Reactions and Learning

Michael Beaumont Armstrong
Gamification is growing in popularity in instructional contexts like education and workplace training, but it is unclear which game elements are specifically conducive to improve learning outcomes. Narratives, which represent one way the game element “game fiction” is commonly implemented, have been used to improve learning outcomes over expository texts in the context of psycholinguistics, whereas the Technology-Enhanced Training Effectiveness Model (TETEM) proposes that certain individual differences impact the relationships between technology-enhanced training and learning...

Effects of Collection, Transport, and Redeployment Methods on Natural Mortality of Rangia Cuneata (Mactridae) Used in Biomonitoring Studies

Eugene G. Maurakis, David V. Grimes & William C. Gretes
Sporadic, high mortality in test populations of wedge clams (Rangia cuneata) has limited the potential for using this otherwise desirable test organism in biomonitoring studies. To determine whether high mortality was due to ontogenic or experimental variables, a two-phased study was conducted. In phase I, mortality of collected and re-deployed wedge clams, subjected to varying transport conditions, was determined at 7, 14, 21 and 60 days re-deployment. The use of three transport times (1, 2,...

Indigenous Knowledge Centers (IKC): Strong Medicine on Higher Education Campuses

Melissa Delikat
Indigenous Knowledge Centers (IKC) on higher education campuses are unexplored in educational research, but they may be one of the most critical advancements in equality and decolonization efforts. This dissertation presents findings to descriptively introduce IKCs through a shared learning journey that is both culturally safe and relevant. Using Indigenous and qualitative methodologies, this shared learning journey found that IKCs are an Internationalization at Home (IaH) practice that produces Indigenization by bringing awareness to and...

Motivation and Learning in an Online Collaborative Project Using Gamification

Michele L. Hudiburg
In 2012, there were 2.9 million students enrolled in graduate degrees and 22% were taking strictly online courses (Kena et al., 2014). Many students are not motivated to participate in collaborative learning experiences in online courses (Dirkx & Smith, 2004). Gamification, the inclusion of game elements in non-game contexts, has been shown to have a positive impact on motivation (Deterding, 2012; Kapp, 2012). Prior work has focused on structural gamification including elements such as points,...

Traditional Student Perceptions and Experiences Contributing to Community College Persistence

Naomi Elizabeth Simpson
An increased effort to improve the retention percentages and number of college graduates must address the unique characteristics and experiences of the traditional-aged community college student population. Models of student departure and attrition seek to explain why a student stops attending a college through the analysis of quantitative data. These data, whether about student demographic characteristics, academic intent, institutional factors, motivational factors, etc. are used abundantly to predict persistence and retention patterns of 4-year college...

The Effects of Pre-Maximal Exertion Inhalation of Ammonia and the Performance Effects During Deadlift Maximal Tests

Justin Nicholas Vigil
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of ammonia as a stimulant on athletic performance during a deadlift one maximal repetition (1-RM) absolute strength test. It was hypothesized that ammonia inhalation would result in a larger 1-RM, possibly due to immediate catecholamine release attributed to the fight-or-flight response. If proven effective, ammonia inhalation would present an option to increase power and strength performance during training and competition based on an acute manipulation...

Neuropathy Detection, Quality of Life Tools & Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

Jennifer J. Brown
Type 2 diabetes (T2D) mellitus has become the epidemic of the new millennium, with an estimated 382 million people affected worldwide as of 2013, and statistics projected towards 592 million by the year 2035. With the development of diabetes, complications have risen, with diabetic neuropathy becoming one of the most prevalent, affecting between 10–90% of those with the disease. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) is difficult to detect in early stages of pathology, yet devastating once...

An Examination of the Indentation Size Effect In FCC Metals and Alloys from a Kinetics Based Perspective Using Nanoindentation

David Earl Stegall
The indentation size effect (ISE) in metals is described as the rise in hardness with decreasing depth of indentation and contradicts conventional plasticity behavior. The goal of this dissertation is to further examine the fundamental dislocation mechanisms that may be contributing to the so-called indentation size effect. In this work, we examined several metals and alloys including 99.999% Aluminum (SFE ~200 mJ/m2), 99.95% Nickel (SFE ~125 mJ/m2), 99.95% Silver (SFE ~22 mJ/m2), and three alloys,...

Development of a DSM-Based Model for Managing the Design of Complex Systems Considering the Impact of Technological Obsolescence

Gershom Kwaku Obeng
Obsolescence has been a constant issue for process planners and designers and if not properly accounted for, obsolescence can become an expensive issue. As systems become more complex, interconnected, and nonhomogeneous, separate studies of single groups of equipment are no longer sufficient in modeling the obsolescence of the systems that they make up. The purpose of this dissertation is to model the likelihood of a process's design becoming obsolescent given the obsolescent behavior of the...

An Investigation into the Potential Benefits of Distributed Electric Propulsion on Small UAVS at Low Reynolds Numbers

Engin Baris
Distributed electric propulsion systems benefit from the inherent scale independence of electric propulsion. This property allows the designer to place multiple small electric motors along the wing of an aircraft instead of using a single or several internal combustion motors with gear boxes or other power train components. Aircraft operating at low Reynolds numbers are ideal candidates for benefiting from increased local flow velocities as provided by distributed propulsion systems. In this study, a distributed...

Response Shift and Functional Outcomes in Individuals with Chronic Ankle Instability

Cameron J. Powden
Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries sustained by those who are physically active. One in three individuals will develop a condition known as chronic ankle instability (CAI) after suffering a single ankle sprain. These individuals suffer from recurrent bouts of ankle instability, residual symptoms, and a myriad of other mechanical and functional impairments as well as health-related quality of life (HRQL) deficits. Due to the abundance of health consequences associated with this...

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