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Human Interaction With Fake News

Autumn Woodson & Sampath Jayarathna

A Survey on Securing Personally Identifiable Information on Smartphones

Dar'rell Pope, Yen-Hung Hu & Mary Ann Hoppa
With an ever-increasing footprint, already topping three billion devices, smartphones have become a huge cybersecurity concern. The portability of smartphones makes them convenient for users to access and store personally identifiable information (PII); this also makes them a popular target for hackers. This survey paper shares practical insights derived from analyzing 16 real-life case studies that exemplify: the vulnerabilities that leave smartphones open to cybersecurity attacks; the mechanisms and attack vectors typically used to steal...

A Study of Existing Cross-Site Scripting Detection and Prevention Techniques Using XAMPP and Virtual Box

Jalen Mack, Yen-Hung Hu & Mary Ann Hoppa
Most operating websites experience a cyber-attack at some point. Cross-site Scripting (XSS) attacks are cited as the top website risk. More than 60 percent of web applications are vulnerable to them, and they ultimately are responsible for over 30 percent of all web application attacks. XSS attacks are complicated, and they often are used in conjunction with social engineering techniques to cause even more damage. Although prevention techniques exist, hackers still find points of vulnerability...

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