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A Performance Prediction Model for a Fault-Tolerant Computer During Recovery and Restoration

Rodrigo A. Obando
The modeling and design of a fault-tolerant multiprocessor system is addressed in this dissertation. In particular, the behavior of the system during recovery and restoration after a fault has occurred is investigated. Given that a multicomputer system is designed using the Algorithm to Architecture To Mapping Model (ATAMM) model, and that a fault (death of a computing resource) occurs during its normal steady-state operation, a model is presented as a viable research tool for predicting...

A Method of Modeling Multirate Two-Dimensional Recursive Digital Filters Author

Albert P. Gerheim
This dissertation presents a method of modeling two dimensional sampled data systems with two sampling rates in each dimension. This methodology is applied to the problem of synthesizing two dimensional velocity filters using one dimensional prototypes and multirate concepts. The modeling method includes the replacement of scalar z-transforms of signals by vectors of polynomials, and the replacement of scalar z-transforms of impulse responses by matrices of polynomials. The synthesis of velocity filters is accomplished through...

Academic Engagement: The Impact of Personal, Cultural, and School Factors on African American Student Academic Effort

Ruth Alisha Jenkins Hill
Using the cultural-ecological and the personal perspective theory, this study examined the relationship of sociological and psychological factors on academic effort. This research used multiple linear regression analyses and data from the Educational Longitudinal Study of 2002 to examine the extent to which personal, cultural, and school structural variables predict academic effort among a sample of 10th grade African American students. African American students' personal perceptions characterizing their belief in the importance of education, their...

Forrest R. (Hap) White
Although a number of scholars have examined the impact that the U.S. Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education decision had upon local school policies, there is a paucity of research on what repercussions that decision may have had upon a broad range of other related municipal issues. This historical case study explores the effect that opposition to court ordered school integration had upon the placement of school buildings and urban renewal projects in one...

The Effect of Same-Sex Grouping Versus Mixed-Sex Grouping on Mathematics Achievement and Attitudes of Academically Gifted Fourth and Fifth Grade Females in the Urban Classroom

Martha J. Tompkins
Reports of the neglect of gifted students in America's schools and the inadequate mathematics involvement of females have made educators aware of a crisis in public education. Attitudes and opportunities are believed to be major influences in helping females become more involved with mathematics courses and careers. The research project examined the effect of same-sex groups versus mixed-sex groups on mathematics attitudes and achievement in fourth and fifth grade females in a mathematically gifted pilot...

A Cross-Cultural Study of Epistemological Beliefs and Moral Reasoning Between American and Chinese College Students

Zhongtang Ren
This study investigated the cultural differences of epistemological beliefs and moral reasoning between American and Chinese college students (N=452) recruited from three universities, Old Dominion University in the eastern United States, Luoyang Normal University in the central China and Central University for Nationalities in northern China. A series of factorial MANOVA was conducted to explore the influence of gender, ethnicity and nationality as the independent variables on epistemological beliefs measured with five EBI (Epistemological Beliefs...

An Analysis of Urban Higher Education CEO's Perceptions of Critical Leadership Behaviors

Linda Ferguson Banis
The research question for this study asked if CEO's (Chief Executive Officers) of urban higher education institutions hold the same values and beliefs as those attributed to business and industry CEO's through the business literature. Through survey methodology, the analysis of urban higher education CEO's perceptions of critical leadership behaviors revealed very similar belief patterns. The primary discrepancies between the research group and their industry counterparts lie in the degree to which critical behaviors are...

The Effects of an Urban Middle School Dropout Prevention Program on the Academic Achievement, Attendance, Attitudes, and Conflict Resolution Skills of At-Risk Student

Patricia Hawkins Fisher
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of an urban middle school dropout prevention program on the academic achievement, attendance, attitudes toward self and school, and conflict resolution skills of potential dropout candidates. The study compared the differences in grade point averages and Iowa Test of Basic Skills scores, percentages of absences, self concept and motivation towards school scores, and the percentage of suspensions of subjects in three middle schools in Portsmouth,...

Food Habits and Ecology of Beavers in Southeastern Virginia

John Lennox Echternach Jr.
The food habits and ecology of three beaver colonies in James County, Virginia were studied. Vegetation surrounding the colonies was characterized as southern mixed hardwood forest or lowland swamp forest. Stream flow values ranged from 0.013 to 0.369 m3/sec. Water depth ranged from 0.5 60 4.0 m. Caloric value of 13 heavily used woody species ranged from 3305 to 6204 cal/g. Considerable seasonal variation was noted in most species with the lowest caloric values noted...

A Comparison of Alphanumeric, Direct Manipulation Graphic, and Equivalent Interface Design for a Production Scheduling Task

Ann C. Fulop
Scheduling is an essential factor influencing the efficiency of any production system. The effectiveness of the scheduling system depends upon the interaction of the human and machine. Thus, to effectively design the interface between the human and the machine, the human factors professional must understand scheduling behavior and the information requirements of the scheduling task. The present study modeled human scheduling behavior and determined the information requirements of the scheduling task. The study also compared...

Gender Effects on Recall, Clinical Judgement and Treatment Recommendations for a Combination of Major Depression and Alcohol Dependence Symptoms

Jodi L. French
This study investigated the effect of client gender on several aspects of clinical decision-making processes and clinical judgement when a client presented with a combination of depressive and alcohol-dependent symptoms. Forty-four male and 44 female clinicians, who came from various mental health disciplines (i.e., psychology, social work, counseling, nursing, and psychiatry), volunteered to participate as subjects. The subjects were assigned to hear one of four audiotapes (two male tapes and two female tapes) in which...

Finite Element Analysis and Active Control for Nonlinear Flutter of Composite Panels Under Yawed Supersonic Flow

Khaled Abdel-Motagaly
A coupled structural-electrical modal finite element formulation for composite panels with integrated piezoelectric sensors and actuators is presented for nonlinear panel flutter suppression under yawed supersonic flow. The first-order shear deformation theory for laminated composite plates, the von Karman nonlinear strain-displacement relations for large deflection response, the linear piezoelectricity constitutive relations, and the first-order piston theory of aerodynamics are employed. Nonlinear equations of motion are derived using the three-node triangular MIN3 plate element. Additional electrical...

Role of Lipolysis and Lipogenesis in the Development of Diet-Induced Obesity

Michael John Davies
Obesity is an increasingly common public health problem with approximately one-half of the American adult population overweight and one-quarter considered obese. This alarming trend has led researchers to determine potential causative factors of excess weight gain in humans. However, it is difficult to discern whether perturbations that result in obesity are the cause or simply the result of the obese state. Diet-induced obesity is one of the animal models that allow researchers to address temporal...

Two-Photon Quantum Interference Polarization Spectroscopy: Measurements of Transition Matrix Elements in Atomic Rubidium

Alexander I. Beger
The estimation of the adequacy of theoretical calculations on the atomic structure requires availability of the precise experimental data on radiative properties of the atoms. Such data is also required in astronomy and some important areas of technology. The lack of precision of traditional spectroscopic studies of atom presents a fundamental obstacle for progress in these areas. For example, in atomic rubidium, the best precision of the traditional spectroscopic results is on the order of...

Investigation of Supersonic Chemically Reacting and Radiating Channel Flow

Mortaza Mani
The two-dimensional time dependent Navier-Stokes equations are used to investigate supersonic flows undergoing finite rate chemical reaction and radiation interaction for a hydrogen-air system. The explicit multi-stage finite volume technique of Jameson is used to advance the governing equations in time until convergence is achieved. The chemistry source term in the species equation is treated implicitly to alleviate the stiffness associated with fast reactions. The multi-dimensional radiative transfer equations for a nongray model are provided...

Detection of Outliers and Influential Observations in Regression Models

Anwar M. Hossain
Observations arising from a linear regression model, lead one to believe that a particular observation or a set of observations are aberrant from the rest of the data. These may arise in several ways: for example, from incorrect or faulty measurements or by gross errors in either response or explanatory variables. Sometimes the model may inadequately describe the systematic structure of the data, or the data may be better analyzed in another scale. When diagnostics...

Causal Modeling of Organizational Commitment

Karin E. Klenke-Hamel
This research was designed to develop a model of organizational commitment by establishing a causal network among three individual characteristics--tenure, work motivation, and job satisfaction--two organizational/structural variables--decentralization and formalization,--and two job facets--the job characteristic model and job stress--as determinants of commitment. The proposed model was tested on male and female samples represented by five occupational groups ranging from blue collar to professional workers. Successive iterations of a path analytic technique indicated that across the five...

On the Thermal Stresses Due to a Uniform Heat Flow Past a Circular Hole With a Radial Edge Crack

George F. Edmonds
The problem solved in this dissertation is that of finding the stresses in an isotropic, linear, thermoelastic solid when a uniform heat flow is disturbed by the presence of an insulated circular hole with a radial edge crack. By superimposing a Mellin transform solution of the equations of thermoelasticity on a Michell series solution the author reduces the problem to a pair of singular integral equations which are then solved numerically. The stress intensity factors...

High Performance Issues on Parallel Architectures

Peter J. Looges
In an effort to reduce communication latency in mesh-type architectures, these architectures have been augmented by various types of global and reconfigurable bus structures. The static bus structures provide excellent performance in many areas of computation especially structured numerical computations, but they lack the flexibility required of many large numerical and non-numerical applications. Reconfigurable bus systems have the dynamic adaptability to handle a much wider range of applications. While reconfigurable meshes can often yield constant...

The Effects of Variable Parameters on the Behavior of Initial Wind Waves

Glen Harvey Wheless
The generation mechanism of short wind waves is generally thought to be a viscous instability at the air-sea interface. The short, regular waves arising from a sudden wind on a still water surface have a dispersion relation which is characteristic of gravity-capillary waves. The effects of variable surface tension, viscosity and shear flow parameters on the behavior of these waves were studied. A numerical hydrodynamic stability analysis of a coupled laminar shear flow was accomplished...

Strong Magnetic Field Effects and Molecular Processes with Applications to White Dwarfs

Phillip C. Stancil
Radiative transitions of hydrogenlike atoms in external magnetic fields of strength applicable to magnetic white dwarfs, i.e. B < 103 megagauss, have been investigated for field-free principal quantum numbers n < 6. Finite proton mass corrections are included. Relativistic corrections are also investigated. Transition probabilities are determined using the length, velocity, and acceleration forms of the electric dipole operator. Discrepancies between previous calculations and magnetic white dwarf observations of low-lying boundbound transitions have been studied....

Best Approximation With Geometric Constraints

Yuesheng Xu
This is a study of best approximation with certain geometric constraints. Two major problem areas are considered: best Lp approximation to a function in Lp (0,1) by convex functions, (m, n)-convex functions, (m, n)-convex functions and (m, n)-convex splines, for 1 < p < ∞ , and best uniform approximation to a continuous function by convex functions, quasi-convex functions and piecewise monotone functions.

The Truncated Cauchy Distribution: Estimation of Parameters and Application to Stock Returns

Paul G. Staneski
The problem addressed in this dissertation is the existence and estimation of the parameters of a truncated Cauchy distribution. It is known that when a number of distributions with infinite support are truncated to a finite interval that the maximum likelihood estimator of the scale parameter fails to exist with positive probability. In particular, necessary and sufficient conditions which give rise to instances of non-existence have been found for the exponential (Deemer and Votaw (1955)),...

The Geochemistry of Selenium and Sulfur in a Coastal Salt Marsh

David Jay Velinsky
Investigation of the various chemical forms of selenium and sulfur in sediments and pore waters can provide information about various oxidation/reduction processes. Five cores were obtained from the Great Marsh, from April 1985 to June 1986. Sampling times coincided with the seasonal redox cycle known to occur within the marsh system. Sediments were analyzed for various selenium and sulfur phases. Iron monosulfides and elemental sulfur both display large seasonal changes in concentration and distribution with...

The Influence of Brain Hemisphericity on the Composing Process of Twelfth Graders

Reinholdine Breien-Pierson
Despite the popularization of the concept of brain hemispheric dominance, little serious research has been done in the area of the role of brain hemisphericity in learning and thought. The purpose of this case study was to explore the role of hemisphericity in the area of student composition to test the theory that the composing process and writing of student papers differs relative to the students' hemispheric dominance. A second area of investigation was to...

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