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Impact of Emotional Competencies on Current E-Cigarette Use Within a Young Adult Sample

Laurel O. Brockenberry, Kelli England & Paul T. Harrell
Significance: Maladaptive emotional states are important drivers of tobacco use, but the mediating factors are poorly understood, particularly for e-cigarette use. Given that e-cigarette use has increased in prevalence and popularity, research examining motivating factors to engage in use is necessary. Methods: Survey data were collected from youth (18-25) attending a four-year university (N = 216, M-age = 20.41, 36.6% African American). Respondents answered questions about emotion dysregulation (Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale; DERS), positive/negative...

The Impact of Mandatory Substance Abuse Counselor Reporting Requirements on Child Maltreatment Reporting Outcomes

Bilgé Yilmaz, Kelli E. Will & Andrew D. Plunk
Child maltreatment takes on numerous forms, including physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect, and affects an estimated 38% of children in the United States (U.S.). Due to the deleterious effects of maltreatment, 48 states mandate most health professionals to report suspected abuse and neglect. Yet, only 14 states specifically require substance abuse counselors to report suspected abuse and neglect. Substance abuse is commonly implicated in maltreatment cases, with an estimated 40 to 70...

3D Bioprinting and Implantation of Mouse Mammary Epithelial Structures Using a Custom Accessible 3D Bioprinting Platform

Xavier-Lewis Palmer, Saad Jafri, Patrick C. Sachs & Robert D. Bruno
Prior work has shown that our bioprinting system can reliably produce human mammary organoids and tumoroids with high precision. However, this was not previously applied to mouse models, which are also important with respect to translational research in cancer drug development. To address this, we have produced protocols for the development of in vitro structures from murine mammary epithelial and tumor cells. Additionally, we assessed the translatability of both human and murine bioprinted organoids into...

Multi-Modality Breast MRI Segmentation Using nn-UNet for Preoperative Planning of Robotic Surgery Navigation

Motaz Alqaoud, John Plemmons, Eric Feliberti, Kaipa, Siqin Dong, Gabor Fichtinger, Yimming Xiao & Michel Audette
Segmentation of the chest region and breast tissues is essential for surgery planning and navigation. This paper proposes the foundation for preoperative segmentation based on two cascaded architectures of deep neural networks (DNN) based on the state-of-the-art nnU-Net. Additionally, this study introduces a polyvinyl alcohol cryogel (PVA-C) breast phantom based on the segmentation of the DNN automated approach, enabling the experiments of navigation system for robotic breast surgery. Multi-modality breast MRI datasets of T2W and...

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