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Medical Specialty Camps: A Holistic Approach to Assist in the Management Of Diabetes

Takeyra Monique Collins
From toddlers to adolescents, poor medical regimen and adherence occurs as youth face adversities caused by type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM). This inquiry-based research sought to explore the process of promoting resilience to attain personal diabetes management through outcome-focused programming. This dissertation was structured in a three-paper format to highlight three sectors of a medical specialty camp to identify the significance of building resilience among youth with T1DM, incorporating family support, and providing service-learning opportunities...

I Had to Do the Reading: A Phenomenological Case Study of College English Students

Jennifer Eleanor Frank
The purposes of this qualitative phenomenological case study were to investigate multiple student experiences in a general elective introduction to literature course when music was added as an autonomously structured assignment. Music and song lyrics are no strangers to the classroom setting, but there is a gap in the literature examining the space where students can create meaningful links between music they enjoy and assigned course readings in college English. Informed by social constructivism and...

Longitudinal Brain Tumor Tracking, Tumor Grading, and Patient Survival Prediction Using MRI

Linmin Pei
This work aims to develop novel methods for brain tumor classification, longitudinal brain tumor tracking, and patient survival prediction. Consequently, this dissertation proposes three tasks. First, we develop a framework for brain tumor segmentation prediction in longitudinal multimodal magnetic resonance imaging (mMRI) scans, comprising two methods: feature fusion and joint label fusion (JLF). The first method fuses stochastic multi-resolution texture features with tumor cell density features, in order to obtain tumor segmentation predictions in follow-up...

The Effects of Interruption Relevance and Complexity on Primary Task Resumption and Mental Demand

Brandon Allan Fluegel
In the present study, undergraduate students viewed patient charts and entered numerical values from these charts into a medical record database. They were unexpectedly interrupted by secondary tasks that differed in relevance and complexity. The secondary tasks varied by whether they facilitated or inhibited (i.e., relevant or irrelevant) rehearsal of the suspended task and whether they placed a demand on working memory (i.e., high complexity or low complexity). The primary measures of interest were the...

Pulse Power Effects on Transient Plasma Ignition for Combustion

David Wayne Alderman II
Transient plasma ignition (TPI) uses highly non-equilibrium plasmas, driven by less than 100 nanosecond, high-voltage pulses, to initiate combustion. The effects of pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and ultrashort nanosecond rise times on TPI are investigated in this work using lean, stoichiometric, and rich air-fuel mixtures at atmospheric pressure. Experimental data show the transient plasmas driven by ultrashort rise time, high voltage pulses at high PRF’s enhance the combustion of lean or stoichiometric air-methane mixtures in...

Neglected Cultural Outcomes That Impact Hispanic-Serving Institution Policymaking

Amanda Kate Burbage
The Higher Education Act (HEA) Title V is designed to expand opportunities, increase attainment, and enhance institutional quality and stability of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs). The assessment of Title V goals relies on enrollment, retention, and graduation rates which reflect organizational outcomes that policymakers prioritized without deference to student population, institutional mission, and funding levels. Title V policymakers do not currently consider the ways HSIs centralize the racialized experiences of students and institutions do not uniformly...

DOD Mission Engineering and Integration Explorative-Exploitative Architecture for Technology Innovation

Jose L. Bricio-Neto
The ability of U.S. Department of Defense to achieve timely innovation in support of U.S. National Defense and Military Strategies continues to increase in significance. The growing challenges in U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) technological innovation in a context of global security and rapid pace of global competitiveness continue to reveal many shortcomings in current weapon systems development and acquisition practice. As the pace of technological innovation is accelerating, the DoD faces the challenge that...

Single-Stage, Venturi-Driven Desalination System

Brandon Proetto
Water demand is increasing at a rapid pace due to population increase, industrial expansion, and agricultural development. The use of desalination technology to meet the high water demands has increased global online desalination capacity from 47 million m^3/d in 2007 to 92.5 million m^3/d as of June 2017 [49]. Membrane and thermal processes are the two mainstream desalination categories used worldwide for desalination plants. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most widely used membrane process and...

Computational Analysis of Antipode Algorithms for the Output Feedback Hopf Algebra

Lance Berlin
The feedback interconnection of two systems written in terms of Chen-Fliess series can be described explicitly in terms of the antipode of the output feedback Hopf algebra. At present, there are three known computational approaches to calculating this antipode: the left coproduct method, the right coproduct method, and the derivation method. Each of these algorithms is defined recursively, and thus becomes computationally expensive quite quickly. This motivates the need for a more complete understanding of...

Challenges of Designing and Operating a Pilot Scale Short Residence Time Continuous Hydrothermal Flash Hydrolysis Reactor for High Slurry Load Biomass Processing

Mason James Martin
Increasing demand for renewable energy, fuels, and bioproducts has resulted in a push for increasingly efficient and economically favorable biomass pretreatment methods. Flash Hydrolysis, (FH) a promising biomass pretreatment method, has been extensively studied at a laboratory scale. FH employs a continuous subcritical hydrothermal process capable of fractionating microalgae for lipid and protein recovery. FH is unique in that the residence time is very short (~ 10 s). Maintaining this residence time was key in...

Gesture Based Control of Semi-Autonomous Vehicles

Brian Sanders
The objective of this investigation is to explore the use of hand gestures to control semi-autonomous vehicles, such as quadcopters, using realistic, physics based simulations. This involves identifying natural gestures to control basic functions of a vehicle, such as maneuvering and onboard equipment operation, and building simulations using the Unity game engine to investigate preferred use of those gestures. In addition to creating a realistic operating experience, human factors associated with limitations on physical hand...

The Effect of Task Interruptions and Reliable Cues on Detection Changes Within Dynamic Scenes

Kimberly N. Perry
Interruptions are a common problem for attention and pose a threat to visual task performance. The Memory for Goals (MFG) theory suggests that strongly and accurately encoded cues can assist the ability to resume a primary task after an interruption (Altmann & Trafton, 2002). Encoded cues can undergo an activation decay during an interruption and become forgotten. Currently, there has been limited research on how visual interruptions affect cued recall within a dynamic environment. Thus,...

Estimation of Correlation Confidence Intervals via the Bootstrap: Non-Normal Distributions

John Mart V. DelosReyes
Estimating confidence intervals (CIs) for the correlation has been a challenge. The challenge stems from the metamorphic nature of the sampling distribution of the correlation being bound by-1≤ρ≤1. The nonparametric nature of the bootstrap makes it a good option for estimating correlation CIs. However, there have been mixed results about the robustness of bootstrap CIs for the correlation with non normal data. This had led the literature to suggesting the use of transformation methods to...

Impact of Emotional Competencies on Current E-Cigarette Use Within a Young Adult Sample

Laurel O. Brockenberry, Kelli England & Paul T. Harrell
Significance: Maladaptive emotional states are important drivers of tobacco use, but the mediating factors are poorly understood, particularly for e-cigarette use. Given that e-cigarette use has increased in prevalence and popularity, research examining motivating factors to engage in use is necessary. Methods: Survey data were collected from youth (18-25) attending a four-year university (N = 216, M-age = 20.41, 36.6% African American). Respondents answered questions about emotion dysregulation (Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale; DERS), positive/negative...

Reported Barriers to AAC Service Delivery & Post-Professional Learning Preferences Among Speech-Language Pathologists

Meredith Laverdure & Rachel K. Johnson
This mixed methods experimental study used a survey to identify speech-language pathologists’ perceptions, including preparedness to provide augmentative-alternative communication (AAC) services to individuals with complex communication needs and learning preferences for post-professional training. Following certification standard changes in 2005 and 2014, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) now requires instruction and clinical experiences during graduate studies across nine major content areas, including the use of AAC modalities. Prior to this change, the number of preservice programs...

Legal and Technical Issues for Text and Data Mining in Greece

Maria Kanellopoulou-Botti, Marinos Papadopoulos, Christos Zampakolas & Paraskevi Ganatsiou
Web harvesting and archiving pertains to the processes of collecting from the web and archiving of works that reside on the Web. Web harvesting and archiving is one of the most attractive applications for libraries which plan ahead for their future operation. When works retrieved from the Web are turned into archived and documented material to be found in a library, the amount of works that can be found in said library can be far...

A Comparative Analysis of Factors Influencing Registered Nurse Retention and Turnover Below the Head Nurse Level in Acute Care Hospitals

Jean M. Snyder
In a comparative survey, two groups of registered nurses (stayers and leavers) below the head nurse level were measured in the areas of human need satisfaction perception, role perception, and equity perception. The two registered nurse groups were further subdivided by educational preparation into diploma, associate, and baccalaureate degree stayers and leavers for comparative analysis. Literature reviews revealed considerable research in the area of retention and turnover, but few studies used a theoretical framework and...

Measuring Interpersonal Dependency in Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatients

Susan D. Schaffer
The successful inpatient treatment of emotionally troubled adolescents must facilitate their achievement of developmentally appropriate independence while minimizing the maladaptive dependency that can be fostered by the hospitalization experience. Levels of interpersonal dependency were measured in seven adolescent psychiatric inpatients over a ninety day period. The Interpersonal Dependency Inventory by Hirschfeld, Klerman, Gough, Barrett, Korchin, & Chodoff was utilized. The individual therapist of each participant independently assessed the participant's response to hospitalization at forty-five and...

The Impact of the “Universal Voyager Literacy” Reading Program on Reading Achievement and Instructional Practices in an Urban School District

Shanika L. Hope
Founded in 1994, Voyager Expanded Learning is a provider of K-3 in-school reading programs, as well as K-8 reading intervention programs for school districts throughout the United States. Voyager Universal Literacy's systematic, precise framework fully addresses the five elements of reading instruction, through an explicit succession of ability growth. Voyager Universal Literacy was developed to be a comprehensive program encompassing the subsequent requisites: in-school broad reading program, progress monitoring methods, extensive-day and summer activities, home...

The Nature of Data Sources That Inform Decision-Making in Reading by Experienced Second-Grade Teachers

Margaret Mary Dinan Davis
This qualitative research was designed to describe the nature of data sources that inform decision making in reading by experienced second grade teachers. Data was collected on seven subjects from multiple sources: seven, successive interviews, think alouds using videotaped lessons, classroom observations, and inspection of documents such as grade books, student work samples, report cards, and reading tests. Data analysis was accomplished by transcribing all data into a qualitative data base (Padilla, 1991). Text chunks...

Instructional Technology Experiences of Student Teachers: A Case Study of Participants in the STAT Internship Program

Lee B. Vartanian
The internship experience is an important link between preservice training and inservice teaching. The STAT Internship Program is an alternative internship program that emphasizes the use of instructional technology. A case study of seven participants in the STAT Internship Program was chosen to investigate five research questions. The research questions explored five broad areas: (1) the technology applications interns used, (2) issues that arose from their use of technology, (3) intern attitudes towards technology, (4)...

The Professional Identity of Counseling Students in Master's Level CACREP Accredited Programs

Bianca Puglia
This study examined the professional identity of master's level students enrolled in a CACREP accredited training program. Professional identity was assessed through two instruments: the Beliefs about Counseling Scale and the Professional Identity and Engagement Scale which was developed for this study. The constructs of professional identity represented in the scales included belief in the acquisition of licensure and credentialing, the distinctiveness of professional counseling among other mental health professionals, pride in the counseling profession,...

Assessing the Relationship Between Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms and Freshman Survey Academic Probation Scores for Use in Developing Counseling Programs for Academically at Risk College Students

Douglas Joe Muller
This study identified a significant relationship between Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (Adult ADD) characteristics and the Old Dominion University Freshman Survey Probation Score. The Probation Score is used to identify potential academically at risk freshmen students. Academically at risk is defined as those students with less than a 2.0 GPA. The research found that as the number and severity of Adult ADD characteristics increased, as measured utilizing the Brown Adult ADD Scales, the higher the...

Effects of Direct Reading Instruction on Literacy Achievement in Urban, Literature Based Classrooms

Steven M. Scarcelli
This research examined two similar groups of first grade students and two different approaches to reading instruction within a whole language/literature based curriculum. The sample population for this research was drawn from four randomly assigned first grade classes attending an elementary school with urban characteristics. Teacher selection was based on results from the Theoretical Orientation to Reading Profile. Teachers in the experimental group implemented an approach that utilized a daily format for reading instruction developed...

Food Habits and Ecology of Beavers in Southeastern Virginia

John Lennox Echternach Jr.
The food habits and ecology of three beaver colonies in James County, Virginia were studied. Vegetation surrounding the colonies was characterized as southern mixed hardwood forest or lowland swamp forest. Stream flow values ranged from 0.013 to 0.369 m3/sec. Water depth ranged from 0.5 60 4.0 m. Caloric value of 13 heavily used woody species ranged from 3305 to 6204 cal/g. Considerable seasonal variation was noted in most species with the lowest caloric values noted...

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