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An Examination of High School Intra-District Funding in Two Virginia School Divisions

Claire R. Le Blanc
Most states allocate education funds by grant or category at the district level, and most districts distribute funds at the school level. 1 Differences between allocations from the states to the districts and distribution methods from the districts to the schools can lead to unintended consequences in funding equity. This may undermine the purpose of the funding policies developed by state legislatures. Most states use a formula that provides a foundation funding amount to the...

Food Habits and Ecology of Beavers in Southeastern Virginia

John Lennox Echternach Jr.
The food habits and ecology of three beaver colonies in James County, Virginia were studied. Vegetation surrounding the colonies was characterized as southern mixed hardwood forest or lowland swamp forest. Stream flow values ranged from 0.013 to 0.369 m3/sec. Water depth ranged from 0.5 60 4.0 m. Caloric value of 13 heavily used woody species ranged from 3305 to 6204 cal/g. Considerable seasonal variation was noted in most species with the lowest caloric values noted...

Community College Students with Psychological Disorders and Their Perceptions of Online Learning

Gretchen Winifred Langford Warren
Research focusing on students with learning disabilities is abundant for secondary and higher education. Studies utilizing data on students with psychological disorders cover secondary and 4-year university education. However, community college students with psychological disorders and their perception of online classes is an area of educational research which lacks data. Students across a wide spectrum of psychological disorders tend to find learning challenging. The community college's learning environment may best fit their learning styles. With...

Utilizing a Web-Based Career Development Workshop to Address Career Decision-Making Difficulty Among Community College Distance Learners

Johanna Michele Brown
Career decision making difficulty, as it relates to undecided college students and career indecision, has been a concern for counselors and academic advisors for decades (Gordon, 2006; Mau, 2004). Individuals struggling with career indecision often seek assistance via career counseling, self-help tools, and/or computer-assisted career guidance systems (Gati, Gadassi, & Shemesh, 2005). The past decade has brought a large increase in the development of a number of web-based career guidance systems (CGS) (Bobek, Robbins, Gore,...

A Naturalistic Investigation Into the Processes and Themes of Recovery From Chemical Dependency

Mark Thomas Blagen
The research on recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction has generally focused on the causes of relapse. Although the study of the causes of relapse is an important endeavor, the results of this focus remain inconclusive. Understanding the process and themes of recovery is also an important question that remains a significant challenge. This study attempts to explain, in part, why it is that one person can have many relapse indicators and still thrive in...

Teachers' Education and Training Factors and Their Influence on Formative Assessment Processes

William Clark Reed
This study sought to identify factors in teachers' education and training that may be associated with their capacity to use formative testing to inform instruction and, ultimately, improve their students' achievement. This research involved the identification of teachers' educational and training variables that might influence their abilities to analyze formative testing results, interpret the analyses, and modify instruction so as to improve students' achievement in third grade mathematics. The goal was to identify those factors...

An Examination of the Role of the Assistant Principal in High schools in Virginia That Are Restructuring

Teresa K. Mizelle
This study examined the assistant principalship in urban public high schools in Virginia that were restructuring. The study was designed to determine the role of the assistant principal, to identify how the role had changed as a result of restructuring, to identify concerns and issues to be considered for redefining the role, and to identify modifications to enhance the role. The literature review revealed that the role in general and in schools that were restructuring...

Privatize or Self-Operate: Decision-Making in Campus Services Management

Jeffrey Shelton Pittman
In the past colleges operated as communities in which teaching and almost every other aspect of campus life were managed by a campus entity. This is particularly true in the area of campus support services. In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the way campus services are provided. Increasingly, college and university administrators evaluate the benefits and potential problems of privatizing or outsourcing various service units. Currently, such services as bookstores, food...

The Influence of Reading Comprehension and Other Selected Factors on Student Dropouts in an Urban Southeastern School District in Virginia

Viola Garris Morgan
The purpose of this research was to examine the influence of reading achievement on the dropout status. The major research question was to determine to what extent does reading comprehension influence the dropout rate after controlling for demographic and performance characteristics? The target population consisted of 677 urban twelfth-grade students attending schools in an urban southeastern school district in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Of the 677 students, 142 were dropouts, and 535 were nondropouts. Simple...

A Case Study of the Perceptions of Character Education in a Large Urban Community

Suzanne G. Houff
This case study seeks to provide insight into the community perception of character education in a large urban area that does not currently implement an explicit program in moral values. The community is established through adolescents in middle school, parents of the adolescents, school counselors and community members. Informants are selected in an attempt to ensure a diverse cross section of the middle school communities. Perceptions of character education are established through the process of...

Choice and Support: An Individualized Approach to Student Empowerment and Involvement in Combating Procrastination in the Internet Learning Environment

Han Liu
This study was designed to explore effective approaches that could help online students overcome online academic procrastination, raise their satisfaction ratings, and improve their academic performance. The research was conducted at Old Dominion University, Virginia, with a sample of 165 undergraduate and graduate students (mean age = 30.67, SD = 8.98; male = 33, 20%, female = 132, 80%; undergraduate 95, 58%, graduate 70, 42%). The participants were taking an online course, Social and Cultural...

Urban University Adjunct Faculty Perceptions of Professional Development Needs

Merodie Anne Hancock
The purpose of this study was to determine Old Dominion University adjunct faculty members' perceptions of their professional development needs. A three-round Delphi technique was employed as the primary research tool. An initial stratified sample of 120 current adjunct faculty members was selected by college associate deans. The research was conducted with 57 adjunct faculty members completing all three rounds of the study. The first research question was to ascertain Old Dominion University adjunct faculty...

A Study of Professional Development School Program Graduates Through Their First Year as Urban School Teachers

Amy J. Vereen
This year-long study focused on three first-year teachers-in order to examine how they adjusted to their first year, how they developed professionally, and how they changed as teachers. Each teacher possessed characteristics for success in urban schools, and had completed a Professional Development School internship. Using a self-efficacy test, interviews, and a teacher survey, the three teachers were measured throughout the academic year with regard to their level of readiness to teach, the impact of...

Perceptions and Factors Influencing Success in Professional Preparation Physical Therapy Education

Mira H. Mariano
The purpose of this study was to gather data on student background characteristics, the perceptions of social and academic support, and self-concept of current professional preparation physical therapy (PT) students. A second purpose was to determine whether any variables were predictive of academic success/retention and to investigate whether there were differences in those variables between majority and minority PT students. The study used mixed methods with entry-level PT students from Virginia and North Carolina. Questionnaires...

The Impact of the 101s: A Guide to Positive Discipline Training on Teacher Interaction Practices, Attitudes, and Prosocial Skill Outcomes in Preschool Classrooms

Marie Louise Talayco Masterson
This study investigated the impact of The 101s: A Guide to Positive Discipline on teachers of preschool Title 1 children. Current research supports the impact of responsive social emotional support and positive teacher-child interactions on both short and long term social and academic outcomes, with specific remediating benefits for children most at risk of school failure. The 101s training and materials evaluated in this study included ten principles/skills to support respectful, responsive interactions hypothesized to...

The Effect of Public Pre-Kindergarten Attendance on First Grade Reading and Social Achievement: A District Level Analysis

Michael James Haslip
The purpose of this study was to test the relationship between attending a school district Pre-K program and children's later literacy and behavior outcomes in the beginning and middle of first grade. Children's text level, letter-sound identification, sight words, spelling and citizenship skills were measured. The study included 880 children who attended the division Pre-K program and 176 children who attended no formal or institutional preschool of any kind. Selection bias was addressed through propensity...

An Analysis of the Differences Between Non-Profit Board Members According to the Method by Which Non-Profit Board Positions Are Acquired

Patricia N. Birungi
This dissertation examines the differences between individuals who acquire non-profit board positions by actively seeking out these positions and individuals who acquire non-profit board positions in other ways in regards to the concept of public service motivation, antecedents of public service motivation, and characteristics of service. First, Public Service Motivation (PSM) theory is used to study how the concept of public service motivation relates to the method by which individuals acquire positions on non-profit boards....

An Exploratory Analysis of Post Strategic Plan Implementation Fidelity in Two Urban-Based, Nonprofit Health Education/Advocacy Organizations

Theodore N Burke
This research is a multi case study examining the degree of fidelity (adherence) accorded to strategic plans following implementation in two, urban-based, nonprofit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) health education/advocacy organizations. The study was focused on the impetus and goals for strategic planning, the similarities and differences in the implementation processes, adherence (fidelity) to the plan once implemented, and finally what factors prompted the fidelity or lack of fidelity to the plan once implemented. Fourteen respondent...

Franco-American Relations and the Emergence of French Nuclear Armament, 1939-1962

Regis Hugues Philippon
France and the United States stand out as two major pioneer countries in the development of nuclear science. It was logical for France to join the nuclear club. But due to the extended responsibilities such an option implies, a lengthy difference of opinion developed between France and the United States. The former asserted its rights and its worldwide influence heedless of the decolonization process. The latter, heavily committed to the Western defense and its global...

Television and the Integration of Europe in the Era of Satellite Communications

John Erick Roos
The role television played in the integration of Europe through 1987 is examined in an analysis focusing on historical trends, integration theory, and the effect of satellite technology on the political environment in Europe. Television remained under the jurisdiction of national governments since its inception, satellite communications challenged the system of national control of television and changed television's role in Europe by introducing a revolutionary new delivery system. Integration theorists are cited to define the...

Effects of Direct Reading Instruction on Literacy Achievement in Urban, Literature Based Classrooms

Steven M. Scarcelli
This research examined two similar groups of first grade students and two different approaches to reading instruction within a whole language/literature based curriculum. The sample population for this research was drawn from four randomly assigned first grade classes attending an elementary school with urban characteristics. Teacher selection was based on results from the Theoretical Orientation to Reading Profile. Teachers in the experimental group implemented an approach that utilized a daily format for reading instruction developed...

An Analysis of Structure, Organization, and Activities of Community Dispute Resolution Centers in Virginia

Terri Colby Barr
This study is a comparative analysis of the structure, organization and activities of the nine non-profit (501 (c)(3)) mediation centers for the resolution of dispute (CDRC) in Virginia. Data for the analysis was collected through on-site interviews, in-depth case studies, and discussions with the leadership of the centers. The CDRCs suffer from funding shortfalls which pressure them to shift their attention away from their mission. They are dependent upon the state's court contracts for mediation...

Yellow Ribbons

D. Scott Drake
Yellow Ribbons is a feature-film screenplay that dramatizes various aspects of the Persian Gulf War. The hero of the story, Lieutenant Jason Hart, a talented but quixotic naval fighter pilot, participates in one of the last allied offensive military actions: the bombing of the retreating Iraqi army. Jake suffers a crisis of conscience in the climactic moment of the bombing and decides that he cannot continue to serve the navy as a fighter pilot. The...

The Nature of Data Sources That Inform Decision-Making in Reading by Experienced Second-Grade Teachers

Margaret Mary Dinan Davis
This qualitative research was designed to describe the nature of data sources that inform decision making in reading by experienced second grade teachers. Data was collected on seven subjects from multiple sources: seven, successive interviews, think alouds using videotaped lessons, classroom observations, and inspection of documents such as grade books, student work samples, report cards, and reading tests. Data analysis was accomplished by transcribing all data into a qualitative data base (Padilla, 1991). Text chunks...

Instructional Technology Experiences of Student Teachers: A Case Study of Participants in the STAT Internship Program

Lee B. Vartanian
The internship experience is an important link between preservice training and inservice teaching. The STAT Internship Program is an alternative internship program that emphasizes the use of instructional technology. A case study of seven participants in the STAT Internship Program was chosen to investigate five research questions. The research questions explored five broad areas: (1) the technology applications interns used, (2) issues that arose from their use of technology, (3) intern attitudes towards technology, (4)...

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