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The Transfer Promise: An Investigation of Impediments to Academic Success and Persistence in a Mid-Sized Urban University

Mary H. Duggan
This study adapted and validated, for use with transfer students, an existing freshman survey instrument designed to identify patterns of noncognitive factors related to academic performance and persistence. This study also explored the transfer experience by combining a qualitative interview approach with that of a survey, thus developing a method to ascertain those transfer students who were at risk of attrition. To identify noncognitive predictors, the researcher examined the percentage of transfer students in academic...

Intersectional Identities and Microaggressions: The Experience of Transgender Females

Cory Daniel Gerwe
Historically, attention given to privileged LGBT minorities such as white LGBT individuals, renders those who experience multiple minority identities as unacknowledged. There is a scarcity of research exploring the intersectional experiences of transgender individuals and how these experiences impact their mental health and well-being. For that reason, the intent of this study was to learn more about transgender females who hold additional minority statuses, their transition experiences, their circumstances, and the nature of their social...

Arthropod Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptides in Tick-Borne Bacterial and Viral Infections

Vikas Kumar Taank
Vector-borne diseases (VBDs) are human illness transmitted by an arthropod vector. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that VBD has a huge impact worldwide that is responsible for affecting a billion people and causes 700,000 deaths annually. In recent years, there has been a continuous increase in the incidences of tick-borne diseases such as Lyme diseases and human anaplasmosis as reported by Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Very few reliable VBD control strategies have emerged...

I.G. Farben's Petro-Chemical Plant and Concentration Camp at Auschwitz

Robert Simon Yavner
This study examines the history of the petrochemical plant and concentration camp run by I.G. Farbenindustrie (the dominant German chemical company during World War II) at Auschwitz to decide upon the degree of Farben’s involvement with Hitler and the Holocaust. The study traces the construction of the plant to determine Farben's participation at Auschwitz. The main sources consulted were the transcripts of the postwar Farben trial at Nuremberg along with eyewitness accounts of members of...

Analysis of Human Sperm Chromatin Integrity

Silvina M. Bocca
Determining potential maternal or paternal sources of abnormal chromosomal constitution gives opportunity for preconception genetic counseling. The most direct determination is achieved by analyzing the nuclear constitution of the gametes. The present study evaluated the integrity of human spermatozoal nuclear material in the two condensation stages of chromatin and chromosomes. Original semen samples (ORI) and their swim-up fractions (SW, selected for motility) from men of known (donors) and unknown (patients) fertility were analyzed. The extent...

A Genetic and Physiological Study of the Role of Extracellular Copper-Binding Proteins in Copper Detoxification by the Marine Bacterium Vibrio alginolyticus

Valerie J. Harwood
Supernatant proteins in Vibrio alginolyticus batch cultures were analyzed by SDS-PAGE before copper was added, 24 and 48 hours after the addition of copper, and in 24 hour control (no Cu) cultures. Two proteins, one 21 kilodalton (kDa) and one 19 kDa, were found to be copper-induced, and were designated copper-binding protein 1 (CuBP1) and CuBP2. CuBP1 and CuBP2 became detectable in supernatants during the Cu-induced lag phase, and increased in concentration over the following...

Towards a Strategy-Balanced Measure of Business Performance: Conceptualization and Empirical Examination With the Market Orientation Construct

David William Lambert
Although previous research has theoretically asserted and provided partial empirical support for a positive relationship between an organization's market orientation and business performance, few studies have demonstrated this relationship using a broader conceptualization of business performance that extends beyond market-based and financial measures. This dissertation conceptualizes and develops valid measurements of key dimensions of a business performance construct—termed strategy-balanced measure of business performance (SBMBP)—and empirically tests this construct with the market orientation construct. To fully...

The Long-Term Performance of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs): Venture Capitalists, Reputation of Investment Bankers, and Corporate Structure

Halit Gonenc
The Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) literature has uncovered the underpricing, hot issue markets, and long-term underperformance anomalies. The long-term underperformance of IPO firms has gained the focus of recent academic attention. Recent studies document that venture capitalists, and the reputation of investment bankers are associated with the long-term performance of firms going public. The lack of venture capitalists has been shown to relate with the long-term underperformance of IPO firms. On the other hand, IPO...

Investigating the Effect of the International Stock Indexes on the United States Stock Index Futures

Zehlha Illhan Ertuna
The futures market is used extensively for price discovery, arbitrage, and hedging. Since their introduction in the 1980's, the stock index futures have also become an active market and a very important research area. Any additional knowledge to understand the underlying effects on the index will help both investors and researchers. In this study, I examine the role of informational flow from the world's major stock markets (British, French, German, Japanese) to the U.S. futures...

Time-Optimal Algorithms on Meshes With Multiple Broadcasting

Dharmavani Bhagavathi
The mesh-connected computer architecture has emerged as a natural choice for solving a large number of computational tasks in image processing, computational geometry, and computer vision. However, due to its large communication diameter, the mesh tends to be slow when it comes to handling data transfer operations over long distances. In an attempt to overcome this problem, mesh-connected computers have recently been augmented by the addition of various types of bus systems. One such system...

Mounting Sex Pheromone: A Novel Pheromone Responsible for Mate Recognition in the Ixodidae

JGC Hamilton
Cholesterol oleate was demonstrated to be the cuticular contact sex pheromone of Dermacentor variabilis. This pheromone which has been termed the Mounting Sex Pheromone (MSP) was also demonstrated to be present on the surface of D. andersoni, Amblyomma maculatum and A. americanum. This contact sex pheromone enables males excited and attracted by 2,6-dichlorophenol to identify the female as a potential mating partner. The MSP is the second in the series of three sex pheromones guiding...

Effects of High-Carbohydrate Versus Mixed-Macronutrient Meals on Soccer Physiology and Performance

Jaison Lee Wynne
he purpose of the study was to measure the effects of an acute pre-competition high-carbohydrate (HCHO) meal versus a mixed-macronutrient (MM) meal on physiology, perceptual responses, and performance in 15 division I female collegiate soccer players. Being there are conjectural advantages to pre-exercise meals higher in fiber, fat, and protein, this study was conducted to evaluate the physiological and perceptual effects of pre-competition MM meals. This study used a randomized, investigator-blinded, crossover design involving two...

Knowledge Sharing and Creative Confidence in Promoting Employees’ Creative Behavior

Elnaz Dario
The purpose of this research is to investigate the influence of knowledge sharing and creative confidence on the relationship between organizations’ creative environment and employees’ creative behavior. This study individually assesses the relationship between factors from heterogeneous survey participant data and compares the result for two groups; engineers and non-engineers. A theoretical framework is adopted to explain how a creative climate stimulates an individual’s creative behavior and how this relationship is moderated and mediated by...

A Comparison of College Student-Athletes With Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Nonathletes With ADHD: Academic Adjustment, Severity of Mental Health Concerns, and Complexity of Life Concerns

Sonja Lund
College student-athletes traditionally experience more stressors than their nonathletic peers due to their dual roles. ADHD causes impairments in executive functioning which can cause additional stress for the college student. The combination of ADHD and student-athlete status may impact academic adjustment, mental health severity, and complexity of college life concerns. Presently, no study has explored how student-athletes with ADHD may compare with nonathletes with ADHD in terms of these elements. The purpose of this study...

The Remarkable John Bigelow, Jr.: An Examination of Professionalism in the United States Army, 1877-91

Howard K. Hansen Jr.
This thesis describes the military career of John Bigelow, Jr. , with emphasis on the professional development of United States Army officers. It questions the role Bigelow played in the formation of army professionalism, a sense of corporate responsibility to exercise military expertise correctly. A focus on Bigelow to delineate professionalism in the army provides a fresh perspective of a pivotal period in American military history in the aftermath of the Civil War and before...

Reconstruction in Kemper County, Mississippi

Michael Brian Connolly
Blacks were the passive victims in Kemper County, Mississippi, the scene of violence and murder in Reconstruction. The Ku Klux Klan, the Order of '76, and a continuing animosity between scalawag Radical Republicans and white-line Democrats were instrumental in perpetuating a frontier atmosphere wherein the pistol and Bowie knife were commonplace. Shooting or killing was an acceptable method of settling one's differences with another. Freedom and new rights for the majority black population of the...

DREAM: A Theoretical Analysis

Xueying Qi
A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET, for short) is a collection of mobile nodes deployed in support of a short-lived special-purpose operation. Examples include search-and-rescue missions, law-enforcement, multimedia classrooms, and among many others. Unlike cellular or satellite networks, MANET do not rely on any form of pre-existing infrastructure. The mobility of nodes combined with the lack of infrastructure makes routing in MANET notoriously difficult. It was recently suggested that routing in MANET can use to advantage...

Unsteady Transonic Flow Over Slender Bodies

Cevdet Aydun
The unsteady transonic small disturbance equation for an oscillating slender body is obtained from the full potential equation in cylindrical coordinates by means of a perturbation analysis. The time-dependent body-boundary condition is reduced into a simpler form by matching the outer and inner flows. Also, a time-dependent pressure coefficient over the slender body is derived by means of a matching principle. The simplified form of the body-boundary condition is incorporated into the difference equations at...

Similitude of Mass Transfer Processes in Distorted Froude Model of an Estuary

Carvel Hall Blair
The project began with the design and construction of a hydraulic Froude model of the Lafayette River, a small well mixed estuary in Norfolk, Virginia. Horizontal scale is 1/540, vertical scale 1/12 yielding a vertical distortion of 45. Adjustment by roughness strips and screens produced close agreement of model-prototype tide heights, currents, and salinities in the deep reaches comprising 80% of the estuary volume. Some scale effect in velocity and tide height could not be...


Gary Ryan Brown
Playdance is a play in three acts which studies the relationships between parents and their children. The development of the script and the intended production was spurred by the pain that so many families experience as children grow away from their parents control. This look at the Denton household was an attempt to help understand the suffering and the feeling of solitude that so often accompanies this familial trauma. It was my intention to write...

Instability Waves in the Gulf Stream Front and Its Thermocline Layer

Sang-Ki Lee
Linear instability calculations were carried out on a three layer Gulf Stream front model in an attempt to elucidate the interaction of the thermocline layer with surface slopewater shoreward of the front. The basic state is geostrophic balance and constant potential vorticity in the two active layers, but the perturbations are ageostrophic. The flow is found to be unstable to long wave perturbations, the wavelength of the most unstable wave to be of order 10...

Evaluation of Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic Tectonism: Atlantic Inner Coastal Plain Margin Near Richmond, Virginia

Andrew A. Gremos
A combined geologic, geophysical, and geomorphic analysis of the Virginia Inner Coastal Plain margin near Richmond was conducted to investigate the presence of basement structures and to evaluate their influence on the overlying sedimentary package and present-day landscape. Basement structures identified included north-northeast and northwest oriented faults that appear to bound and transect a north-northeast trending early Mesozoic basin or basins and other pre-existing zones of weakness. Observed offsets are propagated upward through the pre-Miocene...

Implications of a Family Systems Orientation for Preventing Psychiatric Hospitalization

James Howard Bullock
The present study evaluated the implications of a family systems approach for preventing psychiatric hospitalization by comparing the behavior of field clinicians who professed a systems view versus clinicians who held more traditional nonsystems views. The focus of the investigation was the clinical assessments and decisions of 31 clinicians who worked at five Virginia public mental health centers as they prescreened (i.e., evaluated need for inpatient treatment) 171 candidates for hospitalization. Q-technique was employed to...

Targeting the Pin Domain of Type II Toxins Is a Novel Approach to Treat Infections Caused by Nontypeable Haemophilus Influenzae

Ashley Lynne Molinaro
Toxin-antitoxin (TA) gene pairs have been identified in nearly all bacterial genomes sequenced to date and are thought to facilitate persistence and antibiotic tolerance. TA loci are classified into various types based upon the characteristics of their antitoxins, with those in type II expressing proteic antitoxins. Many toxins from type II modules are ribonucleases that maintain a PilT N-terminus (PIN) domain containing conserved amino acids considered essential for activity. The vapBC (virulence associated protein) TA...

Creating a Predictor Model for High School Non-Completers

Alicia A. Pruitt
This study examined predictor variables to identify students at-risk for dropping out of high school in a southeastern school district in Virginia. This study involved 14,169 participants of ninth through twelfth grade students from the 2007-2008 school year in a selected urban school division. This quantitative study employed correlation analyses to determine the linear relationship between dropping out of high school and the predictor variables. Logistic regression analysis determined which set of predictor variables best...

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