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The Influence of Brain Hemisphericity on the Composing Process of Twelfth Graders

Reinholdine Breien-Pierson
Despite the popularization of the concept of brain hemispheric dominance, little serious research has been done in the area of the role of brain hemisphericity in learning and thought. The purpose of this case study was to explore the role of hemisphericity in the area of student composition to test the theory that the composing process and writing of student papers differs relative to the students' hemispheric dominance. A second area of investigation was to...

Fluvial Depositional Processes of a Tropical River, Colombia, South America

Michael L. Babuin
Fluvial depositional processes along the Rio Magui in south-western Columbia are primarily controlled by localized uplift downstream of the mouth of the river, sediment sources that produce both coarse-and-fine-grained load, and numerous over-bank flows caused by torrential rainfall.


June Nan Cooper
"Matoaka" is the first draft and partial scoring of an original music/play about the Powhatan Indians of Tidewater, Virginia. This music/play is actually the second in a projected series of three about the Powhatan Indians and the Native American world view. "Matoaka" is staged from a Powhatan perspective on the events surrounding the English settlement of Jamestowne in the year 1607. As much of the Powhatan culture has been destroyed, the Powhatan world view is...

The Stratigraphy of Late Quaternary Deposits in the Payan Mining District, Narino, Colombia, South America

Richard Alan Barringer
Late Quaternary terrace deposits along the Rio Magui consist of cobble or pebble gravels with thick volcanic ash caps. These gravel terrace deposits unconformably overlie a cemented volcanic tuff (Ananias Formation), and are subdivided into two formations (Antigua and Panambi formations) based on the cobble lithology and size, depth of weathering, geomorphic relationships, and heavy mineral assemblages. Carbon-14 dates from wood suggest that the Antigua fan deposits are older (greater than 40,000 YBP) than the...

Modeling Aspects of Magnetic Actuators and Magnetic Suspension Systems

V. Dale Bloodgood Jr.
This dissertation is a study of new modeling techniques developed for magnetic suspension systems. The techniques discussed are modifications of magnetic circuit theory and fundamental eddy current models. The techniques are compared against experimental test results and finite element data. The information gained from the experimental testing is used to provide insight into magnetic bearing design. A small-gap modeling technique called extended circuit theory is developed that incorporates information about the system gained from finite...

The A-B Signal Detection Theory Model

Ernesto A. Bustamante
The purpose of this research was threefold: (1) Present the a-b SDT model as an alternative framework to overcome the limitations of the underlying SDT model and the traditional measures of sensitivity and criterion setting, (2) Provide empirical support to validate the adequacy of the a-b SDT model, and (3) Conduct a Monte Carlo Study to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of both the traditional and the a-b SDT models across the full...

Performance Modeling and Prediction for the Scalable Solution of Partial Differential Equations on Unstructured Grids

Dinesh Kumar Kaushik
This dissertation studies the sources of poor performance in scientific computing codes based on partial differential equations (PDEs), which typically perform at a computational rate well below other scientific simulations (e.g., those with dense linear algebra or N-body kernels) on modern architectures with deep memory hierarchies. We identify that the primary factors responsible for this relatively poor performance are: insufficient available memory bandwidth, low ratio of work to data size (good algorithmic efficiency), and nonscaling...

An Integrated Risk Analysis Methodology in a Multidisciplinary Design Environment

Katrina R. Hampton
Design of complex, one-of-a-kind systems, such as space transportation systems, is characterized by high uncertainty and, consequently, high risk. It is necessary to account for these uncertainties in the design process to produce systems that are more reliable. Systems designed by including uncertainties and managing them, as well, are more robust and less prone to poor operations as a result of parameter variability. The quantification, analysis and mitigation of uncertainties are challenging tasks as many...

Molecular Study of the B19 (Human) Pathogenic Parvovirus

Jamshed Ayub
The B19 (human) parvovirus is a small single stranded DNA virus of 5.4 kilobases. B19 is specific for erythroid progenitor cells and has been propagated in vitro only with human erythroid bone marrow. Replication of viral DNA and the viral protein products of B19 appear similar to those of other animal parvoviruses. However, B19 differs from other parvoviruses in some important aspects, which include the initiation of all transcripts at a strong left side promoter...

On the Unique Tree Representation of Graphs

Beverly Jamison
This dissertation investigates classes of graphs which admit tree representations unique up to isomorphism. The definitions of these classes are based on local properties of P4's, A template structure theorem is given which illustrates the nature of the local properties. The template theorem is instantiated for three different classes of graphs. Properties specific to each of the classes are used to produce a tree representation which can be used for graph computations, such as efficient...

Recognition of Quadric Surfaces From Range Data: An Analytical Approach

Ivan X. D D'Cunha
In this dissertation, a new technique based on analytic geometry for the recognition and description of three-dimensional quadric surfaces from range images is presented. Beginning with the explicit representation of quadrics, a set of ten coefficients are determined for various three-dimensional surfaces. For each quadric surface, a unique set of two-dimensional curves which serve as a feature set is obtained from the various angles at which the object is intersected with a plane. Based on...

Topics in Nonlinear Stochastic Control, Estimation, and Decision, Using a Measure Transformation Approach

Charalambos Demetriou Charalambous
We discuss topics in the theory of nonlinear stochastic control, estimation, and decision via a probabilistic approach using measure transformations and martingale theory. First, we investigate the problem of estimating a diffusion process using coordinate transformations and measure transformations, both locally and globally; this is the analog of nonlinear coordinate and state feedback transformations used to obtain exact linearization in nonlinear deterministic control problems. Our results are new in that we use a probabilistic approach...

Unsteady Euler and Navier-Stokes Computations Around Oscillating Delta Wing Including Dynamics

Ahmed Abd-El-Bar Ahmed Salman
Unsteady flows around rigid or flexible delta wings with and without oscillating leading-edge flaps are considered. These unsteady flow problems are categorized under two classes of problems. In the first class, the wing motion is prescribed a priori and in the second class, the wing motion is obtained as a part of the solution. The formulation of the first class includes either the unsteady Euler or unsteady Navier-Stokes equations for the fluid dynamics and the...

Integrated Control of Thermally Distorted Large Space Antennas

Robert H. Tolson
Studies on controlling the thermal distortion of large space antennae have generally investigated a single orbital position and have optimized actuator locations based on minimizing the RMS surface deviation from the original parabolic shape. One study showed the benefits of directly using far zone electric field characteristics as the performance measure; but, this approach resulted in a nonlinear programming problem. The objective of the current study is to develop an approach to designing a control...

Analysis of Moisture Absorption and Diffusion in Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Resin-Matrix Composite Materials

Stephen Stern Tompkins
The diffusion of moisture through fiber reinforced polymeric-matrix composite materials has been studied analytically. The diffusion in the orthotropic, nonhomogeneous material was modeled, in detail, with a two-dimensional transient diffusion analysis. An effective diffusivity for the composite was determined in terms of the fiber volume fraction and the resin diffusivity. This effective diffusivity is in better agreement with recent data than those previously determined using less complex models. The influence of both material and environmental...

Determinants for the Timing of Escapement From the Sockeye Salmon Fishery of the Copper River, Alaska: A Simulation Model

Howard A. Schaller
A model to estimate determinants for migratory timing of catch and escapement in a terminal salmon fishery is presented. A method was developed to estimate average seasonal migration rates of salmon through a harvest area from catch and escapement data. The time series for the total population of Copper River sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) was reconstructed in the reference frame of the commercial harvest area from catch and escapement data. The catchability coefficients (q), derived...

Vitellogenesis in Hyalomma dromedarii (Acari: Ixodidae): A Model for Analysis of Endocrine Regulation in Ixodid Ticks

Martin E. Schriefer
The egg yolk proteins, vitellins, and their hemolymph precursors, vitellogenins, were characterized in the ixodid tick Hyalomma dromedarii. Three vitellins were identified. The high molecular weight vitellins, VN A and VN B, were composed of seven homologous molecular weight subunit polypeptides, VN 1-7. VN A appears to be a dimeric form of VN B. VN C was composed of single polypeptide. Low levels of vitellogenin, were identified in western immunoblots utilizing antibody raised against purified...

Identifying and Quantifying Personnel Skills Gaps

Martin Joseph McKenney
One of the issues organizations face is identifying the required skills needed for a position and then evaluating whether their personnel have these skills or if there is a “skills gap”. The skills gap is the distance between the position requirements and the skills currently possessed by the worker in that position. While multiple models have been created over the years to address facets of the problem, none of them provide a comprehensive framework to...

The Perceived Role of High-Level Black Urban Managers in Virginia

Karen Ann Johnson
Focusing on sixteen cities in Virginia, the researcher studied the perceived managerial and career roles that high level black urban managers play in local government. From June to August 1991, black managers in the study completed self-assessments in the following areas: (1) socio-demographics, (2) perceived managerial and career role, (3) behaviors associated with managerial activism, pursuing the needs of the black community and career development, and (4) characteristics of their work environment. Based on their...

Analysis of Random Structure-Acoustic Interaction Problems Using Coupled Boundary Element and Finite Element Methods

Carl S. Pates III
A coupled boundary element(BEM)-finite element(FEM) approach is presented to accurately model structure-acoustic interaction systems. The boundary element method is first applied to interior, two and three-dimensional acoustic domains with complex geometry configurations. Boundary element results are very accurate when compared with limited exact solutions. Structure-interaction problems are then analyzed with the coupled FEM-BEM method, where the finite element method models the structure and the boundary element method models the interior acoustic domain. The coupled analysis...

Translational Regulation of the C-Jun Proto-Oncogene

Anil Sehgal
The v-jun oncogene was originally isolated from the ASV17 virus in 1987. Ever since its isolation, extensive work has been done to understand the role of the v-jun oncogene in cell transformation. The c-Jun protein is a transcription factor which binds to the DNA target TGACTCA. The c-Jun protein binds to DNA in the form of dimers. It can form homodimers with itself and heterodimers with Jun family (JunB and JunD), Fos family (FosB, Fra1...

Stability Analysis of Closed Surge Tanks By Phase-Plane Method

Mostafa A. Sabbah
The governing equations describing water level oscillations in a closed surge tank with compressed air at the top of the tank are a set of nonlinear ordinary differential equations if the hydraulic system is analyzed as a lumped system. These oscillations are stable or unstable depending on the parameters of the plant and the type and magnitude of the disturbance. The present available stability criterion has been developed by linearizing the governing equations and is,...

Transplantation of the Mammalian Pineal Gland: Studies of Survival, Revascularization, Reinnervation and Recovery of Function

Wutian Wu
The survival, revascularization, reinnervation, and recovery of function of transplanted newborn rat pineal glands were studied following grafting into four different locations in pinealectomized rats. These locations were the third cerebral ventricle, in situ (where the pineal gland is normally located), the renal capsule, and the anterior chamber of the eye. Pinealocytes in the grafts maintained high metabolic activity as evidenced by the presence of euchromatic nuclei, prominent nucleoli, infolded nuclear envelopes, numerous mitochondria and...

Determination of Pancreatic and Salivary Amylase By Enzyme Immunoassay and Their Prevalence in Hyperamylasemic Patients

Sabdra Borgens Ward
Currently, amylase determinations are nonspecific for the organ source and are based entirely on the enzymatic properties of amylase to produce a measurable product or byproduct. The determination of pancreatic amylase is important in the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. Most commercially available tests for amylase employ the measurement of the change in NADH absorbance at 280 nm or of the p-nitrophenol released from a maltotetrose substrate. These are nonspecific measurements of pancreatic amylase and often...

Subunit Interactions of Recombinant HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase With Mutations at L289

Jacquelyn R. Smith
Reverse transcriptase (RT) is a dimeric enzyme required for replication of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). If the subunits of the RT dimer are dissociated, the enzyme is no longer active; therefore, identification of subunit binding sites could lead to potential targets for antiviral therapy. In order to identify where subunit binding of RT occurs, mutations were made at leucine (L) 289, a residue believed to be involved in dimerization through hydrophobic interactions with other...

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