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Intimate Partner Physical Violence Against Women in Saudi Arabian Primary Healthcare Clinics

Halah M. Eldoseri

An Empirical Examination of the Moderators of the Service Recovery Paradox

Vincent P. Magnini
Some researchers (Abrams and Paese, 1993; Bitner, Booms, and Tetreault, 1990; Etzel and Silverman. 1981; Feinberg et al., 1990; Folkes and Kotsos, 1986; Gilly and Gelb, 1982; Hart, Heskett, and Sasser, 1990; Hocutt, Chakraborty, and Mowen, 1997; Kelley and Davis, 1994; Kelley, Hoffman and Davis, 1993; McCollough and Bharadwaj, 1992; Michel, 2001; Chrage, 2001; Smith and Bolton, 1998; Spreng, Harrell, and Mackoy, 1995; Tax, Brown, and Chandrashekaran, 1998) support the notion of a ‘recovery paradox’...

Characterization of the Biological Activities of Recombinant Fusion Protein Green Fluorescent Protein/Human Zona Pellucida Protein 3 (GFP/HZP3)

Zhiyong Lin
Despite numerous reports indicating the successful production of bioactive recombinant ZP3, no report has shown the rhZP3 having direct binding activity with human sperm. Recombinant ZP3 generated from our previous study displayed binding activity with human sperm through indirect evidence from hemizona assay (HZA). This present study focused on the production of recombinant ZP3 with direct binding activity with human sperm. Through the application of a pEGFP expression vector, fusion protein GFP/ZP3 was successfully generated...

Comparison of Immune Correlates, Age Related Changes and Proteomic Profiling of Healthy Individuals Receiving Influenza Vaccines

Gaurav Basu
The burden of influenza related infections is substantial, both in terms of illness, lives lost and economic impact on society. The degree of impact of influenza related infections is much higher in the elderly population where it is a leading cause of catastrophic disability; greatly affecting the quality of life of elderly persons above 65 years of age. Vaccination is the mainstay for control and prevention of influenza infections. There are two vaccine formulations that...

The Effect of Illicit Drugs Securitization in Indonesia

Yanu Widiyono

A Monolithic Internal Strain-Gage Balance Design Based on Design for Manufacturability

Thomas Ladson Webb III

A Continuum of Care: School Librarian Interventions for New Teacher Resilience

Rita Reinsel Soulen

Jet Stability and Noise Computations Using Direct Numerical Simulation

Farouk Owis

Stability Analysis, Modeling, Simulation and Experimental Testing of an EMS Maglev System with Structural Flexibility

Aravind M. Hanasoge

Through the Dark Woods

Letitia A. Montgomery-Rodgers

The Darfur Name Game: Use of Realpolitik by the United Nations in Decision-making and Intervention

Angela Overton

The War Powers Resolution: Asserting Congress's Role Over the Use of Military Force

Catherine M. Banks

The Good Governance Agenda of International Development Institutions

Kerry L. Hofheimer

Explaining Nuclear Energy Pursuance: A Comparison of the United States, Germany, and Japan

Lauren Emily McKee

A Relativistic Model for Heavy Mesons

Jialin Zeng

Digital Identity Formation: How Social Networking Sites Affect Real World Authenticity

Matthew Joseph Montoya

Designing a High-Quality Network: An Application-Oriented Approach

Sudhee Dharanikota

Nonproliferation and the Domestic Politics Theory of Compliance

Kimberly Van Dyke Gilligan

Modeling and Simulation of Coaxial Helicopter Rotor Aerodynamics

Murat Gecgel

A Wind Tunnel Technique for the Identification of Ship Airwake/Rotor Downwash Coupling

Stargel R. Doane

Clustering and Hybrid Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Lan Wang

Community College Students' Deep Learning Approaches in OER Courses

Kim Ellen Grewe

Crab Cavity Requirements for the Jefferson Lab Electron-Ion Collider

Salvador Isaac Sosa Güitrón

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