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A Meta-Analysis of Three Years of Data on Outcomes of Therapy Groups for Inmates in the Virginia Department of Corrections

Abie Carroll Tremblay
The Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) is responsible for about 28,000 inmates and 66,000 probationers and parolees annually. Mental health services are often conducted through therapeutic groups, many of which are manualized and based in cognitive behavioral therapy theory. In the three years, 2017 through 2019, VADOC conducted 172 therapeutic group therapy studies, and the resulting data, in the form of t-test scores, were made available for academic research. This meta-analysis investigated whether cognitive behavioral...

A Copula Model Approach to Identify the Differential Gene Expression

Prasansha Liyanaarachchi
Deoxyribonucleic acid, more commonly known as DNA, is a complex double helix-shaped molecule present in all living organisms and hosts thousands of genes. However, only a few genes exhibit differential expression and play a vital role in a particular disease such as breast cancer. Microarray technology is one of the modern technologies developed to study these gene expressions. There are two major microarray technologies available for expression analysis: Spotted cDNA array and oligonucleotide array. The...

Data-Driven Operational and Safety Analysis of Emerging Shared Electric Scooter Systems

Qingyu Ma
The rapid rise of shared electric scooter (E-Scooter) systems offers many urban areas a new micro-mobility solution. The portable and flexible characteristics have made E-Scooters a competitive mode for short-distance trips. Compared to other modes such as bikes, E-Scooters allow riders to freely ride on different facilities such as streets, sidewalks, and bike lanes. However, sharing lanes with vehicles and other users tends to cause safety issues for riding E-Scooters. Conventional methods are often not...

Synthesis and Characterization of 4,6-protected Glucosamine Derivatives and Branched Glycoconjugates

Jonathan Bietsch
Low molecular weight gelators (LMWGs) are small molecules that self-assemble in appropriate solvents to form three dimensional networks that immobilize the solvent, creating a supramolecular gel. The self-assembly of LMWGs occurs through non-covalent interactions such as hydrogen bonding, aromatic interactions, donor-acceptor interactions, Van der Waals interactions, hydrophobic forces, halogen bonding, etc. Due to self-assembly occurring through reversible non-covalent interactions, supramolecular gels can undergo a gel to solution transformation. Because of this, these materials can be...

High-Throughput Screening to Identify Proteins Involved in Nanopores Formation After nsPEF

Giedre Silkuniene, Uma Maheswari Mangalanathan, Mantas Silkunas, Andrei G. Pakhomov & Olga N. Pakhomova
It is widely accepted that plasma membrane permeabilization after PEF occurs due to hydrophilic pores formation in the lipid bilayer. The concept of pore formation is confirmed by molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. However, there is increasing evidence that PEF can cause not only hydrophilic pore formation but also modulate membrane proteins and their function, and these changes could be part of increased membrane’s permeability after PEF. Ion channels, especially voltage-gated ion channels, are probable targets...

Challenges in Bioelectrics for Cancer Immunotherapy

Siqi Guo
Major advances have been made in cancer immunotherapy. One example is checkpoint blockade immunotherapy which has been approved by FDA to treat numerous cancer types resulting in a substantial increase in the number of lives saved. However, two major hurdles; low response rates, especially to poorly immunogenic cancers and immune-related adverse events (irAEs), limit its broader applications. Differently, a number of tumor ablation modalities have been studied to improve antitumor immunity, nevertheless, low potency is...

Putin and Putnam: Interpreting Russian Military Activity Through a Three Player, Two-Level Game

Nathan M. Colvin
Is Vladimir Putin a bad strategist, perhaps irrational? Previous military activity by Russia, such as the annexation of Crimea of 2014, yielded limited international gains, at a significant economic and reputational cost. Yet as the 2022 invasion of Ukraine shows, Putin is willing to commit military power, despite the cost of sanctions and other possible retaliation. This three-player simultaneous game, originally created in June, 2021, demonstrates how domestic and international considerations of President Vladimir Putin...

The Impact of Oral Health on Low-Income Pregnant Women living in the United States

Olivia Ward & Jill Jacobs Diss
Introduction: Oral health has a significant impact on pregnancy outcomes. Inter-professional collaboration can assist in bridging the gap between oral and systemic health and assist in optimizing the health of low-income pregnant women, infants, and children. Methods: A literature review was used to ascertain the impact of oral health on adverse pregnancy outcomes. Research sources used in this literature review were gathered from the U.S. National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health,...

The Benefits and Challenges of Rural Special Education Teachers:

Olga Karadimou
Per the U.S. Census Bureau (n.d.), a rural area is “any population, housing, or territory NOT in an urban area.” Specifically, a rural area is defined as the area of 5 to 25 miles from an urban area (Geverdt, 2015). Nationally, rural school districts represent nearly 20% of the student population in the United States, but limited attention is given to the unique needs of these areas by national policymakers (Johnson et al., 2018). Rural...

Examining a Neural Measure of Attentional Bias to Emotional Faces in Social Anxiety and Depression

Nathan M. Hager, Matt R. Judah, Alicia L. Milam, Hannah C. Hamrick & Catherine R. Glenn
Cognitive theories suggest that attentional biases may contribute to both social anxiety and depression, such that attention may be biased to focus on or away from certain information (e.g., rejecting or sad images; Clark & McManus, 2002; Lemoult & Gotlib, 2019). Although research is mixed, recent studies using a neural measure called the N2pc (an event-related potential) has indicated attentional biases in social anxiety. However, little N2pc research has examined depression or co-occurring depression and...

Role of Socioeconomic Status and Obesity in African American Adults

Alexis Bryant, Laura Christian & Naomi Mcleod
African Americans have a higher prevalence of obesity compared to any other racial/ethnic group due to a variety of factors, including socioeconomic status. This research paper presents a semi-systematic literature review revealing the impact socioeconomic status has on obesity among African American adults in the United States. In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of this public health issue, we examined the risk factors, risk behaviors, and health outcomes surrounding obesity among this population. An...

Allied Dental Students' DVI Learning Outcomes Following a Multimedia Module

Samantha Vest, Brenda Bradshaw, Marsha Voelker, Ann Bruhn, Tara L. Newcomb & Sinjini Sikdar
This pilot project assessed cognitive and affective learning outcomes of allied dental students following a disaster victim identification (DVI) multi-media learning module. A convenience sample (n=41) of senior dental hygiene and dental assisting students from two institutions completed an IRB-exempt descriptive pretest/posttest study to assess cognitive and affective changes resulting from exposure to a multimedia DVI learning module of a PowerPoint presentation with audio/video recordings. After completing the learning module, participants were presented with 10...

Other Transaction Authorities: Evaluating Innovation Policy Impact of Alternative Contract Vehicles in the Department of Defense

Dolores Kuchina-Musina
Since 1958, government agencies have used Other Transactions (OT) to encourage innovation and the development of new technology. OTs' purpose is to help government agencies acquire leading-edge technology from private sector sources in a flexible, goal-oriented manner. This dissertation is a pilot study assessing whether innovation policies, specifically 10 USC 2371b (Pub. L. No. 114-92, 2015) that authorizes DoD prototype OTs, influence the Department of Defense (DoD) alternative contracting activities to promote the development of...

Proceedings, MSVSCC 2015

The Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC) of Old Dominion University hosted the 2015 Modeling, Simulation, & Visualization Student capstone Conference on April 16th. The Capstone Conference features students in Modeling and Simulation, undergraduates and graduate degree programs, and fields from many colleges and/or universities. Students present their research to an audience of fellow students, faculty, judges, and other distinguished guests. For the students, these presentations afford them the opportunity to impart their innovative...

Proceedings, MSVSCC 2011

Proceedings of the 5th Annual Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Student Capstone Conference held on April 14, 2011 at VMASC in Suffolk, Virginia. 186 pp.

Complex Thought for Complex Work: Preparing Cognitively Complex Counselors for Work in Diverse Settings

Alexandra C. Gantt
Counselor education researchers have explored the need for high levels of cognitive complexity (CC) in mental health counselors due to its relationship with high quality counseling skills and counselor ways of being (e.g., Castillo, 2018; McAuliffe & Lovell, 2006; Ridley et al., 2011; Welfare & Borders, 2010b). In these studies, researchers have called for continued study of means of enhancing CC in counselors in training (CITs) through andragogical efforts (e.g., Castillo, 2018; Duys & Hedstrom,...

Simultaneous Alcohol and Cannabis Use in College Students: Examining Context, Route of Administration, Cognitive Factors, and Consequences via Daily Diary

Jennifer Lynn Shipley
Cannabis and alcohol use are pervasive among college students. Simultaneous alcohol and cannabis (commonly referred to as simultaneous alcohol and marijuana [SAM]) use (i.e., effects overlap) is more prevalent than concurrent alcohol and cannabis (commonly referred to as concurrent alcohol and marijuana [CAM]) use (i.e., effects do not overlap). Consequences of SAM use are often greater than CAM or single substance use. Research has explored cognitions (motives, expectancies) and contexts (environmental, social) as predictors of...

The Relationship Between Optional Developmental Education Enrollment and the Mathematics Achievement of Students at One Community College in Florida

Andrea Lisa Lee
Although nearly half of community college students require some type of remediation, less than one-third of the students who start in developmental education graduate within eight years (Park, Tandberg, Hu, & Hankerson, 2016). As such, there is great uncertainty regarding the effectiveness of developmental education (Ari et al., 2016; Bailey et al., 2013). Additionally, because most institutions rely on standardized testing to determine student course placements, many critics blame placement testing procedures for the perceived...

Mechanics of Preimpregnated Fiber Tow Deposition and Compaction

Virginia Meredith Rauch
In additive manufacturing, such as Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), defects often develop during the deposition and compaction of preimpregnated composite material, which reduce the strength of the resultant material. It is necessary to reduce defects and have good adhesion between plies to optimize the laminate performance and reduce delamination between composite layers. The aim of this work is to study the adhesion and deformation of preimpregnated (prepreg) composite material during the deposition and compaction stage...

Mind the Gap: Addressing the Disproportionate Rate of Discipline of Black Students in the Public Education System

Sophia McConnell
Within public education, it has been shown that there is a disproportionate rate of discipline between Black and White students. A literature review was conducted to identify prevailing themes as to why this gap occurs, what factors maintain it, and what can educators do to reduce it. Several themes were found and are detailed in this paper in the following order: First, several studies have debunked the previously held idea that low socioeconomic status and...

Proceedings, MSVSCC 2013

Proceedings of the 7th Annual Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Student Capstone Conference held on April 11, 2013 at VMASC in Suffolk, Virginia.

Electromagnetic Modeling of a Wind Tunnel Magnetic Suspension and Balance System

Desiree Driver
Wind tunnels are used to study forces and moments acting on an aerodynamic body. While most results involve some interference from the mechanical supports used to hold the model, a Magnetic Suspension and Balance System (MSBS) is void of these interferences and presents an ideal test scenario. To further investigate the feasibility of dynamic stability testing at supersonic speeds using a MSBS, a preliminary design idea is currently being developed using an existing MSBS in...

Using Repeated Reading and Previewing Vocabulary Interventions with Elementary-Aged Struggling Readers to Improve Fluency and Comprehension

Khaled S. Alotaibi
Students with Learning disabilities and at risk for reading difficulties often face challenges in reading fluency and comprehension that impact negatively on academic success. Repeated reading (RR) is an intervention designed to increase reading fluency and comprehension skills among students at risk and diagnosed with disabilities. The purpose of this review was to investigate the effectiveness of the repeated reading (RR) and vocabulary previewing (VP) interventions on the fluency and comprehension skills of elementary school...

Proceedings, MSVSCC 2017

Proceedings of the 11th Annual Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Student Capstone Conference held on April 20, 2017 at VMASC in Suffolk, Virginia.

The Associations of Cardiovascular Disease, Physical Activity Intensities, and Measures of Obesity on Static Balance in Middle-Aged and Older Adults

Hannah Martha Twiddy
The burden of falls is widely known in older adults, though less research has targeted middle-aged adults (40-64 years of age), particularly at the population level. The purpose of this dissertation was to explore the roles of cardiovascular disease, physical activity (PA) intensity, and body anthropometrics on balance among middle-aged adults. Study 1 sought to determine if balance was impaired in middle-aged adults with poor ankle-brachial pressure index (ABPI), a marker of cardiovascular disease. Study...

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